When We Talk

He has never talked to me before, why start now.

It's the end of the school year right before the summer of senior year, Stacey expects it to be as boring as the last. Working as a life guard at the pool,sleeping eating, and driving is all she expects to happen. She and Chace had never talked before throughout there many years of school together, Stacey didn't expect anything to change in between them. He was just another face she passed in the hallway, not meaning anything to her.

But when he randomly starts talking to her, and makes it almost impossible to not hang out with him. Stacey's summer will be a little bit more exciting than planned.


1. Chapter 1- Head Rush

"Mom do I have to go to school " I muttered chowing down my cereal

There was only 2 weeks of school left it seemed almost pointless to show up. The teachers already finished all the information they needed to cover so it was just a bunch of free periods all day.

"Stelbel, it's only 2 more weeks" said my mother trying to reassure me but also telling me I had to go. "Go get changed, Rhett should be here soon to pick you up" she motioned me off

I got up and placed my bowl in the sink, I'll clean that up later.... probably. Then ran down the hallway to my room.

Unlike most houses in our area, mine was built with many mistakes. Our kitchen was upstairs along with the bedrooms and all three bathrooms were connected to the garage.

I opened my giant closet, it seemed as if I've worn just about everything the day before.

"Ohhh that's perfect" I pulled out a turquoise t-shirt dress. I slipped it on quickly along with my silver hoop earnings and put a small gemstone stud into my upper ear lobe. I let my dark blonde dyed hair loose shaking it out into its natural wavy texture. I applied a bit of eyeliner and mascara then grabbed my bookbag to go downstairs.

I walked downstairs, as if on que Rhett honked his horn, signalling me to hurry my butt up.

"Mom I'm leaving" I yelled into the silent house, I guess she all ready went up to the attic gym to do her work out routine.

"Rhett you can stop honking" I yelled over the noise.

He just shrugged with a smile

I hopped into his blue jeep and buckled up.

He turned the music up, blaring some random rap song

"Oh no you dont" I said reaching for the radio controls putting on Mercy by Shawn Mendes

"Ugh not again" yelled Rhett playfully

We both knew that he secretly loved this song, who wouldn't it so catchy

"Baby have mercy on me" we both sang at the top of our lungs as we stopped at a red light.

Some people crossed the street looked at us like we were crazy. I guess not that many people are singing shawn mendes at 4 in the morning at the top of their lungs.

"Hey only two more weeks till we get a break from this hell hole" Rhett said lowering the volume of the music.

"Ugh don't remind me, I'm g..." I started to say but was cut off by Rhett's phone ringing

"Samaria is calling" I read the caller ID aloud

"Reject it" Rhett yelled trying to reach for his phone in my hands.

I pulled away giving him a questioning glance.

Rhett and Samaria had been dating since 5th grade and not once had they ever gotten in a fight. So them not talking is news to me.

"We broke up" he said quietly focusing on the the road in front of us, avoiding eye contact.

"Wow well, are you okay" I said not sure how to address this situation

"Its was for the best,she was cheating" he said with a straight face. But his knuckles turned white from gripping the steering wheel so tightly.

"How about we go get ice cream after school" I suggested knowing that it would cheer him up. He would never say no to ice cream especially if I was paying.

"Sure whatever" he said trying to contain his smile.

He parked in the front of the school which was unusually uncrowded.

"That's weird are we early?" I asked him looking at the almost empty parking lot.

"I don't think so" he sad shrugging

I grabbed my bag from the backseat and got out. I guess there's more time to get to class then, I could study for that test today.

I started walking across the street not bothering to look both ways which was a major mistake. I was about halfway across when I heard blaring rap music heading right toward me. I looked up from my phone mid text with my mom and saw a black range Rover heading right at me.

I screamed jumping out of the way hitting my head on the sidewalk curb and scrapping my knees in the process. The range Rover raced passed me not bothering to even hesitate. My blurry vision saw Rhett running toward me.

"Stel are you okay?" He said picking me up to a sitting position.

I looked down to see blood on my dress. Red didn't mix well with turquoise. Darn this was a new dress.

"Those jerks they think they run this place" Rhett said, I could tell his anger issues were coming into play. I had to stop this or else he might hurt somebody.

"Hey I'm okay, it's just a couple of scratches" I said squeezing his shoulder gently.

I looked over to where the Rover parked, it was right by us. They had to of seen they almost killed me. Did someone really want me gone or something.

Who was in that car, now I had to know.

"Come on let's get you to the nurse" said Rhett trying to help me up.

"No just wait a second" I said pulling him down with me. I'm not going to leave in till I see who these jerks are.

4 guys got out of the car, I recognized all 4 of them but didn't know them personally.

The two guys in the backseat were, Maxon Black  and  Casper Guard.

Casper and I had class in kindergarten, which was the first and last time we ever talked.  As far as I know his parents are rich snobby and the apple dosen't fall far from the tree in his case.

Maxon moved here last year, I think I bumped into him at the mall once. But other than that I barley even knew he existed.

Now the two in the front seats I knew a bit Carson fiddler, was the guy to pushed me off the jungle gym in thrid grade. I was In a cast for the whole entire year. He was the driver of the range Rover which explains his urge to run me over. I don't think this guy has a single good bone in his body.

Now the guy in the shot gun seat, I knew a bit better than intended. Chace .....  my Mom claims that we were best friends and secretly in love with each other when we were toddlers. But neither of us rember any of this, so when they come over for dinner every thursday the stories can get a little awkward and yet we have never spoken a word to each other which is pretty hard to do but somehow we manage it.

