Unexpected Tokens

Paige and Rose heard the stories about Ashton and Michael's reputation. But that didn't stop them each from becoming just another girl added to their lists. What they didn't know, was that Michael and Ashton weren't going to say goodbye after the morning came.


6. Chapter 5 / Rose's POV


I’m in my last class of the day and Vi sits a few seats away from me. We walked in together but she deliberately went to sit in the seat furthest from me. I’ve been making minimal eye contact with her and trying to establish some kind of recognition. But she’s ignoring all of my advances and focusing on her schoolwork. So after a half hour, so do I.

The professor is still continuing with his lecture of the topic on the board.  After ten minutes of note taking, he finishes and states the remainder of class time can be spent studying. We all watch him grab his papers, laptop and stuff the items in his leather briefcase with strapped pockets on the flap. As soon as he’s finished, he walks out the door without another word and leaves us in silence.

Some of the students start packing up their things and leaving, probably to do their work in the comfort of their dorms or to nurse their hangovers. Just as I’m about to get up and leave, the fire alarm goes off and my classmates look at one another. The loud shrill of the second ring gets our feet moving. With everything of mine packed up already, I calmly head straight for the door and the rest of my class follow after. I’m not even out the doors fully when my arm is grabbed, and I’m pulled into the furthest stairwell from the exit.

“Michael?!” I shout, pushing him from me in disbelief. He laughs at my reaction and shushes me by putting his finger to his lips.

“Let the floor clear out first, but I thought you should know it‘s time for our date.” He winks as he grabs hold of my face with one hand and kisses me softly. I grunt in response and push him off me in anger and shock.

“Que demonios?!” I shout, shoving him to the wall. He laughs at me and watches my face soften while the last of the floor clears out. 

It feels like forever has passed when the murmur between students has died down from several floors below. Sighing, I turn on my heel and start to head for the stairs.

“If you go down there now, they‘ll think it was you who pulled the alarm. Not to mention the twenty questions game on why you weren‘t with the rest of your classmates.” Michael says, coming up behind me but stopping just a few feet short of reaching me. Clearing my throat with eyes closed, I give in and turn to face him while closing the gap between us.

“How do you propose we leave then?” I ask, looking up at his raised eyebrow with the shiny round piercing. He smirks at my face and taps me on the nose as I look up at him quizzically. 

"You know, you're kinda cute when you're flustered." He says, before holding his arm out for me to link up with. I turn around and start walking up the stairs to the left of us. He sighs behind me but follows, his pace meeting mine as he walks along side me. 

We're both silent as we walk up the stairs, floor after floor, step after step. Finally we hit the rooftop and he's looking down at me before holding the door open and smiling. Clearing my throat once more, I walk out onto the gravel below our feet and watch the red blanket that’s draped over the table a few feet in front of me, blow through the wind. 

"Did you plan this all along?" I ask, a little more surprised than I gave him credit for earlier. He laughs before turning on his heels and walking to the table backwards as he shrugs in response. I follow after him and he's smiling from ear to ear. If I wasn't trying to be mad at him for dragging me out of class, I'd say he was cute. 

I set my bag onto the gravel against the chair and sit down, looking at the empty table and wicker basket full of food under the blanket. I watch him grab the basket and place it atop the table as he starts placing the dishes down and bringing the food out. 

"I can't believe you are having our first date, on the fucking rooftop of all places." I blurt out, a little disappointed with him. He smirks while adding food to our plates and I see for the first time that we're about to indulge in a macaroni salad and fried chicken dinner with chocolate chip cookies for dessert. He ordered take out before hand. La mierda. 

"Where did you think we were going to have our first date? Which by the way, thanks for admitting this is a date." He adds with a soft chuckle, sliding the, now empty, wicker basket under the table. 

"First of all, I didn' t think you'd go for the cliche'd date. You didn't strike me as the type, your friend though? Ashton, I think his name is? He looks the type. But, if this is what worked before, I guess you're sticking to what you know." I say, taking a bite out of the salad and looking across at him expectantly. 

"Also? If I hadn't called it a date, you would've pressed the issue till I did, I just cut through all the red tape and saved myself a headache." I continue truthfully. 

He sits leaned back in his chair and crosses his arms to his chest, while looking at me very confused. 

"Has anyone ever told you how blunt you are?" He asks, sitting up and watching me with his elbows on the table. 

