Mr. Insanity|Andy Biersack Fanfic

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"I'll see you dead, Andrew."

"I'm sure you will, Charlotte, my dear." He smirks, "Just not today."
Two serial killer psychos loose. A detective hellbent on revenge. Secrets yet to be discovered. It doesn't get any more twisted than this.


3. Just Another Psycho

A/N: Chapter song, Just Another Psycho by Motley Crue.

(Andy's POV)

I put the cigarette to my lips and take a long drag letting the nicotine gratefully fill my lungs. I look over at, uh, what's her name, besides in the bed, she's on her left side, her back towards me, and she has the cover pulled half way up. Her long silky gold hair is all that I can see, except her bare, pale shoulder.

I flick the ashes of the cigarette onto the bed in between her and me. She wasn't even that pretty now that I think about it, I had still slept with her of course. She was the one that approached me last night. Isn't it funny, it's usually them I approach, not the other way around. My God, I had never seen a girl so drunk and able to function at the same time before.

I take another long drag from the cigarette before smashing it against the sheets putting it out. 

I rub the back of my neck as I sit up. I'm careful not to wake what's her name. Oh, she can't wake up yet, not for what I have planned. I stand over her for a few moments, I listen to her breathing. Look at you, sound asleep without a care in the world. You have no idea what I have planned for you.

In one quick motion, I grab ahold of her by her throat and pull her up off the bed. The look of trepidation in her eyes is exhilarating. She struggles to free herself, she rips at my hand with her nails and gasps for a breath. After completely pulling her away from the bed, I hold her against me. I ignore her futile struggle, she's too petite and fragile to escape me.

"Hush, little baby don't you cry. Close your eyes tight, it's time to die," I whisper to her.

She starts to kick furiously. "Now, stop that you little bitch!"

I clench my survival knife and I thrust it into the side of her abdomen. I let go of her and let her fall to the floor. Tears stream down her face, she screams from the pain. God, I enjoy this. She reaches down, touching her side. She only screams louder when she see's the blood on her fingertips confirming to her what I had done. 

She starts to crawl away, I bring the knife down into her thigh before she has a chance to do so. She lets out a shrill scream, tears gush down her cheeks even harder than before. I pull her hair, hard. Several strands of her hair tear loose and I let them fall to the floor. I bring the knife down into her thigh again, she lets out another piercing scream.

"Did anyone ever tell you're hot when you scream like that?" I laugh.

She looks at me horrified, "Why? W-w-w-hy are y-y-ou doing th-this to m-me."

"Well, why not?" I grin, "Besides, it's fun."

She sobs heavily, "You're a m-monster."

"So they tell me, sweetheart." I run the knife along the inner part of her thigh. She's too petrified to move, I make a deep cut near her bikini line.

More screams.

I sit down across her legs and grab ahold of her throat. "It's been thrilling, but sadly for you, I'm tired of our little game."

I squeeze down on her throat until she goes limp and her breathing stops. "Ah well," I look over at her body, her eyes wide open in an everlasting look of terror. I take my knife and run it along her cheek, "Smile for me, darling." I slice her mouth at the corners making her have a resting smile forever.

I pull out a small flask of whiskey I have, I take a big swig and down nearly half the flask's contents in one gulp. I look down at her, she still doesn't look right. I sit down next to her and start to cut off her long blonde hair. I smear the number '19' onto her forehead with her own blood. After I'm done I put my trademark on her chest.

Now, what do I do with you?


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