Library Girls

Rachel and Hannah both applied, and got, the job to work in the library over the summer. They've known each other, and are now to meet again - and work together. Summertime romance is in the air.


5. Wednesday

They didn’t see each other again until Wednesday. Rachel had spent a few days camping with friends, when she told them about the date the most prevailing question had been Why didn’t you kiss? Rachel shrugged and shook her head. It’s not like that. But it was like that, and she entered the library Wednesday morning with her heart pounding so loud she could hear it in her head. Hannah was just wheeling her cart into the row with travel guides. Rachel took a quick glance at her books. Classic literature. She ended up in the other end of the library. The next stack was fiction, and she rolled it towards the ‘A-D’ section. She ran her fingers over the back of the books, a book in her other hand. She put the book in it’s right place, and looked to her cart.

At the other end of the row was Hannah. Rachel hadn’t heard her because of her music, but there she was. Their eyes caught each other, and Hannah smiled carefully. One of her arms was caught in sunlight, bathing her skin golden. Rachel pushed her the cart in her direction, and walked towards her. The row was near, especially with Hannah standing behind her cart. If Rachel reached out her hand now, she could touch her face. She took a step closer, they were almost nose to nose.


“Hey.” Hannah looked out towards the library, but it was quiet as always. “How was camping?” she whispered.

“Good. I got about three mosquito bites and got dumped in a lake but it was nice.”

Hannah grinned. “Good.”

“I, uhm…” Rachel trailed off. Hannah, in one fluid moment, took a small step forward, took Rachel’s hand, and kissed her.

Rachel couldn’t remember how Hannah’s mouth had tasted, it had been too long, but right now it tasted like strawberry milkshakes and sunlight. They seemed to stand there forever, holding hands and kissing. Hannah was the first to break it off.

“I missed you,” she whispered. Rachel couldn’t help but reach out her hand and push a lock of hair behind her ear. Hannah kissed her hand, and Rachel smiled. “I missed you too.”

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