Ian's Story

factor X contestant and boy band member


9. getting it together. part two

Chapter 9 getting it together. part two

   “Fuck that!” Conner swore, followed by a loud, “That was so gross.”

   We had just arrived at tonight’s venue, which turned out to be another gay club. I knew exactly how he felt. We were a young boy band just starting out again and our agent Sam had said we needed to build up a following, which meant starting at the bottom. Tonight it was more of the same. We had run the gauntlet of crutch groping hands and bottom pinching fingers to get to the stage area. My bottom hurt and someone had tried unzipping my trousers.

     My name is Ian Phillips. This whole boy band thing started out when we became ex contestants of the TV show ‘Factor X’.

    A few weeks later after, being booted of the boy band show, I was in the canteen at lunch time. In walks Sandy and Tina for the first time since the slap incident.  After getting her tray of food, she walked towards my table followed by Tina. Suddenly I noticed that the tables around me had gone quiet, and in their silence I could feel that they were waiting to see what would happen when we came face to face again. I had a good laugh when all she did was plonk her tray on the table and sat down in the chair opposite me.

     Naturally, without me being in the band ‘T Five’ only got through to the final six. Unfortunately, that meant Paul and James couldn’t join us until they had done the after show tour. In any case with school work and now openly seeing Sandy I was kept busy.

   Josh was still very shy but more open about his gayness. Tina, as promised, introduced him to her gay brother. Josh told me he liked Peter while we were chatting in bed, when he stayed over the other night. Also that he and Peter hadn’t kissed yet. In fact, Josh owned up to having never kissed anyone excluding his mother, but that doesn’t count. He had asked so many questions about kissing especially about French kissing. It was easier to demonstrate the technique than explain. The only problem with that was he wanted to really kiss me, which wasn’t my thing.

   Even though I was going out with Sandy now. I still cared about Josh. That’s why a few days later, not seeing him in school and him not answering my texted message or phone calls, worried me. So after school I made a slight detour and road my bike to his house. His mother let me in saying she didn’t know what do about Josh. He’d come home early yesterday and had gone straight to his room and had even locked his door. Today he wouldn’t come out of his bedroom. What the fuck I thought, when I got no response from my banging and shouting for him to open up. Now really worried, I put my shoulder to his door and bust through the lock, which he had attached inside his door for his privacy.  Before I knew it, Josh had rushed over and wrapped his arms around me saying he’d fucked up and started crying.  We stood like that for a while until he’d calmed down a bit and had stopped crying. I sat down in the chair by his desk and he sat on his bed.  I could see his eyes where all puffy because of the crying. Also I noted that he was wearing my pajmas, the ones I use when staying over.   I almost started laughing when Josh told how he’d fucked up. He and Peter had been on a date and everything was going so well they had found some privacy and had done some serious kissing. Until Josh wanting more, had unzipped Peter’s trousers and that’s when everything had gone wrong. And now he was afraid that Peter would never speak to him again.

   I explained as gently as I could that maybe Peter for his   first time kissing another boy in a public place was scary enough. Having any type of sexual thing must have scared the shit out of him. And what Josh must do is talk to Peter.

   The next day Josh was all smiles at lunchtime. He whispered to me that he had spoken to Peter on the phone yesterday after I’d left, and everything was okay. Sandy, after lunch, wanted to know what Josh had whispered to me that had made me smile. I thought no way was I going to betray Josh’s confidence, so instead, I lied and said he’d told me a dirty joke.   

    Eventually both Paul and James were back from the ‘Factor X ‘tour. So once again we were a whole band again and start rehearsing.  At our first gig there appeared to be a misunderstanding. The people, who had booked the band with our name ‘T Five,’ were expecting us to be the boy band as seen on TV.  After a discussion amongst ourselves we decided, so as not to lose the money, we would this one time perform as we did on the TV ‘Factor X’ show.

The boys and girls at the event were our fans and several wanted to take selfies with the band member they most liked. To be honest I found it fun, especially as most of them wanted a photo with me in it  

   The organisers were so impressed that they immediately booked us for their next two events but, of course only as the boy band as seen on TV.

   Back in Terry’s garage studio the next day, the problem with the band’s image as seen after the Factor X shows was discussed. The outcome was that we would remain T Five but with two identities, one as a band playing musical instruments and singing and the other band purely performing as a boy band which both sang and danced.



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