Mr. Insanity|Andy Biersack Fanfic

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"I'll see you dead, Andrew."

"I'm sure you will, Charlotte, my dear." He smirks, "Just not today."
Two serial killer psychos loose. A detective hellbent on revenge. Secrets yet to be discovered. It doesn't get any more twisted than this.


5. Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge

A/N: Chapter Song Kill Or Be Killed by New Year's Day.

If you're wondering about the chapter title I'm a huge MCR fan.

Ps, I'm sorry it took me so freaking long to update, writer's block is a real bitch.


(Cat's POV)

"It's good to play God," I say almost seductively, thoroughly enjoying every second of watching him squirm.

He trembles with fear as I stand over him, "No, stop. Please."

I hold my pistol firmly, "You see I always keep my promises, and if you recall, I did say when I get out you are a dead man." I laugh, "And officer as you can plainly see I'm out." 

I grin, I had already stabbed him in his arm and his chest, more towards the shoulder, and he was clearly in pain. And just in case he has any ideas of trying to fight me or get away, I have this pistol. I tighten my grip on the gun, my finger faintly on the trigger, one wrong move and his brains will decorate his home's walls. And my God, could they use some decorating. Yeesh, this place is a hideous dump.

"No, please. I was just doing my job."

"Don't try to feed me that line of bullshit." I glare at him through squinted eyes, "Tell me, officer, do you believe in God and heaven?" He nods and I continue, "Good. Then you also believe in the hell and that's just where I'm gonna send you."

I shot him in the arm and leg, tossing down the gun and pulling out two knives I jump onto him. I dig my knees into his chest and start to bring both knives down into him. Blood spurts across me, my clothes, the walls, the floor, blood squirts everywhere. His screams do him little good and he doesn't put up much of fight really. How can he? I had already injured him and he was surprised by how I just lunged at him. After he's totally incapacitated I bring my knife blade to his throat. I slice his throat open with one swipe of the blade.

I brush back the locks of my hair that fallen over my face. I stand and look around the small blood-covered room. I kick his bloody body, "Psst, hey buddy. You might want to clean this place up before you invite company. Also, you need to clean yourself up, you look like shit."

I laugh wickedly as I walk away towards his bathroom. "I'm going to jump into your shower. I don't know if you noticed, but I'm a mess. Hope you don't mind."


(Charlotte's POV)

"Any ideas on who it was?" I ask as I arrive at the scene.

"We're pretty sure it was that nut Cat Von Blackheart who just escaped. Her m.o. is all over the place, plus he was one of her arresting officers and she treated him."

"This Blackheart girl is twisted and believe me, I know twisted. I know Andy Biersack," I say quietly to Blackmar. "You really hate him don't you?"

"Well, yes," I shift my stance uncomfortably. I have never liked being questioned about him in any way. "I hate all scumbags like Biersack. Don't you Blackmar?"

He nods, "Of course. It just seems you hate him more than most."

I walk away from him hoping he'll just drop it and shut up about Andy. He is right though. I do hate him more than anyone else. But I have a good reason, better than anyone could ever guess.

I step carefully up to the body of officer Spar. His throat has been cut straight down to where you can see his spine. A large pool of blood surrounds his body, it had soaked into the carpet by now. He had been stabbed more times than I can count. At least fifteen or twenty, although I'll have to wait for the M.E.'s report. Blood spatter was on the furniture and some even across the walls. He had also been shot twice.

This girl has issues. 

Yeah, like she's a psychopathic piece of shit.

If there's one thing that makes my skin crawl its heartless bastards like her and Biersack. Fucking psychos.

"How'd you find this out so quickly Blackmar?" He smirks, "I know people."

"Any fingerprints?" I ask the forensic guys.

"Yes, we've recovered a few. Especially in the bathroom, which you'll want to check out."

I nod. Tucking my thumbs into my waistband, I watch as Blackmar heads toward the bathroom.

"Hey, Crane. Look at this," Blackmar calls to me. I quickly head into the direction he's calling from, the bathroom. "That crazy bitch actually took a shower. Look," he points to the shower curtain, "it's still wet."

"Yeah, well look at that." I point to the mirror. In what appears to be blood she wrote, 'Never going back'.

Blackmar asks, "What do you think she meant by that." He pauses, "Maybe she means not going back to the nut house she escaped from." I look at him out of the corner of my eyes, "No shit Sherlock."


(Cat's POV)

I keep a low profile, try to make sure I don't stick out. I just mind my own business. But I have to keep moving because those fuckheads police keep flashing my picture on the TV. Especially since they know it was me that killed that officer. My style of killing, I swore revenge and I didn't wear gloves so my fingerprints are all over his place. Sherlock isn't needed to solve that case.

I need sleep so I check into a hotel. The kind you check into to get murdered. You know that dumpy kind of hotel that you'd like to burn your clothes after lying in the bed.

But, what's that saying? Beggars can't be choosers? Yeah, I think that's it.


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