My Birthday suprise

Abby is just a average 16 turning 17 all she wanted for her birthday was to meet Justin Bieber will that wish come true


3. Chapter 2 - my birthday surprise

He walked into her house quietly and her mom and brothers were quiet

He knocked then He walked into her room

Hey happy birthday

Ahhhhhhh!!!!😱😀😀 she screamed at the top of her lungs

Ahhhhhhh !!!! Justin Bieber, Justin Bieber, Justin Bieber, ahhhhhhh!!!!

I can't believe your here

"I came too surprise you" Justin said

Well this defiantly a surprise

He gave her flowers

And hug her

She kissed him on the cheek

He kissed her on the head

Oh my god I have to take a picture

Ok let's take a picture

They took a picture of her kissing him on the cheek

He gave her a sighed picture of him

She smiled

Your speechless


He hugged her

I love you

i love you too

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