Unexpected Tokens

Paige and Rose heard the stories about Ashton and Michael's reputation. But that didn't stop them each from becoming just another girl added to their lists. What they didn't know, was that Michael and Ashton weren't going to say goodbye after the morning came.


2. Chapter 1 / Rose's POV


‘A great place to party, meet new people and gain character while getting your Masters degree!’ New Fifth University promises in their brochure. Ninety percent of the reason why I’m going here is to party. It’s time to strip myself from the picture perfect postcard of the small town I left behind. With it being a whole state away from my hometown, I can start anew.

So far I’ve been here for months and nothing’s blew up in my face, so I’m taking that as a good sign. I have noticed though that there seems to be a weird custom here. Girls will wear snapbacks and bandanas, then after so long they never wear them again. I own a couple of both but haven’t worn them yet in case it means something. I made that mistake once already in my lifetime, I won’t do it again.

But now that I’ve gotten used to my class schedule and my roommate and I are on good terms, I’m heading to a frat house party. I’ve heard it’s going to be loud, full of good looking guys and will more than likely be broken up by the cops. Honestly, it sounds like heaven after all the papers and assignments I’ve had to do. 

“You sure you want to go to this party? I heard Sigma Kappa Beta is having one on Wednesday,” My roommate suggests. I chuckle as I look myself over in the same height mirror, looking for unwanted creases in my sleeveless black dress.

“Vi, there‘s nothing wrong with this party. I‘m just going there to dance my heart out, possibly get drunk and hook up with someone. I‘ll be back in the morning before you can miss me. What‘s the worst that can happen?” I reply with a smirk, dabbing on more burgundy lipstick. Normally I’m a red type of girl, but the darker shades always look great with my tanned complexion.

Whipping my hair forward and then back again, I play with the waves in back till I’m satisfied and smile at the outcome. 

“What do you think?” I ask honestly. Violet stares at me up and down calculatingly. Once she reaches my face, she smiles.

“I think, unless you want me to ravage you right here right now, you should go Rose.” She says with a smirk.

“…Really?” I ask with wide smile,

“Don‘t tempt me mami, I might take you up on that offer.” I continue, winking at her from the doorway. Quickly I leave as she tosses a pillow at my head from her bed, chuckling to herself.

I check my phone for the time and nod to myself. Eight o’ clock certainly gives me enough time to get there and blend in a bit. All the crazy stuff doesn’t start happening till midnight at the latest. While I know that most everyone there is already drunk and won’t know what time it is, I care how early I am.

The frat house is just a block away from my building, so rather than spend cash on gas, I’m walking. I can barely afford to eat lunch everyday, I have to save money where I can. I’m so glad I found that café that’s hiring closer to town. It’d be great to have a source of income again. Since the Movieplex from my hometown, I haven’t had a job or needed one until now.

After walking in the windy streets, I arrive at the location and smile at the streamers, lights and puking freshmen. Ah, it’s good to be home.

“Hey hot stuff, five dollars for the cup fee. But if you give me your number, I‘ll let you in for free.” A handsome white boy says, after I’ve walked up to the entrance.

“I‘ll give you ten, if you don‘t come find me.” I say with a smirk, handing him the cash and taking the cup. The second guy across from him hears me and bursts out laughing as I walk inside the house. I may be desperate to save cash, but not that desperate.

As soon as I walk in I can smell the pizza and alcohol….some of it with a hint of throw up. Yupp, I came to the right place. A guy in a toga outfit carries a tray as an alarm goes off. 

“It’s toga time! Find your local toga man and grab your free beer freshmen!” A voice screams over the alarm. He smiles at me and brings the tray down to my level, I grab one and thank him. In no time flat I’m being crowded by appendages all reaching for the red Solo cups. 

After the tray is cleared and a minute has passed, everyone has chugged their beers and cheers with cups raised to the ceiling. The crowd slowly leaves me and the toga man leans in close so I can hear him over the returned music.

“You get one rookie card, freshie and you just used it up! The next time you see me and you grab a beer, follow suite! Otherwise you‘ll end up at the Markers of Death!” He screams, his smile enchanting and breath no longer fire proof.

I instantly remember the rule of the game and then think about what he said.

“Markers of Death?!” I question, looking up at him. As if to answer my question, a crowd to the left of me is booing a guy who looks higher than a kite. Slowly the chant starts to pick up,

”MARKERS OF DEATH! MARKERS OF DEATH!” it passes through each room until the entire ground floor is screaming it.

Two guys descend the stairs and hold the permanent markers high in their hands. Uh oh, that can’t be good. 

“Who is the unworthy?!” The one wearing a bandana shouts. You know, now that I’m really looking at them…they’re both fucking hot. I watch the crowd point toward the guy still sitting on the couch, too baked to realize he’s become a star.

