Ian's Story

factor X contestant and boy band member


3. Best friends

Chapter 3 Best friends

   “Hi,” Josh said, sitting down in the chair next to me. It was lunch time, he had a plate of fish and chips, which didn’t look too bad for school canteen food. Without asking, I nicked one of his chips, “They’re not bad.” I declared.   “You know the film where going to see tonight,” Josh said, whilst stopping me from getting another chip by protecting them with his fork. “I understand it has a few hot sex scenes in it.” “Fuck,” I swore. Sorry I can’t make it tonight; Terry has called for a band rehearsal.”  Josh looked unhappy when I said this because it was the third time I had cancelled going out with him.

   We had been best friends since infants’ school and had done everything together. In fact, most people meeting us for the first time would think the way we acted we were either brothers, or, ha ha, lovers.  But lately, if we weren’t careful, we could easily drift apart because, unfortunately, being in a band meant bonding with five others boys. Feeling guilty I suggested that maybe he would like to sleep over at my house this weekend.


   Josh and his family came over Friday night. It was only after dinner, when my Mum brought in a cake with sixteen candles on it, that I realised I had been so caught up with the band that I’d completely forgotten it was my best friend’s birthday today. After singing the usual, “Happy birthday,” it was present time. Thankfully, I had already bought the super duper photographic lens for his camera, which he had drooled over whilst surfing the internet. To say Josh was pleased was an understatement. He couldn’t stop smiling and taking photographs. That evening in my room after stripping down to our underpants before going to bed, Josh decided he wanted to take one more

photo with both of us in it. So fixing his camera on my desk, he set it to take multi shot photos in two minutes’ time. He then grabbed my hand and made me climbed on the bed and start jumping up and down as if we were little kids on a trampoline. That’s when I heard the camera shutter start clicking. The resulting photos showed us suspended in mid-air and then falling back down onto the bed losing our balance and ending up in a tangle of arms and legs laughing our heads off. Suddenly an idea popped in my head, maybe Josh could become the band’s official photographer? That certainly would solve our problem of finding time to be together.

   On Saturday I slept late only waking up when I heard this clicking sound. Fuck, I thought. It had to be Josh playing with his damn camera again. Also, for some reason I felt cold, so without opening my eyes, I searched around and found the duvet was way down the bottom of the bed. Grabbing hold of it, I pulled it up to cover myself and then snuggled down and went back to sleep.  

   Later that same day after talking to both Josh and Terry about promotional photographs, it was agreed that Josh would come along to the next band rehearsal to meet the boys and take some photos. During the rest of the weekend Josh drove me mad practicing. At first it was funny but eventually it pissed me off. I didn’t mind having my photo taken but drew the line at him doing it while I was eating.                  


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