Ian's Story

factor X contestant and boy band member


15. Modelling

Chapter 15 Modelling 

   When Josh had mentioned modelling, I hadn’t realised it was for a life model, and at the interview I was expected to strip the ‘The Full Monty’ to get the job.

   It’s amazing now looking back at how embarrassed I had felt that first time, now it’s no big deal for me to walk around naked.

   There had been the art teacher plus two youngsters a few years older than me at the interview and one of them had been a girl.

   The three of them sat there watching me standing there in just my underpants and, as instructed, I had moved around slowly showing off my body. Now and then the teacher would ask me to hold a pose. He would then talk to the others as though I wasn’t there, describing how this pose showed off certain muscles After a while he requested that I remove my underpants. To say I was embarrassed was an understatement especially as I had immediately sprouted an erection however, the teacher, without showing any concern, asked me once again to move around and pose as before but this time totally naked.

   Fuck, Josh couldn’t stop laughing when I described what had happened at the interview and only wished he’d been there to witness it. Not only that, the blabber mouth had told Mike, who had announced it on our next chat show broadcast.

   A few days later I got my own back on Josh. It was his turn to get embarrassed. I purposely made eye contact with him while standing there naked, which made him blush and move to hide his growing erection behind his board and easel I also noticed he was not the only one to have that reaction.

   Later, now dressed in a pair of skinny jeans and a loose-fitting t-shirt, I was just leaving college when this cute looking red headed boy stopped me and asked if I would autograph a copy of my ‘Factor X’ photo.

  Oh shit, what should I do? I could pretend it wasn’t really me, just a look alike at least it would give me time to think, So I started laughing and announced, “Yeah I’m his look alike. That happens to me all the time.” Then I walked off, shaking my head and laughing.

   That evening at the studio I discussed it with Josh and the others there, Unfortunately, Josh confirmed that a rumour was going around college that it was really me working as the life model.

   So, I announce on the chat show that it had been reported that a lookalike of me had been spotted both in England and France.

   Sod’s law. Who should be in the art class the following day, but of course the red headed boy.

  Later, again when leaving, the red headed boy, who I learnt was named Richard, caught up with me and said, “Nice try Ian, I have the proof right here on my camera phone that you’re really you.” Apparently, he had taken several snap shots of me in class naked.

  “Okay I admit it. It’s me, but please keep it quiet because I need this job.”

    Richard just smiled and reached out and took my hand, “Fuck”, I thought, I hope he doesn’t think I’m gay?

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