The red head with the snapback and ear piercing walks down the stairs first, bee lining it toward the guy. The curly haired guy with the bandana wrapped round his head follows after with a big smirk. Then I watch as one holds the stoner’s face and the other draws on the side of it with the marker. A loud cheer erupts from the crowd and when they walk away, a penis is now visible on the guy’s cheek.

The man wearing a toga looks to me to see if I’ve gotten the picture.

“Got it. No chug and salute means a penis on the face.” I explain, drinking up the contents in my cup.

“No, for girls they draw vaginas.” He corrects before smirking and walking away. Well shit. They don’t mess around do they?

After tossing my empty cup in an already filled garbage can, I walk around the house. It appears there’s multiple lounging rooms and a huge kitchen all on the ground floor. Wait, there’s also a bathroom. A girl comes walking out of what I thought was a broom closet, looking shit faced. Slowly I help her onto the floor and walk in the opposite direction.

Now that I’m really paying attention to all the people here, almost all of the girls are wearing bandanas or snapbacks. Some of them are sporting both by tying the bandana round their wrist. Maybe it’s a form of support for the frat house? A pretty blonde with a group of girls eyes me and I take that as initiative to ask. So I walk forward and approach the group with all of them clearly judging me.

“Hi, excuse me but can I ask a question?” I ask politely, though I really wanna snatch the cap off her head along with her extensions.

“Uhm, sure.” She says, uninterestedly.

“What‘s with the snapbacks and bandanas?” I wonder, seeing the immediate shock on their faces.

“Is that supposed to be a joke?” The one girl asks.

“No, why? Is it supposed to be obvious?” I question, getting defensive.

The group of girls erupts into laughter and it takes everything in me not punch the pretty off their faces.

“What‘s so funny?” I ask, my words harsh and through tight lips.

“Oh, you‘re a freshmen aren‘t you?” The blonde wonders, taking a sip from her cup.

“Yeah, so what?” I reply, feeling my face harden.

“Okay, we‘ll forgive you.” Another girl on the other side says. They’ll forgive me? These pinche cabronas. 

The blonde turns me around so I can see behind me.

“Do you see those two guys over there? The ones wearing a bandana and snapback?” She asks inches from my ear.

“Yeah.” I reply curtly.

“Every time they throw one of these parties both of them picks a girl and they take her upstairs. After they spend the night together, the next morning she leaves wearing the bandana or snapback on her head.” She explains. These guys are actual fuck boys. My taste is men is still horrible.

“So that‘s it? They just use you and give you what they wore the night before?” I ask, still completely in shock they do this.

“We wear the items for about a week but most of us never receive a call back. Then when they throw these parties we wear them as a reminder.” She says proudly, tilting her bill forward a bit.

“Thanks.” I say tersely before walking off. Well, I’m very aware now that the upstairs is off limits and I should steer clear of them. 

I step into the kitchen and see a bartender serving hard alcohol behind a small counter.

“Hit me.” I say, walking up to him. I slam down the empty cup I paid for and he chuckles before asking,

“What‘s your poison?” while taking my cup.

“Whatever‘s strongest.” I mutter, still glaring at the two guys through the doorway of the kitchen.

“That would be whiskey.” He says, pouring it into my cup.

Before he can finish topping it off with water to dilute it, I chug it with eyes closed. It burns going down and my lungs are screaming for air.

“Hey, slow down!” The bartender yells at me with astonishment. When I’m through I slam my cup down again and whiskey droplets fly up from the bottom of my cup and onto his counter and my hand.

“Are you nuts?!” He asks me in bewilderment. 

“Screw your judgments, I came to get drunk and laid. I don‘t need your approval to do so.” I say confidently, still staring at the guys from where I stand. 

I pick up the music again now that the song changed. Smiling, I take my empty cup and head out onto the dance floor. Confidently walking past the fuck boys as I do so. Once my feet are on the floor I start swaying my body to the beat as I delve further onto the dance floor. The beat seems to grow louder the further in I get and I realize it’s because the speakers are located in this room.

My hips rock from left to right and I let my head roll along with the rhythm. With every occasional beat I get from the drum, I let my back arch inward as my body pops out and then back to it’s normal position. 

“Waiting in a car
Waiting for a ride in the dark
Drinking in the lounge
Following the neon signs

Waiting for a word
Looking at the mutating skyline
The city is my church
It wraps me in the sparkling twilight”

I hear against the electronic beat and drums. M8 needs no introduction for this song, the beat gets you moving enough that you know it’s them.

There’s hands on my waist and I ease into it at first until one slides over onto my stomach, holding me to them. My eyes shoot open and I push their hands off, before walking off toward the beer keg at the opposite end of the room. While a toga guy is filling my cup I look to see if I can find the person who grabbed me. Then I spot the same guy that was at the entrance and he’s looking at me while dancing with someone else. Fucking creep.

