Hidden Secret

Luna Rae is an ordinary girl living pay check to pay check in a crappy apartment in Miami that is until she gets hired by the richest man in town Tom Felton, a famous actor, and a business man falls for his media manager. Their love isn't simple it's twisted and difficult. Will their love survive or will it be destroyed by the surrounding world? Will being a secret be too much for Luna?


1. Cobra

Luna's pov:

           Hello, I'm Luna Rae. I'm just a normal girl. I'm broke and living from pay check to pay check in one of Miami's crappy apartments. My life is pretty boring I work for my best friend who owns a tattoo shop I work the front desk it doesn't pay much but I get by. I'm at work right now and its a really slow day noting is happening well nothing in the shop outside a lot is happening its Miami something is always happening but not for me. I get pulled from my thoughts when a person walks through the front door of the shop making the bell ring. I look up and see a hooded figure. All i could see about the man was that he had light blue/grey eyes. He brought his hand up and slid his hood down revealing the face of one of Miami's richest men, Tom Felton, actor and businessman. How did he go from acting in harry potter to being a tech guru? I don't know and I don't care I just have to stand here and do my job.

   "Hello welcome to Lion's Den Tattoo," I say.

   "Hey um is Fredrick here? he's supposed to finish my back tat today," he says in a beautiful but fading British accent.

   "Oh yeah Fred is in the back finishing up a tattoo right now he'll be out in a minute you can have a seat and wait if you like, I'm Luna by the way,i" I say politely still a little nervous because I'm talking to one of the most important people in Miami. my phone rings and I pick it up but not before I catch tom looking at me.

   "Hello..Hey, Stacy...wait what they upped our rent we can't afford at.....ok ok ill start looking for a second job....yeah whatever.....I told you that apartment was a bad choice....Stacy.....you are the worst roommate ever....yeah i....BYE." I hang up on her.

   "is that one of my phones?" tom asks carefully not wanting to set me off.

   "Oh yeah Fred got it for me for my birthday last year I had a crappy flip phone and he saw me eyeing it so he got it for me...they are amazing by the way it's a total lifesaver," I say smiling. he chuckles and shrugs like making a phone this great is nothing.

   "Tom my man what's happening'?" Fred says as he comes out from the back of the shop.

   "Ah, nothing much mate just working and trying to find a new marketing media manager for Felttech and for me too. ugh, and I also need a new clubbing buddy," he says and winks and nudges him on the last part. Fred laughs and shakes his head.

   "Only if I can bring Luna," Fred says.

   "oooh you two a thing?" tom asks.

   "NO!" I say a bit to quickly. Fred fakes being hurt by that but then laughs it off.

   "I mean no we aren't Fred is my best friend nothing more nothing less. tom smirks and then turns toward Fred.

   "Come on mate lets get this tattoo done." They start walking back to the room and Fred yells at me to get him a few supply for his room. I get them and walk back to the room he took tom to. when I walk in I see tom sitting backwards in the chair with his shirt off exposing an unfinished tattoo of a Cobra snake that should cover his whole back after Fred gets done.

   "Wow doesn't that hurt especially on your spine?" I ask.

   "Yeah a bit but I can take it," he says. I end up staring at it a bit before I see Fred's face in my line of sight. as I look up at him he smirks and me. I scurry out of the room blushing.

Tom's pov:

     I hear luna's light footsteps leave the room and I hear Fred close the door.

   "she has a college degree in marketing and she needs a new job tom she can't live on the money she makes here I would give her a raise but I can't I'm barely paying my bills and keeping food on my table for me and mia. she is perfect for what you need tom and maybe," he nudges me," she would make you less lonely she is a lovely girl ya know." he is right she does sound perfect for everything but I don't think I could ever see me and her together she needs someone....someone who is good boyfriend material I'm not I can tell she deserves someone who knows how t love her properly but I think I have just filled my position that I needed filled. its gonna be difficult for nothing to happen because I'm gonna have her move in partly because of its the best way for her to be available all the time and because of that phone conversation she had with her roommate.I hope she she is perfect for the job. about two hours later it was 8 p.m. and fred had just finished the tattoo.he showes it to me and its amazing the cobra has great deatl and covres my whole back. i walk out of the room wit my shirt still off knowing the shops closed thinking fred and i were the only ones left in the shop but i was wrong Luna was still here cleaning the loby. she looked up and almost fell because I was so close to her but I caught her before she fell. she blushed and thanked me and went back to cleaning.

   "Wanna see the finished tattoo?" i say.

   "Yeah of course." she says smiling. i turn around so she can see it. i feel her finger trace aroud the head of the cobra.

   "Fred did good it suits you...kinda reminds me of Draco in a way." she says.

   "i was kindof going for that glad you caught it.....um Luna?" i ask.


   "well um......i kind of have a job i need filled....i need a markiting and meida manager....if you take the job ill have a room for you at my house a car you would get the latest Feltphone and Felttech and it would pay big and you would have very few expencise......so what do ya say?" i say. she looks shocked and for a second i see her eyes tear up before she starts to nod her head yes.

   "Yes oh my gosh thank you tom thank you so much. you have no idea what you just did for me. w-when do i start?" she says.

   "well tomrow you can come over and we will sort the deatils out and then i can help you pack your stuff and move it if ya like." i say.

   "that sounds perfect." she says with the worlds biggest smile. i smile and hold my hand out for her phone and she hands it to me and i put my number and an addres plus a photo in her phone for my contact. i hand it back to her.

   "see you tomorrow." she says and walks out.

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