I shoot a scowl at them as they happily continue  with their day, as if they never almost hit me. They were all as cool as a cucumber.

"Okay let's go" I said to Rhett putting why arm around his shoulder for support.

Rhett lift me up and starts walking me to the nurses office but out of the corner of my eye I see Chace spare a small Glace over at me. I look back to see if he really did, but he was gone.

That's weird, Chace never really noticed me in school it was like a secert rule we had between the two of us.

As I walked down the hall, I got a lot of odd looks at my now ripped dress and gashes on to many places to count.

"Young lady that dress is not following the dress code" said one of the teachers
I looked down there was a giant hole showing most of my stomach.

"Oh sorry" I said and kept on walking toward the nurse, my vision was starting the get blurry again.

"Oh my gosh what happened?" Exclaimed our Nurse Cindy looking at me head to toe.

"She almo..." Rhett started to explain but I elbowed him in the stomach making him groan.
"I tripped" I lied trying to make less Drama than there was.

"Sure" said Cindy raising an eyebrow not believing my excuse.

"Okay let's get you bandaged up then"

I ended up getting many bandaids on my arms, a giant one on my knee which I skinned, only three stitches for the cut on my head, and some ice for the swealing.

"I'm not sure how I'm going to explain this to my mom" I groaned looking at my reflection in the bathroom mirror.

I looked hideous, my dress was ruined, my hair was knotty, and my head had a giant cut on it.

I pulled my hair down across my shoulders trying to cover the cut on my head. I reapplied some mascara and lip gloss. This is as good as it's going to get.

I started walking two rad my 2nd period class which was Math. Luckily the nurse gave me a note for tomorrow explain why I missed first period. I was about half way there when the bell rang.

Everyone rushed out, a ting like bumper cars. On a normal day I would be okay with this but being hit in the face with a book bag wasn't working for me right now.

I stopped at my locker to grab my binder and other things.

"Hey Stella quite a fall earlier" said a deep voice next to me which was oddly comforting.

"What do you want Chace" I exclaimed slamming my locker door closed

He was in a blue well fitted t-shirt which showed off his muscles quite well and his hair was spiked into his usual hairstyle.

"I just wanted to so if my favorite girl was okay" he said winking at me

Now this made me scoff, we have literally never talked before and now I'm his favorite girl. Ya no way this was going to turn out okay for him.

"Favorite girl my ass" I said walking away doing the next book bag that almost hit my face.

"You are my favorite girl Stella" he yelled from his point at my locker

I stomped to Math and slumped into my seat which was luckily in the back of the room. Less people to notice my insane amount of bandages.

"Food morning class,  could everyone take out a price of paper we are taking notes today" said Mr. Letter

I started pulling out my notebook but the sound of the door opening caught my attention.

"Mr. Ryan nice for you to join us" Mr Letter said with disgust

My head shot up, of course out of the hundreds of school days a year he chooses to only show up now.

"I figured I would have to attend class at least once this year" he said cockily

"Now where do I sit"

"You may sit anywhere there is an open seat for today" Mr letter said before getting back to the lesson

I put my head down hopping Chace wouldn't notice me, there was a seat 2 down from me, which was to close for my liking.

I looked up thinking he sat somewhere else,  but that was when a paper ball hit me square in the face.

I turned around to face him, he was looking the other direction trying to play innocent.

"You son of a biscuit" I grumbled

I picked up the paper he threw at me and uncrumbled it.

Excited to see you tonight- it's Thursday night dinner hope you didn't forget

I frowned at this I had completely forgotten that he was coming over tonight.

I quickly wrote back a message with a grin on my face.

Oh how could I forget that you are coming over tonight, you're  only my favorite guy in the whole entire world.

Satisfied with my response I folded it back into a crumpled ball and threw it.

Un luckily my extremely Un coordinated self has no aim and the note hit Bryan Ledford instead.

"Shoot" I said quickly trying to act like I was taking notes.

I heard a chuckle from beside me. I looked up at Chace, he had a giant smirk plastered on his lips and he mouthed a good luck at me.

I looked down my cheeks turning red, why did it have to hit Bryan things were awkward enough.

Last year I had the biggest crush on him, apparently someone told him and he's been avoiding me since then.

I looked over through my hair, Bryan had opened the note. He looked up terribly confused scanning the  lass room for who could of threw the note.

Then his eyes landed on me, we'll this is turning out to be a great day.

Bryan quickly scribbled something back. And threw it over landing on my desk perfectly. How come everyone else in the world was gifted with note throwing skills.

I opened the note and frowned at it.

Stella look, I told you last year to leave me alone. I don't like you okay, just stay away from me.

My face got 20 shades darker of red, ugh I was going to kill Chace for this.

Luckily the bell rang, everyone got up to get there bookbages. Bryan ran out faster that light.

I got up and made a beeline for the door hoping I would beat Chace out.

"Hey wait up Stella" he yelled from inside the classroom.

Nope not gonna happen, I frantically reached inside my bag to find my phone but it was nowhere to be found I must of left it in there.

I quickly ran to Rhett's locker to retell to entire humiliating story.


"Wait so you have no idea where your phone is?" He asked  raising an eyebrow

"Rhett that's not the point" I grumbled squinting my eyes at him

"I literally just had the most humiliating day in my whole entire life" I exclaimed throwing my hands in the air.

"Okay I think we can skip a coupes classes I think one cream is desperately  needed right now" he said pulling me toward the parking lot.

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