When villagers are forced to leave their beloved island, they must improvise on their new home; which happens to be an island deserted for nearly 200 years.


1. Chapter 1- Flee

She rolled over; rabbit-skin blanket hugging her shoulders. It was blissfully silent, and a change from having her little sister Leilani bouncing on top of her bed from the crack of dawn. However, unlike Leilani (who often left the hut to go play very early) Pearl's big sister Amana, was not in her usual position, snuggled up in the bamboo mattress, fast asleep.

"Pearl!" a voice called from outside of the hut door, "Pearl! Get out right now! It's dangerous!"

She instinctively leapt from the bed and jammed the door open only to find Keya on her doorstep.

"Keya? What's going on?" Pearl questioned, unsure if she was still asleep.

Her question didn't need to be answered. The faint rumbling sound behind her was enough to make her turn around and face the music.

"What the..." Pearl whispered and Keya yanked on her arm, dragging her away from the glowing ball of amber that seemed to be chasing them. Her legs seemed to be stuck in treacle, like she couldn't run fast enough, and the whole tribe was at the other side of the plain, yelling frantically and shifting uncomfortably from side-to-side. Pearl managed to take a final observation behind her, before jerking her head back in horror and running with Keya, understanding the fear that was written across her best friend's face from the moment she had awoken.

"Get on the boat!" Keya ordered, giving Pearl a hard push in the back. She tumbled forwards, landing in an undignified heap on the wooden deck of the small boat. Wincing in pain, Pearl looked up and reached for Keya's arm, but it was too late.

"Keya!" She yelled, but as she went for her arm, the boat lurched forward and it was all over. The expression on her face said it all.

"I will come back, Keya!" Pearl yelled before sitting down defeatedly on the base of the boat. A hole of where Keya had been seemed to open wide, filling Pearl with an aching fifth sense of loneliness. She could of saved her. But it was too late.

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