Pokémon Perler Bead Artwork

This is a book on how to make Pokémon related artwork with perler beads (iron-fuse beads)! Everything I post will include; a picture to show you where to lay the beads, a picture of what my completed one looks like, and any extra information if required. Also, the first chapter will tell you how to iron the beads and where to buy the beads at the cheapest prices. Perler beads are not at all expensive, so you should definitely give these a try. <3


1. Perler Beads: Where Can You Buy Them And How Do You Fuse Them?

​Perler beads are 5mm plastic beads that, when ironed, fuse together to form a solid shape.

The idea behind them is that they make a pixelated image of whatever you choose to make.

In this case, it will be pokémon. The great thing about using perler beads to make pokémon is that in the games (and to some extent the anime) the image is already pixelated, and so by using perler beads you are creating an accurate representation of what you see within the games.

Where to buy perler beads:

​You can find perler beads in some art and crafts stores, so if you can't buy online for whatever reason, have a look in art, crafts, DIY or similar stores. But the best place to buy them cheaply is online. On eBay, for example, you can get a pack of 1000 perler beads for approximately £1 - £2. However, you may have to buy a few packs depending on what colours you need (the 1000 packs are often sold in singular colours).

If you're planning on using perler beads on more than a few occasions, I strongly recommend getting a larger pack of them. For example, I recently invested in a 1kg bag of perler beads, which would probably be enough to make 200 pokémon if not more. Plus, you get a mixture of colours when you invest in one of these larger bags.

What you need to make perler bead art:

- perler beads

- perler bead peg board

- iron

- baking paper

How to fuse perler beads:

​1. Arrange your perler beads on the peg board in the desired pattern

2. Place a piece of baking paper over the beads (gently, so as not to move the beads' position)

3. Move your iron (make sure it's not on the steam or water setting!) gently over the baking paper in a circular motion, making sure that you apply equal pressure over the beads. It shouldn't take more than a minute at most to fuse the beads. Some colours may take longer to fuse than others. If you want to fuse the beads but keep the hole in the middle visible, you probably shouldn't iron them for more than 30 seconds. If you want to fuse them to the point where the hole melts, go for longer. However be aware that over heating the beads could cause you to lose your outline shape.

​Important; do NOT iron the beads without the baking paper, as this will melt the plastic onto the iron.

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