Ian's Story

factor X contestant and boy band member


4. The band ‘T Five’ +1

Chapter 4 The band ‘T Five’ +1

   Josh was really nervous, so for the umpteenth time I told him, “Don’t worry, they’re a great bunch of boys.” “But I’ve never done anything like this before,” Josh once again stated. “Terry knows you’re only an amateur, so he’s not expecting anything much. Today is all about you meeting the boys, maybe taking a few photos and generally getting the feel for things.” Thankfully, we had reached Terry’s garage studio at last.

   “Hi guys. This is my friend Josh.” Terry came over all smiles and friendly, introduced himself and stated, “Hi. Welcome to ‘T Five’ just to get it straight, this is my band and remember I say what goes your friend Ian here is the puppet that I allow to stand in front just in case the natives start throwing things.” Terry then started laughing.  Fuck, I thought I certainly wasn’t expecting that.

   “Hi, I’m Paul, that’s Mike, he’s James, and lastly that’s Conner on drums.” 

   Later that evening Mike phoned me to apologise for the way Terry had acted, and hoped Josh hadn’t been too put off by what Terry had said. He then asked for Josh’s phone number so he could reassure him that he was most welcome to come again.

   “Wow!” is all I could say when Josh showed me the photos he’d taken of me and the other boys in the band only yesterday. They were amazing, I especially loved the way he’d captured me singing and moving, they made me look so alive. Usually when my dad or mum took photos of me singing, they would show me either open mouthed looking as though I was catching flies or have my eyes shut. “Well,” Josh asked. “They’re fucking great,” I declared, giving him a sideways hug.

   Susan, who was sitting across from us wanted to see the photos. Josh turned his pad around so she could have a look.  After scrolling through the photos, Susan asked if she could have a copy of one of them. Josh immediately sent it to her phone. Apparently, she thought I looked really sexy in that photo. Fuck, I thought with embarrassment, when I saw the photo she had chosen, and vowed in future I would make sure I didn’t forget to put on underpants for the band’s next rehearsal. Josh had captured more than just a smile on my face.

   Before I knew it, that photo of me was circulating the school. It was only when a couple of my friends laughing remarked that they hadn’t realised how endowed I was, that I found out. Fuck, I thought. Now I understood why I had been getting those funny looks all afternoon. At first I thought it funny, but soon, realised that if it got out onto the internet, maybe it would jeopardise the bands’ up and coming final TV recorded audition show.

   Thankfully the photo turned out to be a one-day wonder at school. Yet I had learnt an important lesson for the future, not all publicity was good.

   Over the next two weeks I was so busy with rehearsals every afternoon straight after school and playing at gigs on Saturday and Sunday, that I soon forgot all about the photo. Instead I had to deal with a more important problem, my voice. I had never sung so much before and my jaw muscles were beginning to feel the strain. Thankfully Mr Evans, the school music teacher, was a great help. He advised that I should not open my mouth too wide especially when yawning and whenever possible not to talk too loudly, certainly not to shout. Sort of save my voice for singing. Unfortunately, in a way this caused another problem as teachers began to notice how quiet I was in class and would asked if I was feeling unwell or was I having trouble at home. My mum also asked if I was having trouble at school. I told her the truth which made her take me to see the doctor who prescribed medicine to relax my jaw muscles.

   “Hi Josh you won’t believe it,” I said flopping down in the chair next him.   “What?” he mumbled, he was busy using both thumbs typing on his phone. “Terry, at last has given the band a few days off.” “Yeah I know Mike has just texted me,” Josh said looking up from his thumb typing. “So okay do you want to come over and stay the weekend, just chill out, even see a movie maybe if you like?” I asked. “Sorry, I’ve already arranged to see a movie with Mike on Saturday night.” “Okay how about if we all go?” I suggested. “Sorry no it’s a date,” Josh said this not looking up. “Fuck, I thought. Did I really hear him correctly? Did Josh just say he was going out on a date with Mike? I couldn’t believe it. I had to know, so I asked, “Are you telling me after all these years we’ve been friends together that you’re gay?”

   Looking straight into my eyes Josh said, “YES,” and then got up before I could say anything and left me sitting there stunned. ​



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