Ian's Story

factor X contestant and boy band member


16. My Shadow

Chapter 16 My Shadow 

   Later that day at the studio, I introduced Richard to Josh, Mike and Conner in person, then George and Charley by video link. Thankfully during the live chat session with our fans there was no mention of my imaginary doubles.

   Josh thought Richard sweet and Mike told me the boy was cute and he would take him off my hands anytime. However, Richard had other plans. He had seen how both Josh and Mike greeted me in their usual manner with a kiss and a cuddle, so got the wrong impression. Although I had told him I wasn’t gay, funnily enough, he didn’t believe me. I also found him cute and nice to have around.

   Back in my bedroom that night I felt lonely. Damn it, I missed being in my own home knowing my family was around me. So, I ended up knocking on Mike’s door and asking to share his bed like we had done many time before, and cuddled up in friendship.

   On the weekend getting the all clear, I took Richard home with me. After introducing him to my mum, he followed me into my bedroom and just said, “Wow!”

   “You like it then?” I asked Richard, who was walking around the room inspecting all the posters and things I had collected over the months while in the band. “Fuck yes, I love it,” Richard said laughing, “Especially the bed.” Then, grabbing my hand, he pulled me onto it and before I knew it he was all over me, hugging and kissing me. Laughingly, I half-heartedly pushed him away, telling him to stop it and reminded him that I wasn’t gay. Instead of being upset Richard just laughed it off and gave me a look, as he quietly muttered, “You wouldn’t have stopped that if either Josh or Mike had been here in my place.”  Before I could respond mum called up that she had made us lunch.

   After the incident in the bedroom I didn’t see Richard for a couple of days then I almost bumped into him in the high street. He was accompanied by a man and woman who must have been his parents. Instead of saying hello, he merely turned his head away and walked passed me without an acknowledgement. Later, the next day at college, Richard apologised saying that he was so sorry about yesterday. He had been afraid I might have said something about you know what, especially as he wasn’t out sexually to his parents. Apparently, they had turned up suddenly on a surprise visit to London.   

   Don’t ask me why, maybe because I’m just a big softy at heart, and he had this hangdog look about him, I couldn’t help myself from giving him a reassuring hug.

   Fuck, now I had three gay friends. This called for some Sandy time. Thankfully when I contacted her she was available. So that evening, after our daily chat show, I went a visiting. 


  Sandy couldn’t stop laughing. We were in bed talking after having great sex. I had just told her about me being a life model and my problems of keeping my naked body in check especially when there was someone cute of either sex watching me. This made her bring up the suggestion she’d once made before of us having sex together with a third person. I told her since then I’d tried sex with another boy, not mentioning it had been Josh, although enjoyable I had felt a threesome wouldn’t work even if it was with another girl.  After this discussion, we hugged and kissed for a while before having sex again. In the morning, I was up early and had returned to Mike’s house for breakfast before I was even missed.



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