Ian's Story

factor X contestant and boy band member


5. Friends

Chapter 5 friends

   Thankfully, it was the weekend. I needed time to think. I still couldn’t quite get my head around Josh being gay. I was upset that he hadn’t trusted me enough to tell me. We had grown up together as really close friends. I still remember when we were younger one time in the park we had put our paper sailboats in the water and had run up the bridge and then had a pissing contest as to who could sink the other’s boat first. We had gone through puberty together and had compared our developing bodies. Holy shit! I just remembered the last time Josh had stayed over. It was his birthday and we had acted like little kids as he wanted a photo of us together in our, underpants. Then how I had felt cold the following morning due to the duvet no longer covering me and all the time hearing the clicking noise of Josh’s camera. Omg, I now realised he was taking photos of me.

   I didn’t know what to do. I had told Ian I had a date with Mike and, when asked, I had confirmed that I was gay. The stunned look on Ian’s face had made me run away. If only I hadn’t said anything or even made a joke of it all that would have been better. But no, I had fucking outed myself. The date with Mike had been good up to a point. It had been all about lust and sex, nothing substantial like the love I had for Ian. And I’d fucking blown it. I had felt sick all weekend with worry. There had been no usual phone call or texted message from Ian. What if Ian never wanted to speak with me again?

   Out of habit rather than by choice, Monday lunchtime I plonked myself down into the chair next to Josh and, bumping shoulders as I usually did, and said “Hi.” Josh looked up and I could see the relief in his eyes when he said, “Thank you Ian.” “Fuck it,” I said. “We can still be friends, even if you’ve found a new best friend.” “Don’t be daft you’ll always be my best friend,” Josh said smiling. “Yeah I know but certainly not in that way. Okay.” I said this smiling back at him. “Can we still sleep over?” Josh asked. “Oh, meaning you haven’t got enough photos of me with a hard on then yet.” I said. Then started laughing when Josh’s face went a bright red with embarrassment. 

   The following weekend, after Josh had declared that he was gay, I had invited him over as a sort of trial sleepover. Up until bedtime things had been great We had done the usual stuff like playing computer games and generally chilling out. It was only when stripping down to my underpants with him in the room knowing he was watching me in that special way, did it feel strange. In fact, without wanting to, I became aroused and so quickly got into bed. Thankfully I had a king size bed so was able to keep some distance between us.

   After getting comfortable I broached the subject of sex by asking, “When did you first know you were gay?” After a long silence, Josh said, “To be honest it was when I got the hots for you.” “Good god so you’re saying I turned you gay?” “No, no way, I had thought I could be gay a long time before that.” Josh said laughing at my outburst and asked me back, “When did you know you were straight?” “Forever” I replied. “But you enjoyed playing sex games with me when we were younger.”  “Yeah that’s what all boys our age then did to discover what real sex was all about. It was all part of growing up so no big deal.”  Josh went quiet for a while, so I asked another question, “Why the hots especially for me.”  “Do you really want to know?” Josh asked. “Yeah sure why not.”  “Well okay for starters you’re very good looking and have a lovely smile. Your body is great too I especially like your package up front and as for your ass it’s really cute.” “That’s enough already.” I said because it was getting really embarrassing. Josh started laughing and I joined him. We carried on talking most of the night about sex and other things. The funny thing was I felt comfortable with him being there beside me.          

   In the morning again things got a bit strange. Fuck this, I thought and got out of bed, walked into the bathroom. After a shower, I walked back into the bedroom naked as I usually did after taking a shower at school after games, deciding if there was a problem with me doing this, it was his not mine. For the next two night I slept naked, as I usually did when alone. This trial sleepover was to see if it would make any difference to our friendship. In fact, it had brought us closer together, especially as Josh was able to be more himself. Although not gay myself it was interesting to discuss what attracted him in boys versus my attraction to girls. 

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