Unexpected Tokens

Paige and Rose heard the stories about Ashton and Michael's reputation. But that didn't stop them each from becoming just another girl added to their lists. What they didn't know, was that Michael and Ashton weren't going to say goodbye after the morning came.


4. Chapter 3 / Rose's POV


I’ve slept in the same bed for months now and it’s never been this uncomfortable. What the hell is wrong with the damn thing? Reluctantly, I force my eyes to open even though the pounding in my head says to keep them closed. When I do, I’m staring at dirty clothes and a wooden board supporting cushion. Sighing, I pull the sheet up on myself and sit up. When the hell did I get on the floor?

Looking to my left I see Mr. Snapback is lying beside me barely covered with the sheet we share. We somehow managed to leave the comforter on the bed. Laying my head into the palm of my hand I try to relieve the nausea that’s sprung up. Rose, this is why we don’t chug hard liquor. Clearing my throat, I leave the sheet on the floor and look for my clothes.

I find my dress at the end of the bed, where I anticipated it being after vaguely remembering last night. But I couldn’t figure out where the hell my panties were. I lifted up dirty clothes on the floor and searched under the comforter on the bed. But they were nowhere to be found no matter where I looked. Suddenly I’m very glad I don’t wear a bra with this dress. Chalking it up as a loss, I slipped my dress on and grabbed my phone. After zipping my dress up as much as I could in the back, I reached for the doorknob.

After fixing my boobs inside the dress I go to leave when I hear groaning. Shit, it was always better to get out of here before they woke up. It prevented things from being awkward and pretending you knew what to do when you say goodbye. Quickly, I try to squeeze through the small crack I made in opening the door. But he’s already staring at me and steadily setting himself in a sitting position.

“Hey, where‘re you going?” He asks, removing the sheet from him and standing. He opens the door and grabs my arm, pulling me inside.

“Well, I was trying to get out of here. It‘s not like I have a reason to stay.” I reply, honestly. 

“Damn, you really are something else. Who hardened your heart, babe?” He asks in a sleepy voice. I watch him yawn and look back to me with sleepy eyes.

“My heart isn‘t hardened, I‘d just prefer to not dick around.” I explain, laying against the door to help my poor head.

He chuckles a moment before saying,

“You weren‘t complaining about it last night.” and laughing at his own statement.

“Seriously? How old are you?” I ask, shaking my head but smiling at his corniness.

“Now look, my head is killing me so if I could please go without you making it awkward, that‘d be nice.” I say, looking up to him.

“Wait, I want to give you something.” He says, leaving me long enough to search around on the floor for something.

“Look, I‘m not a prostitute. You don‘t have to give me something just because we slept together.” I state, my hand already on the doorknob. I’m about to open the door to leave again when he says,

“Hold on!” and closing the door on me again.

I turn to look at him and he’s staring at me.

“Take this.” then handing me his phone.

“I don‘t think you wanna give me that.” I say, staring down at it quizzically.

He shoves it in my hand and says,

“I know, I always give away snapbacks. But you‘re different. So you‘re going to take this so I know for a fact I‘ll see you again.” while trapping me between himself and the door.

“But that‘s not how this works. We use each other for sex and then the next day we forget we ever met.” I explain, rubbing my fingers against my temples for my throbbing head.

“But I don‘t want to forget you.” He says, removing my hand and laying his forehead on mine.

“Just one date. Then if you‘re sick of staring at my ugly mug, I‘ll forget everything. Okay?” He questions, removing himself from me and moving me to open the door. I stare at him as though he’s lost his mind and open my mouth to speak,

“Good, I‘ll see you on Monday.” he says before shoving me out into the hall.

“Wait! I don‘t even know your name!” I start to protest.

“It‘s Michael, now you know mine….do I get to know yours?” He asks, staring at me expectantly.

“It‘s Rose, but..” I start but he interrupts.

“Okay, Rose. I‘ll see you on Monday.” He repeats, before closing the door and leaving me with an even bigger headache.

I knock and when he won’t open I say into the door,

“If you find my underwear, I‘d like them back.” while fuming over this series of events. As I walk toward the stairs the urge to purge heightens. I notice another door at the other end of the hall and wonder if bandana boy got lucky too.

When I wake in my room a few hours later, most of my headache is gone and Vi is staring at me. I’m about to apologize for getting in so late when she puts a hand up.

