Ian's Story

factor X contestant and boy band member


2. The audition (s g p )

Chapter 2 The audition

   “Fuck,” Josh declared as I brought another box of my things into his room. “Don’t start on me. It’s all my dad’s fault,” I said angrily. I was really pissed off. Although I had been given permission to stay behind and not been forced to miss my ‘Factor X’ audition, I was not allowed to stay in my own home. The excuse I had given Josh to save face was my dad didn’t trust me not to go wild and have a party. The real reason was I’d forgotten on a couple of occasions recently to set the house alarm system before going out. 

   “Bugger it,” I swore in a loud voice and sat back down again onto the bed nursing my right foot I had awoken needing to visit the bathroom and had just stubbed my toes on one of my boxes.

   Suddenly the lights came on and Josh asked in a hushed voice, “What’s up?” This I found funny and started laughing. Thankfully, since staying with Josh I had gone to bed wearing pyjama bottoms and not naked as I usual did at home, otherwise it could have been quite embarrassing.  Unfortunately, this stubbing of my toes happened in the early hours of the morning of my ‘Factor X’ audition. This meant no way, when getting dressed, could I push my right foot into a shoe. So, instead, I was forced to wear a pair of open-toed sandals, which didn’t match the more formal clothes I had selected.

   At my audition my singing was considered really good, but the judges thought my overall presentation was poor, therefore, I got a no.

   Disappointedly I hobbled off stage and would have left, but my foot hurt so much that I sat down in the first empty seat I found. While resting it, I watched the next audition, which happened to be a boy band called ‘T Five’. Unfortunately for them their lead singer was rubbish and they got three no’s until it came to the judge Steven Ward creator of Factor X who suddenly turned and looked directly at me sitting there nursing my foot. He announced he had an idea and calling, my name, beckoned me to come back on stage. After asking about my foot, he suggested that I should take a turn singing with the boyband. Thankfully we all knew a current song and with me taking the lead, we did really well. So well, that with me in the band we were given all four yeses’. 

   Once outside instead of high fives, I was confronted by silence and an angry lead singer named Terry, who told me it was his band and now they were through to the next round they didn’t need me anymore. Unfortunately for him, the TV cameras set up outside expecting to capture the excitement of the group getting into the next round recorded everything. After some discussion with the organisers, Terry wasn’t happy but he agreed for me to front the band as its lead singer rather than forfeit their place in the next audition.

   Over the next few weeks I rehearsed with the band in Terry’s converted garage studio and got to know the other boys. Thankfully Terry, was a better musician than singer.

   OMG. I felt so nervous The church hall was crowded. It was my first gig with the band ‘T Five’. We were there to provide a medley of old sixties hit songs. Somehow the word had gone out and it appeared that everyone but everyone was there. Josh and his parents, together with mine, were sitting nearest to the stage. My mother caught my eye and gave me a reassuring smile. Fuck and double fuck, I thought. My mouth felt suddenly so dry. Thankfully, there was a bottle of water handy. After the first number and the clapping had died down it felt wonderful. The nervousness had gone, in its place was an overwhelming excitement and a feeling that this was where I belonged.  

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