Pokémon Perler Bead Artwork

This is a book on how to make Pokémon related artwork with perler beads (iron-fuse beads)! Everything I post will include; a picture to show you where to lay the beads, a picture of what my completed one looks like, and any extra information if required. Also, the first chapter will tell you how to iron the beads and where to buy the beads at the cheapest prices. Perler beads are not at all expensive, so you should definitely give these a try. <3


12. Azurill


Here is a picture showing you where to lay the perler beads on the peg board;

Here is one that I made with a mildly darker blue;

​Just a small thing, but the tail is very fragile because it joins onto the body by one bead at each end. Mine has actually since broken off because I wasn't careful with it after making it, so just be careful with yours :(

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