My attention turns back to the toga guy and I’m drinking my beer when I spot a red head against the wall. Her eyes are in her cup and I feel like I’ve seen her before. She bites on her lip for a moment before looking up again and people watches. Then I realize it’s not because I’ve seen her before, I just know what it’s like to be her. I was in her spot four years ago. I’m walking toward her when the music cuts off and the alarm goes.

“Alright people, find your toga guy and grab your free beer. Just follow the man wearing the white sheet.” The announcer says, clearly he expects people to be too stoned or drunk to remember. I turn around and chase after my toga guy. He’s in the middle of the room now and I swipe a beer out from behind him. In no time I’m chugging and when it’s empty, I’m the first I see who raises my glass to cheer.

The room erupts into noise and I’m not sure whether it’s the fact the room is full of people or the alcohol, but I’m getting hot.

“Having fun?” I hear someone ask beside my ear, after the music returns. I turn quickly and see the red head with the snapback grinning at me.

“You could say that.” I reply, before turning and walking away. His hand rests lightly on my shoulder and turns me to look at him.

“Hey, what is it? Do I have bad breath?” He asks with a chuckle. I sigh out of boredom and leave him with his hand and beer.

I check my phone in the front hall as I lean against the wall. How did four hours pass so fast? It can’t already be midnight…can it? Quickly, I send Violet a text letting her know I’ll be back late. When I get no reply after five minutes, I close it up and start walking off. Before I get to pass out drunk level, I need to find an easy lay. With squinted eyes I look around for someone cute who isn’t shit faced.

I stop at the entry way of the second lounging area and look around with my head leaned against the wall. Everyone seems to have coupled off without me. I feel a gentle hand on my side and it pulls me from the entry way and onto the wall. My eyes close and I fear chugging that whiskey has now finally caught up with me. My back arches away from the wall and the unfamiliar hand slides down to hold onto it.

“How‘re we doing? Still having fun, sweetheart?” A voice asks beside my ear. My hand grips onto their toned side.

“I‘m not your fucking sweetheart.” I reply with what I think to be a bite in my tone. But by his chuckling, I fear I’m too drunk to still have one.

“Okay, you got it. Are you capable of moving or should I send you home in a taxi?” He asks. My eyes open in shock. Never in my life have I been sent home because I’ve been too hammered. I’m not about to start now.

“I‘m fucking fine!” I shout, waking up instantly and pushing him off me. Scattered eyes look over to us but not long enough to finish watching.

“Okay, alright. I believe you.” Mr. Snapback says with a chuckle.

“You know, you‘re something else. Tell me, what‘s a pretty girl like you doing in a dump like this?” He says with a wide smirk. It causes his eyebrow to raise and the piercing he has in it makes it all the more attractive.

“Is that the best line you‘ve got?” I retort, starting to walk off.

“Hey, wait up,” He says, grabbing my free hand and turning me.

“I‘m full of lines, you haven‘t even heard some of my best work.” He continues with another wide smirk. Maybe it’s the alcohol but I find myself smiling in return.

“Okay, give me your best.” I tease.

“Are you tired? Cause you‘ve been running round my mind all day.” He says with a chuckle.

“That one‘s so old your grandpa was using it when your dad was just a sperm. Try again.” I retort. He laughs again,

“Heaven must be missing an angel, cause I‘m looking at her.” he says without missing a beat. I yawn in response,

“Lame.” I answer while leaning against the wall again.

His hand tucks a strand of my loose hair behind my ear while the other lays against the wall beside my head. With inches from my face he says,

“Your beauty is so unflawed, Aphrodite curses the day you were born in jealousy.” with such certainty I find myself believing it. Damn….that was a good one. I promised myself not him, but here I am kissing him in front of strangers and walking up the stairs willingly.

He leads me to a room at the end of the hall, and I can see the jealous faces on girls and hear the cheers from guys. I watch him open the door and lead me inside. Once he closes the door with his back, I jump him. Our cups drop and my phone crashes on top of them with a crunch. I can taste the sourness of the alcohol and cheese from the pizza he must’ve ate.

We break apart long enough for me to strip him of his shirt and hear his cap hit the floor. I help him get out of his black skinny jeans, we’re laughing as they cling tightly to his legs and prolong our fooling around. Once they’re off he unzips my dress from the back and it glides off me seamlessly. This is why you wear dresses to a hook up party.

I slide under the sheets and feel him on top of me. His scruff stabs at my chin as we kiss and I pull him forward with such force, he chuckles. Below us I can hear the alarm going off again and the announcer calling the last round. When I feel his boxer briefs slide off, I don’t pretend to be surprised he’s well endowed. The only way girls would willingly fall victim to this is if the sex is worth it.

Just as I’m getting used to the cold sheets and fading in and out, I feel him leave wet kisses on my neck. Then I close my eyes for the last time, just as he thumbs his finger inside my panties.

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