Ian's Story

factor X contestant and boy band member


13. getting it together. part three

Chapter 13 getting it together. part three

   “Fuck that!” Conner swore, followed by a loud, “Never again.”

  We had just arrived at tonight’s venue, which turned out to be another gay club. I knew exactly how he felt. We were a young boy band just starting out again and our agent Sam had said we needed to build up a following, which meant starting at the bottom. Tonight it was more of the same but worse. We had run the gauntlet of crutch groping hands and bottom feeling fingers to get to the stage area. My bottom felt sore and someone had actually unzipped my trousers and handle me.

   My name is Ian Phillips. This whole boy band thing started out again soon after the tragic deaths of James and Paul.

    A few days after their deaths I was walking through the school corridor when I was confronted by Josh who stopped me and he said, “I was sorry to hear about James and Paul. They were nice boys and they were always friendly to me.”  “Well yes I miss them a lot also, and to be honest I owe you my life for making me promise not to take drugs again after that first time, otherwise I would be dead too.” “Fuck, so you weren’t lying to me about not taking drugs then, as Peter thought you had.,” Josh said laughing and grabbed hold of me in a bear hug, which I did not return because the damage had been done. Thankfully, the class bell rang out and Josh, as he dashed up the corridor shouted out he would see me a lunchtime in the canteen as though the last few weeks had never happened. At lunch time as usual I took my food to eat in the park and share some of it with the ducks, who had become quite tame and friendly. So as not to frighten the ducks I had put my phone into silent mode, and was therefore, not aware that Josh had sent me a few text messages until much later. In reply to his wanting me to call around to his house I replied that I was very busy with both school work and especially rehearsing with the new boy’s in the band. Josh immediately messaged back maybe we could study together like we use to. Fuck no I thought and didn’t send back a reply for I didn’t want to feel the hurt again, once was more than enough.  

    Thankfully George, who took over Paul’s place in the boy band was good on the electronic keyboard. And as for Charley the other boy he was really good with the bass guitar so both sides of the ‘T Five’ band’s survived its loss.  Once again we were rehearsing every day after school bringing everyone up to speed. Sam, our agent arranged a gig in a shopping centre with us playing and singing Christmas carols. It was a bit bizarre because every now and then during our performance the Father Christmas in the store grotto nearby would ring his damn bell, which made a terrible clanging noise and was most off putting especially, when trying to harmonise like a barber shop quartet but with five of us.  Several times during that day I noticed Josh standing there alone and wondered were Peter, his boyfriend, was.

   It was the first day back at school after the Christmas break. It was lunchtime and thankfully the ducks were still there in the park. I was feeling guilty, having neglected them over the holidays. To my surprise and annoyance so was Josh. “What are you doing here?” I demanded. “Waiting for you, weasel face.” “Oh yeah, you snake in the grass.” Before I knew it, we were playing our best friends’ little boy game of calling each other stupid names. Then we hugged and Josh whispered in my ear, “I’m so sorry. I should have trust you.”  “Yes you should have, butt face,” I replied and we both started laughing.

   The next day the weather had turned colder and it had started to snow so instead of going to the park I decide to go to the canteen for some hot food. Thankfully there was an empty seat next to Sandy who was my sort of hop on hop off girlfriend which meant she was always available when I had the time between burning the candle at both ends. The problem was one of timing unlike having josh sleep over my parents had to be away or at least out for the entire evening. “Hi,” I said as I sat down.” Hi, “she replied, and then said, “I was sorry to hear about James and Paul.”   “Yeah that sure was a bummer at the time,” I replied. Just then Josh came into the canteen and he waved when he saw me. Sandy asked me, “Are you two back together again?”  “Yeah.”  I responded.  Sandy then said. It’s a pity your totally straight otherwise wed make a great threesome.”  With that passing remark she got up and moved to the next seat along letting Josh sit down next to me.

   That evening when Josh slept over and snuggled up close to me I thought of what Sandy had said. And maybe, if I wasn’t totally straight meaning if I was bi, we could make a great threesome.  That type of coupling had never crossed my mind and the more I thought about it, the more I got aroused.  By the next morning, even though I had enjoyed the sex I knew for certain that I was straight. The problem I now had, was I’d opened that can of beans.

   Fuck and double fuck all band practice and gigs are on hold for me, Heads down, dads on the warpath, according to him getting a couple of B’s now I was seventeen and in the upper sixth was not good enough, even though it was only an internal end of year school exam. So it was nose to the grindstone for me.

   I had worked my ass off studying with Josh for the last few months and was pissed off, especially as the band according to Conner, who kept in touch, was going places without me.  Thankfully dad, after mum’s intervention, allowed me to join the band once again during the summer, as this could be my last break before having to knuckle down from September onwards to do some intense studying because of taking my A levels next year.

   I must admit we looked really strange all wearing our ‘Butlin’s uniform of red jackets and white trousers. The only thing that separated us as individuals was our personalised haircuts.  Our other problem was although employed as a band, unlike on the cruise, we were expected to do other things red coats did as well, leaving us very little time to for ourselves.  Once again it was my luck to be sharing a room with Mike, who had apparently been talking to Josh, which was not good.  

   Entertaining little people was not my thing, yet Uncle Mike took to it like a duck to water. He was a natural and everyone loved him.  Whereas I, confronted by a spoilt brat of a boy or girl, would have lost patience and thumped them, he would ignore them and, eventually, they not wishing to be left out of the fun things he was doing with the others kids, would join in. He became so popular with the youngsters that whenever one saw him, he was always surrounded by a group of them. 

   By the time it was for us to leave the Butlin’s camp, I’d had enough and was pleased to go home, if only for a rest. I had found getting up early in the morning then being on duty most of the day, physically bloody hard work.

   Yet there was one interesting thing I did learn during our stay at Butlin’s. Because we were expected to do other jobs as well as performing, we would on occasions play a tape recording of ourselves and, while serving drinks or ice creams, we would mime the words.

   At the next meeting of the band after we had returned home and before I was due back to school, there was Terry’s father, who let us use the converted garage studio and acted as our accountant, and Sam, our agent. We discussed how we wanted the band to go forward, especially as most of us were hopeful of going to university.

   I suggested we produce a couple of videos of ourselves performing, and that we should post one of them on our internet fan club for free to see what would happen.

   According to Josh, it wasn’t difficult to shoot a video. One of his specialist subjects in school was media studies, which included actually producing videos. Thankfully, he was given permission to use the schools two cameras and other equipment together with the help of a couple of his classmates.       

  To my surprise and utter amazement, when we arrived at school we were greeted by not only a group of girls and boys but also Josh’s teacher and a full complement of his class mates, all wanting to help. 

   To start with we warmed up by performing a couple of Factor X show numbers, which certainly got everyone in the mood. We then, with the cameras rolling, started recording our new song and dance routine. 









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