Living without you


1. A month after the battle

"Hermione, will you marry me?"Ron finished " Yes!!!" He stood up and kissed me. Everyone was clapping. " George get down here NOW!" Molly was shouting in her most dangerous voice. He skidded around corners and down the stairs, and looked at me. I held up my left had to show hike the glittering red ruby on my finger. "You couldn't even get her a diamond?" He nodded towards me. "Its red for Gryffindor, sir." I said butting in.

"I guess now's as good a time as ever," he got down on his knee, "Ginny, will you do me the pleasure of marrying me?" " Are you stupid?" She was yelling. " Why would you even ask," Harry his head, "'Ifbyiu known I was going to say YES!!!" We all jumped up a cheered, Ron lifted me into the air, and they kissed.

I trudged up the stairs and walked into the room that Harry and Ron shared. They were all in close whispers. I thought how me and Fred would always talk downstairs, in front if the fire drinking hot coach, after everyone went to bed. I wiped my eyes and walked in. They heard my footsteps, and stopped talking immediately.

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