“Save it. Just next time, make sure you bring your room key. I don‘t need to be woken up cause you can‘t come back before curfew.” She scolds before leaving for work. Sighing, I lay back down and rub the area on my head where my headache still lingers.

I sigh in frustration and climb out of my bed to get dressed. As I stare at my wardrobe on the other side of the room, I shake my head. Grabbing a pair of sweats, I slide them on and leave the tank top I slept in on. I reach for my room key on the table and my clutch. If I was going to make it through the day I needed coffee and something starchy and sugary.

My jacket slips on with ease and I walk out into the hallway. Hopefully my car has enough gas to take me to the café near town. As I make my way to the parking lot, I stare down at my slippers and shrug in response. Technically my feet are covered, so they can’t deny me service because they count as shoes. 

Checking my phone I see it’s going on two and know my usual work buddy will still be working. As I drive off in my car I notice all the people walking around campus. Most of them are girls and some are cliqued off into small groups. When I get to class tomorrow there’s bound to be some gossip I’ll be caught up on. I just wonder what happened. Maybe something went on after I went up with Michael.

After fifteen minutes, I park in their lot and turn off my car. Grabbing my stuff I head in and ignore the glances I receive over my attire. When I enter I see Tyler behind the counter and talking to the new girl.

“Ty, I need an Americano stat. Also, if there‘s anything on our overpriced menu with sugar and starch,  I need that too. Please and thank you, pretty boy.” I say, walking up to the counter and readying my cash. He laughs at me and punches in my order.

“Long night?” He asks, checking out my outfit.

“What happened to your hair?” He wonders, reaching across the counter to pull on a loose strand. I chuckle and reach in my clutch for the spare hair tie I always keep.

“Too long of a story to tell. But I promise you will get the details when I do.” I reply with a smile, handing him the amount on the cash register screen.

He puts it away and leans across the counter toward me.

“It‘s good timing, hun. Remember that guy I told you about? The one I wanted to mack on but he seemed too alt for me? He always comes in on Sundays.” He replies in a whisper. I smile in response and sit beside him on the small space his arms aren’t occupying.

“I don‘t think you should be on there.” The new girl says with a softness in her tone. Tyler and I both look at her, I size her up to see what level of threat she is. Mousy brown hair, freckles and a tight stance like she’s afraid to break something. No threat, just a bit of a good girl.

“Thanks for the concern. But I‘m not getting down till my food‘s here.” I reply with a straight face.

She looks to me and then to Tyler before going back to work. 

“So did you at least have fun last night?” He asks, looking up at me while I tie my hair back.

“Sooo much Ty, you don‘t even know I swear. Though there was this one guy, I don‘t even know what his deal was. He gave me his phone to make sure we met up again.” I dish out, completely ignoring the new girl glancing at me.

“Shut up, he did not.” Tyler says, pushing my thigh.

“He did. Total white boy too, he seemed the type to easily sunburn.” I reply with a smile.

“Give me details, was he cute? Hot? Woman I need to live through you if I‘m going to last this shift.” He begs while fake fainting beside me. I chuckle and hear the door open to the left of me.

“Your food is ready.” The new girl says, while putting the bag and coffee on the display case.

Tyler and I both look at the door and he stands upright while I have to fight to keep my jaw from dropping. This fucking shit is everywhere! I don’t see him once in the months I’m here, but the one time I sleep with him and now I seem him everywhere! This is my luck.

“Hey, Rose. Didn‘t expect to see you here.” Michael says with a smirk. He’s so fucking conceited I swear.

“Michael.” I reply while jumping down from the counter. As I make my way over to the display case, he puts a hand in front of me to stop me.

“Where‘s the fire? Oh wait, I‘m the fire.” He replies with a breathy chuckle. I sigh and turn with a straight face.

“Is there some reason you‘re following me?” I ask, leaning against the counter and covering the register. 

I can feel Tyler’s eyes bore into me and smirk as I stare at Michael.

“I think you‘re the one following me, actually.” Michael says, leaning in and trapping me where I stand.

“Now why would I want to follow you? The only thing of value you have, you gave to me.” I tease with a smirk. I can hear Tyler stifling giggles behind me.

“You and I both know the most valuable thing I have had you a whimpering mess last night.” He whispers in my ear, before kissing my neck and taking the coffee -he never ordered- from Tyler. 

