Ian's Story

factor X contestant and boy band member


1. getting it together part one (s g p )

Chapter 1 getting it together part one.

   “Fuck it!” Conner swore, followed by a loud, “Not again.”

   We had just arrived at tonight’s venue, which turned out to be another gay club. I knew exactly how he felt. My ass still bore the marks of our last gay club encounter. We were a young boy band just starting out and our agent Sam had said we needed to build up a following, which meant starting at the bottom again. Tonight it was more of the same. We had to run the gauntlet of crutch groping hands and bottom pinching fingers to get to the stage area.

   My name is Ian Phillips. This whole band thing started when my friends suggested as a dare, after hearing me sing a solo in the school’s end of year musical that I try out for a place on the TV show ‘Factor X’. On the day of the open auditions, if it hadn’t been for Josh my so called best friend, no way would I have stood in line with the other hopefuls. By the time it was my turn to go in, several of my friends from the school show had turned up to support me, or rather to make sure I didn’t chicken out at the last moment. Standing there in front of the judges was a bit of a nightmare. To say I was nervous would be an understatement. Thankfully, once I got started into the song from the school show, I settled down a bit and began to enjoy myself. 

   Oh my god, when I came out my friends went mad, when I told them I was through to the next audition as apparently the judges thought I had potential.

   My only big problem now was how to convince my parents that I was adult enough to be left at home alone. The second set of auditions in front of the actual celebrity TV judges was being held when, as a family we would be away on holiday.


   I was rudely awoken by Josh shaking me. As usual Joan my mum had let him in without first finding out if I was up yet. Although, looking at the clock through sleepy eyes, I realised it was almost midday so I couldn’t really complain. After the celebrations of the previous night, I had been too tired to totally strip naked before going to bed. So thankfully I was still wearing my underpants, which enabled me to dash to the bathroom without suffering too much embarrassment. Although I did resent the way Josh started laughing, which I decided he would pay for later because I had a plan.


   Back in my bedroom now dressed in jeans and a t-shirt, with Josh’s reluctant help I started to clear the floor. “Fuck this for a lark,” Josh said gingerly picking up a discarded pile of clothes to put in the laundry basket. “Hold on a minute. I think that’s a pile of clean clothes.” “That’s so gross,” Josh declared as I put my nose to the top garment and sniffed it. “Yes, they’re clean,” I confirmed placing them on the bed with the other items of clothing to put away later. “OMG, these have mould growing on them,” Josh stated, as he pulled out from under the bed a couple of dirty plates. It took three black sacks and two basket loads of washing to clear the room enough before I could use the vacuum cleaner.

   I think my mum Joan was pleased when I let her come into my room later that day, although, she did look rather shell shocked when she saw how clean and tidy it was. However, she spoilt it all by remarking she had forgotten that my bedroom carpet was patterned.                    

   All afternoon I could hear strange noises coming from Ian’s bedroom. I must admit I was sorely tempted to break my promise and go up there and find out what was going on. My problem was I had agreed last month on Ian’s sixteenth birthday that I would allow him some privacy and could only go into his room when invited. Of course I had been shocked by the messy state of his room when I had popped in the other day while he was at school but, naturally I couldn’t say anything.

   My interest was aroused when I saw his friend Josh through the kitchen window dump some black sacks apparently full of rubbish into the general waste bin. I opened the window and asked if he wanted to stay for supper. To my surprise his answer of, “No thanks Aunty J, I’m going home to have a rest.” was rather puzzling especially as I had never known him to refuse an offer of food before.

   It was so hard to change my habit of stripping off my clothes before going to bed and just leaving them in a pile on the carpet where they landed, yet I was determined to keep my room tidy. A couple of times I ended up sleeping fully dressed and only changing my clothes after a shower in the morning when fully awake. I even left my room door wide open when not in there because I figured out what was the point of being tidy when no one could see it.

   Thankfully my parents, when they heard about my being picked to go through to the next round of 'Factor X' auditions were delighted, and yet upset because no way could they cancel our holiday without a considerable loss of money. It was only after Josh’s parents agreed to look after me did, they reluctantly allow me to stay home.

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