Ian's Story

factor X contestant and boy band member


10. Ahoy there

Chapter 10 Ahoy there.

   Conner needed help promoting us so we got an agent. The man’s name was Sam. He got us a summer gig on a cruise liner. He even got us double the money for our double identity. Meaning we were to perform on stage as a boy band twice a week and as a normal swing band with singer playing twice a week for those wishing to dance or just listen to the music. The ship’s owners were pleased to employ us as it meant a saving on both food and accommodation. 

    Fuck it, I thought, the crew’s quarters were quite small, and, of course, once again I was sharing the cabin with Mike, who at that very moment was being sick in the toilet.  Our agent Sam had forgotten to warned us about seasickness. Even though the ship had stabilisers, down here below decks I could feel the rise and fall of the ship as it battled it way through the waves. Thankfully, there was a one-week orientation period before the paying passengers arrived.

  The stage was smaller than I expected. We had to work hard to tighten up our boy band performance so that we didn’t fall off its edge.  

   A week into the cruise there was a knock on the cabin door. It was Mike’s replacement, Charlie, or you could say cabin swap. “Hi Ian, sorry about this but I’ve been sleeping in a deckchair on deck for the last two nights while your Mike and my roommate Buzz have been enjoying themselves.”  “Yeah, I know how it feels to sleep in a deckchair, that’s why I suggested the swap.” Mike had already collected his suitcase of clothes and things to make room for Charlie’s.

   I learnt from Charlie who had performed on many cruise ships before that a lot of the entertainers and cabin boys were gay. So leaving the field wide open for us straight boys to pick and choose which women passengers we would have sex with. The fun of it was the women we chose were only on board for no more than one week at a time.

   OMG! No way! I had just observed Charlie hook up with this woman who was old enough to be my mother. Later in our cabin he confessed to liking older women, especially rich ones, because they knew how to treat someone like him. He enjoyed the sex, there was no pussy footing around, they knew wat they wanted and he gave it to them. In return he got presents like a bracelet, a gold chain, or some time if he played it right a gold watch which after they left he converted into money. In any case it had to be better than going without sex. 

    I didn’t own up to it, but I’d only had sex with a girl twice and both times it had been with Sandy. Just the thought of having sex with someone my mum’s age made me feel sick. However, if a girl nearer my age came on board that was another thing. In the mean time I could use my hand to satisfy my needs and if I was desperate I felt sure one of the cute gay boys would oblige me, with a blow job.

  The next evening after the boy band show when I returned to our cabin I found Charlie and this older women name Elinor at it. I had to admit she appeared really fit and her body look good. Without blinking an eye, Elinor asked if I’d like to join them. Just the thought of her body was making me hard, yet her face age wise was certainly a turn off. Maybe with a paper bag over her head it would work.  Evading the question, I remarked that I thought even with the beds pushed together like they were, there wasn’t enough room for a threesome. Elinor just laughed and suggested maybe another time, when her husband was out at the casino we could all do it in their state room, which had a king sized bed. With a smile I left them to it and escaped from the cabin. Much later I told Charlie, if he ever wanted to use the cabin in that way, he should either lock it or at least put the ‘do not disturb’ sign on the handle of the door.

   A few days later I was in the ship’s shop looking at birthday card when, Charlie and Elinor breezed in and headed straight for the glass covered counter where the jewellery and other things were on displayed. I had to smile when I heard Elinor chastise Charlie for keeping her waiting over such a small matter of losing his watch.  At the counter looking through the glass to the drawer below she asked Charlie which of the watches he liked. He chose the gold coloured one and remarked, “Don’t you think it has a nice face?” Elinor agreed it did and asked the assistant to show them the watch and, after Charlie had tried it on was voicing how nice it looked. Elinor asked the price which with it being real gold cost a lot. Before Elinor could utter a word, Charlie told her it was too expensive and no way was he worthy of such a gift. Naturally Elinor, not wishing to admit to herself that she could have chosen someone not worthy of her love bought, the watch for Charlie.

   Each evening I would take a turn around the top deck before going to bed. This evening I decided to walk in another direction and look around ‘C’ deck. At the end I was just about to turn back when I noticed that someone was tucked in the far corner. On inspection, to my surprise it, was my friend Mike. He was sound asleep sitting in a deckchair. I had to smile because only the other night when Charlie was entertaining in our cabin I also had slept that night in a deckchair. The only strange thing I noted was he had a blanket and also he had his suitcase with him, which was most unusual.  That night in bed I tossed and turned worrying about Mike and him having his suitcase with him.  In the morning I got Charlie to show me the way to his old cabin, which was quite a distance from ours. Still worried about Mike, I knocked on the cabin door only to discover that, although there was two people permanently occupying it, neither of them was Mike. Now come to think about it, I had several times in the past week come across Mike in the gents washing his underpants.  Apparently poor Mike was homeless. Fuck I thought, something had to be done and about it and quickly. Thankfully, Charlie was most understanding and moved out. First off, while Mike was in the shower, I arranged to have his clothes taken away to be   laundered. When he came of the bathroom unit wearing only a towel I lent him some of my things to wear. The poor boy was in a bad way emotionally and couldn’t stop crying.  He needed a friend. Just like I would have done with Josh under the same circumstances, I pushed our beds together that night and giving him a cuddle, let him snuggle up to me before going to sleep. In the morning Mike seem a bit better. After breakfast we shopped and I bought him some socks and fresh underpants. The rest of the day he wouldn’t leave my side. It would have been funny, if it hadn’t been so serious. The poor boy had lost his confidence, being made homeless was no fun.  I could certainly vouch for that. Again, at night I pushed the beds together and we chatted before going to sleep. I discovered he had been sleeping rough for over a week and had been too embarrassed to tell anyone.

   At the next rehearsal I quietly told the other members of our band what had happened to Mike and told everyone to go gently with him. I reckoned it would take Mike some time to bounce back. He was only getting a good night’s sleep when we shared the pushed together beds and even then, when he woke up he would search with his hand my side of the bed making sure that I was still there. It was rather sad to see him like this and made me hopping mad to think how badly both his so called new friends and the rest of us had neglect him. I especially was at fault. Firstly, knowing Mike as I did, I shouldn’t have let him swap with Charlie and when he did, I should have checked up on him from time to time to make sure he was okay. The only excuse I had was being totally fascinated by the way Charlie could charm his older women with his boyish looks and mannerisms into treating him to expensive presents for the overall services rendered.

   After Mike’s bad experience, I made sure that my friend Charlie was okay. Thankfully, he had found a place to call his own.  Yet I did notice that he now chose mostly slightly older women, who had come aboard alone.  Naturally they were rich with nice cabins, usually the ones on the top deck that had both a separate sitting room and of course a large bed.  


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