He smirks at me and pays Tyler before walking off and back to his car. I stand stupefied and forget to breathe for a moment. 

“I guess I figured out who your long night was with.” Tyler says, not hiding the laughter.

“Shut it, Ty,” I say with an impish smile.

“You‘re just mad cause he‘s not gay.” I continue, not missing anything. He glares at me for a moment before saying,

“You‘re lucky you‘re cute.” before whipping his short hair back. I chuckle and finally grab my bag and coffee.

As I leave I can’t help but notice a piece of paper stuck on my windshield. Walking around to the side I place my stuff onto the roof of my car. It’s a note on the back of a failed math exam taken by Michael himself.

‘Even in bum clothes you still look stunning. Meet me here tomorrow after classes and wear your hair up like today. - Mike’ Yes Michael, sign your name because I wouldn’t have guessed off your failed test.

While I’m driving back to the university I can’t help but think about him. I’ve had quite a few one night stands and none have ever lead to something like this. The only time I wanted more from a hook up was in high school. He had taken my virginity and I thought he felt something too, but I was just another lay to him. So naturally I was laughed at in front of my entire class when I walked up to him the next day.

But Michael….he’s different. Here I thought he’d be everything like that guy from high school. Yet he’s doing everything he can to prove me wrong. I’m getting compliments, notes and even a promise to a date. That’s more than I’ve gotten within the months I’ve been here! I don’t understand what’s in it for him but I’m promising myself that I’ll find out.

When I get back I lock up my car and start to walk toward the building when I hear,

“That‘s her.” in a loud whisper. I whip my head around to find the owner of the voice. Then I look up and see some girls looking down from their window. As soon as we lock eyes they all pile back inside and close the open window. What the hell was that all about?

Struggling, I enter my dorm room and toss my stuff back on the table. As I boot up my computer, I start eating the giant muffin Tyler rung up for me. It tastes of fresh blueberries and sugar, which is exactly what I need to get rid of this headache. Signing into my window I start writing the paper due for Monday. I give enough points and sources to get a good mark, but not enough for an ‘A’. I half ass my way through the conclusion and get up to grab my USB.

You know, if I really tried I could easily be the top of my class. My teachers have told me enough since my arrival. But I’m not here to impress faculty members who I’ll never see again after graduating. I’m here to pass with just enough to get my Masters and find myself. 

I’ve heard enough from older classmen I met in high school and family, to know college plays a big part in who you become. I truly believe that the people you spend your time with and who you connect with, change how you live your life. Which is why I sleep around and put up a barrier around most people. I have to know how I think they’ll benefit me later before I open up.

When my roommate comes in, I finish putting my paper to the USB and close up my computer. She sighs before falling into her bed. As I’m finishing up my muffin I offer her half my coffee and she takes it willingly. There’s a silence in the room as we both have things we want to say, but don’t know how to start. Michael’s phone keeps buzzing in my clutch and I get up from my bed to retrieve it.

There’s a lot of people I don’t know but mostly girls and someone named Ashton. I decide to scroll through his phone to figure who I’m about to go out with. A lot of his messages to the girls are those corny pick up lines he used last night. While still finding time to sext them in between minimal conversation. I can see some girls trying to start something more but he ignores them.

“When did you get a new phone?” Vi asks, tossing the empty cup in the trash.

“It‘s not mine.” I reply with eyes glued to his phone. She laughs at first, until she sees I’m serious and asks,

“Then who‘s is it?” a bit annoyed.

“Some guy named Michael.” I explain, feeling the tension build up in the room. I could cut through it with a knife it’s so thick.

“Did you get it from the party you went to last night?” She asks carefully.

“Yupp.” I reply shortly.

“Was it given to you?” She wonders, her voice on the cold side.

“Yupp.” I answer again, still scrolling through his countless pictures. But with all this tension I might as well be staring at a blank page.

There’s silence again and I watch her from the corner of my eye as she gets off her bed and grabs her shower bag. She grabs her housecoat and slippers before walking out without a word. I wish I knew what stick got shoved up her butt that caused this awkwardness between us. I’m not sure what I did or said that deserves this cold shoulder. But there’s this gut feeling that says I shouldn’t tell her about Michael and I going out tomorrow.

I just hope the class we share tomorrow isn’t as awkward as rooming with her.

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