Ian's Story

factor X contestant and boy band member


14. Talking

 Chapter !4 Talking  

   Within a few weeks of posting our first ‘T Five’ boy band Video, we were inundated with requests from our fans for more. We soon discovered that it wasn’t that easy to turn these requests into hard cash. Thankfully, our agent Sam solved that problem by selling advertising web space . Apparently the more popular we became, the higher the fee he was able to charge.

   Naturally the website had to be serviced and so it demanded a great deal of my time, this meant I was seriously thinking of taking off a gap year.

   To say my dad was upset was to put it mildly. We had this hum dinger of a row ending up with me storming out of the house and dad shouting after me not to come back home until I had come to my senses.

   Josh’s mum and dad once again took pity on me and let me stay. Hopefully, my mum would sort dad out so I could return home before I outstayed my welcome in Josh’s bedroom. His boyfriend, Peter was not too pleased with this arrangement, especially as Josh still had the hots for me.

   That first night sleeping on the spare mattress besides Josh’s bed felt both strange and at the same time comforting. It was nice to have his support. I was rather upset my dad and I had both said things we shouldn’t have.

   It’s been almost a week now and dad’s still up tight. He told mum he expects me to apologise. No way was that going to happen. It was all his fault for being so unreasonable. Fuck, I also didn’t like the way he had referred to my friends in the band as a bunch of queers. Okay that might be correct regarding both Mike and my best friend Josh, but to actually imply by association that I was also queer was unbelievable, especially as I had Sandy who was my sort of hop on hop off girlfriend, who could certainly vouch for me being straight.

  At the weekend when dad was out playing golf, mum gave me the all clear, so I was able get a change of clothes. She also gave me the bad news. Dad had stopped my next month’s allowance, this was certainly a shock.

   Thankfully I still had the money from the Factor X TV shows, but no way was I going to use that.

   After the gig that Saturday night, I moved in with Mike whose mum had an empty spare room to rent. It was not what I wanted but it was obvious that dad had declared war.

   On Sunday, while dad was out, I collected enough clothes for the week. Then on Monday I started looking for a job. In the evening those of the band still in London met in Terry’s old converted garage studio to film our daily video chat show.

   “How’s the job situation going?” Josh asked me.

   “fucking useless,” I replied, having seen only work available paying the standard minimal hourly rate and all with zero hours.

   “There’s a job going in my college, if you’re up for it.” Josh said laughing.

   “What’s the job?” I asked, intrigued by the laughter.

   “Well my art class is looking for a model and they’re paying ten pounds an hour.”    


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