Library Girls

Rachel and Hannah both applied, and got, the job to work in the library over the summer. They've known each other, and are now to meet again - and work together. Summertime romance is in the air.


3. Thursday

Rachel made a point of wearing clean tank-top - fresh out of the washing machine and all.

“Cup,” her Carla said and pointed her chin towards the empty coffee cup Rachel was about to abandon on the kitchen table. She was wearing a silk sleeping gown, the turquoise colour bright against her dark brown skin, despite it being noon. Rachel put the dirty coffee cup in the dishwasher. She started putting on sandals - slowly, she was in good time.

“Are you in good time because of Hannah?”

“What?” She sounded more defensive than she had intended to.

“No need to yell honey, a mother sees these things,” Carla grinned.

Rachel rolled her eyes. “I’m in good time because I’m trying to escape my mother. She’s on vacation and it makes her slightly crazy.”

“Be nice to your mum.” Henry entered the kitchen yawning, and gave Carla a kiss. Rachel rolled her eyes, and quickly grabbed her bag.

“Bye,” she said and almost ran out of the house.




She stamped in and started wheeling the cart toward the first row she had to go to. Her headphones were in, but she hadn’t turned on her music yet. She was shelving Shelley, when she heard the wheels. She continued shelving.

“Uhmm…” She turned around. A guy, almost a head taller than her looked down at her. “Do you know this place?”

She looked at the book cart, back at the guy, and smiled. “I’d hope so.” Rachel could see he was holding back an eye-roll.

“Sociology books?”

She leaned out and pointed around a corner. “To the right, third row.”

“Thanks.” He promptly turned around and went in the direction she had pointed. In that moment, Hannah rolled out her cart of books. She caught Rachel’s eye and smiled - then disappeared behind more rows of books. During their shift, they kept catching glimpses of each other. Rachel regretted not wearing a watch, instead counting time by how far she was in her playlist.

Soon it was time, and she went to clock out. She took her bag and started looking for some invisible, non-existent object in it until she heard another pair of footsteps. She could see yellow fabric from the corner of her eye, and quickly dug up a lip balm from her bag, putting it on despite her entire body feeling damp of sweat already.

“Ready to leave?”

Rachel nodded, and they went towards the exit. Hannah waved at Michael as they left, and he lifted his hand in response.

“I wonder if he’s only here for the summer too.”

“Who, Mike?” Hannah held open the door, and Rachel exhaled as they stepped outside into fresh air. “I’ve seen him around before, I’m pretty sure he’s Karen’s right-hand man or something.”

Rachel chuckled, and they stood still for a moment.



They both laughed. Hannah gestured with her hand. “You first.”

“Do you want to go for a movie?” Rachel shifted her weight to the other foot. “Maybe?” She looked in through the glass window of the library. Michael was doing something on a computer. “I was thinking… there’s this open air cinema thing, I don’t remember the movie, but it’s playing tomorrow evening, so it’d be cool if you wanted to go. Or not, like, if you don’t want to go…” She stopped, and wanted to exhale, but at the same time didn’t want to showcase her nervosity so obviously. Hannah grinned.


“Yeah. If you want.”

She nodded slowly. “Sounds good.”

“Yeah?” Rachel smiled. “I’ll make sure we get tickets.”

“Neat!” Hannah toyed with her watch. She looked up at Rachel. “I have something to look forward to then.”

“So what were you gonna say? Before I interrupted you?”

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