1. back to school

With the war over and Hermione being hermione, you may be able to guess where she went. Back to school. Right now she is staying with the weaslys ad Harry. Harry and Ron had decided that they didn't need to go back to school. So Hermione went back by herself. She is on the train and in the prefects carriage when Draco Malfoy enters. They star at each other. " what are you doing here?", Hermione asks. " I'm head boy," says Draco, " what are you doing here?" " I'm head girl." The two stop talking as more prefects show up. The other prefects are sent on their way with their instructions. Hermione turns to say something to Draco but he is already gone. But she soon finds a note from him on her trunk. 'Meet me in the prefects dormitories after the feast. Ask MCconagol where to go.' When Hermione arrives after the feast, Draco I already there. " what do you want?" She asks him. " I want to tell you something. And I already know how you feel because I read your mind on the train." And then he says three words that Hermione never thought she would finally hear. "I love you." Then she said it back. "I love you too." Draco'sface breaks into a smile and he leads Hermione to the staircase to the dormitories. Once they are upstairs, Draco kisses Hermione gently. They fall onto the bed slowly undressing each other. Soon they are both naked and Draco starts to lick Hermione clean. Hermione is moaning as he makes his way down to her boobs. He sucks on one nipple. Then puts both in his mouth. They flip over and Hermione starts to kiss Draco down to his penis. She starts to lick the head and it grows. She then pulls it and it grows a little more. The she sucks on the whole thing and it's huge. She then settles herself on his lap and starts to shake. Draco moans. Then they flip over again and Draco is moving slowly in and out. Hermione begged him o go faster. So he goes a little faster. Then faster. Then he takes everything out except for the tip and slams into her. She screams" YES DRACO, GIVE ME MORE, I NEEE MORE OF YOU INSIDE ME!!" And he slams into her 5 more times before sliding out. " I love you." He says. "I love you too." Hermione replies.

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