Kimchi's Diaries 5: Bloody Conspiracy

Nothing is as it seems. We realized that only when we came into that place. Part V of the diary: A week before our big concert in Japan we were invited to a hotel, which held much more mysteries than we thought. Everything was suspicious: guests, rooms, even the owner. But the worst were the hotel’s story and a nightmare from the past…


1. Beware bushes

I knew telling each other scary story before our trip THERE was a bad idea. But this time I didn’t have anyone near me to blame, because this story we heard from my sister, who loves horrors. Well, I and Heejunnie love them too, but only if real ghost doesn’t plan to appear.

After our unpleasant adventure with L&F group, we had a month of healing. We spent time with our families, we were sightseeing South Korea, and so on. My favorite part from healing month was sleeping, to be honest. But thanks to that I recovered mostly and was ready to prepare our comeback to a big concert in Japan, which we had in the second week of February next year. That was why we were invited to luxurious ‘Endless Story’ Hotel at the end of January.

We trained all two months very hard but that was good. Fatigue from training always made me feel better. A day before our trip to Japan we gathered in my house due to my mother’s birthday. She insisted I invite KNK members instead of doing other bigger party. I agreed and after we spent time together and my parents went to sleep, we went to my room.

“When did you change it?” Seungjun asked surprised, meaning things on my shelves.

“Last time I was here,” I answered. “It’s kind of creepy that you know my room that well.”

“What do you mean by that?”

“Nothing at all.”

“Aaah, the bed is mine!” Heejun shouted and fell on my pillows.

“Why’s that!?” I outraged.

“Let’s see… Because I won in rock-paper-scissors?” Heejun grinned.

“The last one was about who’ll wash dishes.”

“There was another one after that.”

“You’re lying.”

“Am I? Do you want to play again?”

“Fine. But you’ll lose.”

And I was the one who lost. Heejun hugged my pillows delighted and I covered my floor with mattresses.

“What do you say we tell scary stories?” Heejun whispered. We already lay down and stared at the ceiling, when topics to talk about ended.

“Seriously?” I asked. “Aren’t you tired?”

“Not at all! I can party all night!”

“I asked a wrong person…”

Seungjun, who lay next to the door, suddenly screamed and I switched on bedside lamp.

The door was slightly open and through them was levitating a head covered in hair.

“What are you doing, noona?” I asked my sister.

The head revealed the full body and my sister entered my room. “I’ve heard you’re telling scary stories,” she said with a sparkle in her eyes.

Oh my God, I forgot… My sister was like Heejun – she liked scaring people.

“No, we just –” I began, but Heejun almost sat on my head, when he fired from the bed violently.

“Yes! Do you want to join us?” he gasped.

“Great! I have an awesome story.” She sat on my mattress, pushing me off it. I sighed and sat on the bed with Heejun and Inseong. Seungjun curled up next to the bed, holding Youjin’s arm (who wasn’t pleased with it, by the way).

My sister took a deep breath and began her story, “Once there was a mysterious house, in which lived a young woman with an elder man. She was his servant, but local people thought she was his lover. What’s more, the elder – known as wealthy and intelligent master of wines – was considered to be weirdly attracted to blood and some were afraid of him. Maybe his love for blood caused him to fall in love with wines. But one day the elder died in unexplained circumstances. Local people were shocked. They thought he would kill someone first. The servant was the only one in the house when this happened. But the strange thing is the elder always avoided talking about his servant. Was he embarrassed? Or was hiding her for a reason?

When the police brought out elder’s body, some girl said she saw woman’s figure in the window, but when she wanted to show it to the police, the figure was gone. The house was searched few times but no one was found. Then the people decided to ask about this woman elder’s grandson, who came to the funeral.

‘I don’t know what you’re talking about,’ he said. ‘My grandfather detested people. He was living alone for years.’

The girl, who saw the woman in the window, didn’t believe him and decided to search the house herself. She did it when the night fell, to avoid patrols. She didn’t find anything in the house, but when she was about to leave for good, suddenly she heard strange noise. She concentrated and realized it was a whisper, repeating some words over and over again. She couldn’t hear it properly, so she left the house to follow the whispers.

The whispers were getting louder and clearer as she walked into the garden. Besides the whispers there was deathly silence. At some point the girl finally heard clearly the whisper,


Roses are red, violets are blue.

House is old, story is true.


The girl frowned. She didn’t understand the sense. When she got closer to the bushes, she heard another whisper, a little different from the previous one,


Roses are red, violets are blue.

Wine is sweet, you had no clue.


These worried the girl a little. She made another step toward the bushes but stopped and froze, when the leaves moved.

But there was no wind.


Roses are red, violets are blue.

Your eyes are stick with a glue.


The girl turned around violently, hearing the whisper closer than before. She swallowed hard and tried to check the bushes. If there was a mouse, she would be mad at her cowardice.

But when she touched the branches, the voice said into her ear,


Roses are red, violets are blue.

I’m behind you, guess who?


Suddenly a hand emerged from the bushes and grabbed the girl’s face, pulling her into the bushes.”

At the same time a hand came out from under my bed and grabbed my hand.

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