“Yes, actually. They have. It's a trait I learned from dating guys like you and learning how you talk to others, ya know. The real friends you hang out with. Not the ones you want to save face in front of." I admit, watching him crinkle his eyebrows in thought and open his mouth halfway only to shut it again. 

"I get the distinct impression that I'm just not doing it for you." He says, his face relaxing as he leans back in the chair again. I chuckle before taking another bite out of the salad. 

"I think I made it pretty obvious that you were a one night stand, you are the one who can’t seem to get that through your head.” He pushes his plate toward the center of the table and places both arms in front of him on the red velvet blanket. His hands holding each other almost in a praying position. 

"Fair enough, I suppose. Can I have my phone back at least?" He offers, reaching across the table and showing me his arm full of bracelets along with it. I nod before reaching in my bag and sliding it toward the other hand. The one he slid across from me, reaches over and his fingertips slide along my arm. With them comes the tingles I felt on the night we were together, and a part of me wants him to take me on this table. But another night with him would be a mistake on both of our parts. I grunt and push my plate toward his untouched one and stand. 

"I hate to eat and run, but I have to study for the exam in the class you dragged me out of." I admit, starting to walk off. I hear the gravel beside me shift and feel his arms wrap around me in a tight embrace from behind. I can feel his chin on my shoulder and his head shift to brush the wild hair out of the way, before he whispers in my ear,

"I know you felt that too, it can't have been just me. If you're not down for this we can do something else. But until you give me a reason that’s viable for me to disappear, I'm not going anywhere until I can call you mine." His arms let go and my breath returns. 

There's a part of me that wants to run, just leave before things get in too deep with him and the feelings attach themselves. But there's the other part that wants to fall so hard and fast that I can't feel the weight of the world and exams, broken relationships and homes around me. When I turn around, he's got a tight face so I can't read it. But I nod and say, 

"Where do you like going?" as I reach for my bag while he hands it to me. He smiles and walks me out.


After managing to avoid the huge crowd outside the school and getting into Michael’s car, we started driving. It had only been an hour but with as little conversation as there was, it felt like eternity. My book bag was behind the passenger seat, so I reached behind me and dug through it to find my notebook. I’ve got my feet up on his dash and my knees bent and in toward me, to use as a table for my notes. I can feel the tiny strands of hair on either side of my head blowing against the wind coming through the open window.

“I could be taking you to Paris, France and you‘re sitting there studying. Remind me why it is that I thought it was a good idea to take you on a date?” Michael asks, turning his head to look at me while waiting at a light. 

“I‘ve been trying to figure that out since I left your room the other night.” I answer, not looking at him as I try to make sense of my chicken scratch handwriting.

“Can you at least look at me when we‘re talking?” He teases, his laughter filling up the car. It’s loud and deep just like his voice and the laugh lines created by his eyes are mesmerizing. 

“Give me more to work with than random bullshit and I‘ll happily give you all my undivided attention.” I reply bluntly with a smirk, and without turning my head I look at his face from the corner of my eye. He sighs a moment, catching his breath from the laughter and nods while getting back into the flow of traffic.

“What made you decide to sleep with me? Was it my ruggedly handsome good looks?” He asks with a smirk, sliding his fingers and thumb against his stubble along his jaw. I snort in response and burst out laughing, not hiding anything over the ludicrous statement he just said. As I chuckle to myself and try to calm myself to answer, I look over and see him smiling over the steering wheel.

“What?” I ask, puzzled over his expression. He looks to me for a moment as he says,

“I got you to laugh, and it‘s the most beautiful thing I‘ve ever heard. Do you realize every time you sigh to catch your breath it sounds like waves receding from the shore?” before looking back to the road with a smile in his eyes.

While I’m still flustered over his compliment, I put my notes back and decide to give him a chance. It beats being cooped up in my dorm room all day. Clearing my throat I ask,

“So where exactly are we going?” to change the subject from the previous one. He chuckles to himself a moment before turning off the main road and down a suburban street.

“You‘ll see.” He says cryptically.

“Alright, then what are you doing in college? Are you here for the courses or the parties? I could guess but I don‘t want to be a perra and just assume I know you. After all, we‘re just now getting to know each other.” I tease with a smirk, putting my feet down and turning my body to face him. He’s got a wide grin on his face, letting me see how pointed his canine teeth are. He’d make a good vampire, except he doesn’t sparkle.

