Ian's Story

factor X contestant and boy band member


18. getting it together part four.

Chapter 18 getting it together part four.

   “Fuck it!” Conner swore, followed by a loud, “Heaven help us.”

   We had just arrived at tonight’s venue, which turned out to be another gay club. I knew exactly how he felt, I was scared. We were a young boy band just starting out and our agent Sam had said we needed to build up a following, which meant starting at the bottom again. Tonight, felt different. This whole band thing felt good. Conner, Mike and I started singing with a few fast-moving numbers. Then collectively we performed as a band several of our hit songs. Thankfully both Richard and Josh did really well, and any mistakes made were unnoticed because of audience participation.

   As discussed beforehand we had decided to finish off with Richard singing a solo, and us harmonising.

   Richard that night sounded and looked like an angel.   

 The night was magical. The crowed loved us. So much so that after the show, the organisers made us go out of the back door. Apparently a mob of boys were waiting for us out front and they didn’t want any trouble. Josh and Peter together with Conner and Mike left after saying their quick goodbyes, leaving Richard and me standing there all alone.

   “Want to come back to my parents’ house,” I suggested. “But what about your dad,” Richard asked. “Well I know a way of sneaking into the spare room above the garage,” I said smiling. “But you say you’re not gay, so what’s the point.” Richard said smiling back, at me. “Well put it this way the room has a king size bed and I feel the need to have company tonight. “ 

   It was funny Richard had no real experience with sex other than watching videos while pleasuring himself. It came as a shock when after the kissing and hugging he was expected to strip down to his underpants and then strip naked. For me it was no big deal being a life model I was used to walking around naked, yet for some silly reason I felt a bit embarrassed if only for Richards sake and so we ended up in bed wearing pyjama bottoms.                                                              

   We lay there for a while before I felt Richard snuggle up to me and by the time we fell asleep we were both tired and naked.

  Sometime later I awoke to the sound of a car and then its lights lit up our room as it came up the drive. Fuck I thought dad had come home. Before the car had stopped I had hopped out of bed and had switched off the bathroom light.

 Thankfully Richard to my amazement slept through it all even the sound of the garage door opening and banging closed didn’t wake him up.

   In the morning, Richard demanded more sex. apparently, I had awoken a monster last night as he was no long shy or embarrassed about his body anymore.


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