“Fair enough. As of right now I‘m just here to party. But I‘m slowly taking basic courses to get into the gaming industry,” He says, while turning onto a dirt road long overgrown with weeds and virginal innocence.

“I‘m not sure how far I‘ll get, but I‘d like to be able to make games like The Last of Us or Silent Hill. Currently I‘m working on a project that‘s sort of a mix between Call of Duty and Grand Theft Auto.” He continues, stunning me with every word because of his solemn expression and tone.

It gets quiet in the car as he parks and he looks to me for a response. There’s no sound around us except a loud crashing sound that fades and returns. 

“What?” He wonders, a light blush forming across his slightly chubby cheeks. I smile in response,

“Nothing. I just didn‘t expect an actual answer like that.” looking around me and seeing a wooded area on Michael’s side, and a fenced area with dark rocks on mine.

“What about you?” He wonders, leaning his seat back and looking over at me while laying his head on his hands.

“What about me, what?” I ask, a bit confused about where we are and what he’s asking. He chuckles beside me and it’s different than the ones I’ve heard so far. It grabs my attention enough to look at him and notice for the first time that he’s watching me in amusement.

“What are you here for? Partying or studying?” He asks, sitting up enough to strip out of his denim jacket with patches. I watch him toss it onto the backseat almost perfectly, letting the exposed back lay onto the seat as if inviting us to lie on it.

“Studying a bit. But also partying too. A little of both.” I answer cryptically. He smiles up at me and reaches a hand out to slide over my palm.

I can smell sea salt and earthy grains. We have to be next to a beach, which explains the crashing sounds I heard when we first arrived. But why are we still in the car and not on the sand? Wouldn’t that be the more obvious choice for a date?

“You‘re intent on not letting me in, aren‘t you?” He asks, his hand holding mine now. I look away and toward the fence, trying to see beyond the chestnut colored rocks that loom over us. 

“We‘re at a beach, right?” I ask, deliberately avoiding answering his question. When I turn to face him again he smiles almost disappointedly.

“We are.” He answers, his fingers stretching mine out so our palms are pressed together.

“Do you plan on taking me inside?” I ask, trying to get inside his head.

“Nope.” He replies. I stare at him in complete shock as his answer registers in my head. Why bring me here if not to take me for a walk on the beach?

“Why are we here then?” I wonder. Michael sits up and lets go of my hand while answering,

“Because you asked me where I like to go and this is it. When I‘m stressed or just want to be alone, I come out here and park to listen to the waves. My windows stay rolled down so I can smell the saltwater and wet sand. Then it‘s like I‘m a million miles away from school, friends and girls who want a second date to give them a reason to brag.” with his face just inches from mine.

His right hand moves slowly up my bare arm and the feeling sends butterflies swarming in my stomach. My breathing gets harder to control as his personal space and mine blur together. His bright green eyes are staring into mine with a softness I’ve never experienced before. His other hand holds my head in place just as the other reaches my shoulder. Slowly I’m melting under him and remembering everything I felt and tasted the other night in his room.

With eyes closed I press my lips to his and slide my hands up his chest to reach behind his head, grabbing fistfuls of his hair. He moans into my mouth and suddenly I’m not close enough. His grip on me tightens as he pulls me closer and slides his right hand onto my lower back. Coarse fingers slide slowly over it and I’m pulling his head back with one hand and pressing him to his seat with the other.

“Mierda, Michael..” I whisper in frustration, because he’s not fast enough.

I’m climbing over the cup holders and into his lap as I strip myself of my tank top and kiss him again. He tastes of salt and desperation while his hands find my hips. Gripping the seat we’re in I use it as support while my kisses deepen and I grind onto him. He grunts in my mouth as I do so, his hands sliding up my back and undoing my bra. I can feel him harden through the fabric.

“Excuse me, sir?” I hear with a tap on Michael’s window. We both jump at the sound and I’m hurriedly climbing back into my seat, reaching for my tank top and sliding it on. As Michael hands over his driver’s license and registration, I hide my bra into my book bag. I’ve already lost a pair of panties to him, I’m not losing a bra as well.

On the drive home we’re silent. Somehow we managed to convince the cop into giving us a warning instead of a ticket. Michael’s warm and rough hand is on my thigh, holding it the entire drive and reminding me that what we started still isn’t finished. But somehow I can’t seem to stop thinking that what I’m getting into is one giant disaster waiting to happen.

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