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"I'll see you dead, Andrew."

"I'm sure you will, Charlotte, my dear." He smirks, "Just not today."
Two serial killer psychos loose. A detective hellbent on revenge. Secrets yet to be discovered. It doesn't get any more twisted than this.


7. Everybody's Got A Secret

A/N: Chapter song is Rats by Motionless In White.

I know the song says Mrs. pharmacist and I have a psychiatrist instead, but the song kinda fits.


*Seven years earlier*

(Olivia Underwood's POV)

"So, Doctor Underwood, tell me, you still think you can cure everyone with your ingenious psychiatrist mind?" he chuckles faintly. His mouth twisting slightly into a smug smirk as he does so.

He had been my patient for a little over a month. He was my first patient in fact. I'm rather young for a psychiatrist, you see. But I've always been ambitious. I've always wanted to help people, solve their problems. I really want to help this one, something about him is so...Intriguing. 

I remove my glasses- which I don't need but like to wear because I look a little older and smarter with them- "You know we're here to talk about you right?"

Sighing, he rolls his eyes, "Yeah, yeah....There's really nothing to talk about." He clicks his tongue against the roof of his mouth several times, "You know, you're kinda pretty..." He looks straight at me, "...for a psychiatrist."

I swallow, my heart beat increasing. I shift my gaze to the notebook resting on top of my crossed legs. I twiddle with my pen on the edge of the notebook leaving several black ink dots on the paper as I jab at with the pen pointlessly. I scramble to regain my train of thought. "You said there's nothing to talk about. I'd say that's hardly the case Mr....

"Do I make you nervous?" He cocks his head to one side. "I couldn't help but noticed that you were more or less playing with your pen."

I clear my throat, "That's not the issue here. I want to talk to you about 'the incident' that took place a little over a year ago." He rolls his eyes again, something I'm used to seeing by now, "So I had a breakdown. I heard voices in my head no one else did. I went to a nut house for it. I thought the point of going to place like that was to get well."

"Please don't refer to it as" I make quotation signs with my fingers, " A 'nut house'. And yes that is what the purpose of such a place is, to make you well."

"Then why am I here? Why am I talking to you if I'm so well?" His tone growing slightly more aggressive. "Now, there's no reason to shout at me. I'm here to ensure you...

Cutting me off, he asks, "Don't become crazy again?"

He grabs my hand, "You have lovely hands, Doctor. So smooth, not a blemish to be seen. Thin, nimble fingers." He keeps his eyes fixated on them. Every muscle in my body tightens, "Mr. Biersack, please."

His eyes meet mine. A look of innocence hides behind his them, "Please what, Doctor?" I nearly fall out of my chair as he leans over the desk bringing his face closer to mine. "You shouldn't...

My voice trails off as he brings his face even closer. I can actually feel his hot breath against my skin. Still holding my hand, he touches my cheek with his free hand. I close my eyes. What am I doing? I should stop this.

"Why Doctor I get the impression you're enjoying this."

Just he brushes his lips against mine I pull away with a swift jerk getting up from my chair. My blood pulsates in my ear. I can feel excitement rushing through my body, an excitement I don't quite understand. I turn away from him, "Look, Mr. Biersack, this isn't ethical. Moreover, it isn't right."

He steps around the side of the desk to stand in front of me. "I've dreamed of you Doctor, ever since we first met I've dreamed of you." His blue eyes meeting mine he says, "Do you every dream of me?"

I nod. Telling the truth. "Really, Doctor?" He says in obvious false surprise, "Tell me about it then." I shake my head no, too nervous to lie and too intoxicated by him to pull away. He laughs, "That bad, huh Doctor? For shame, thinking such things about your patient." He gives me the forefinger rub, saying mockingly 'shame on you' several times over without speaking.

"I am growing tired of your games, Mr. Biersack." I try to push past him, he leans closer to me, "Let me pass, Andy."

He smirks widely, "Andy, is it?" He rubs his hand down my arm making me shiver. "Nothing's stopping you, Doctor. If you want to pass then do so." Before I even have time to think, his lips crash into mine. The kiss is short but sweet. Andy's the one to break it. He just looks at me, as if to gauge my response to the unexpected kiss. "I-I-I....I can't do this. This isn't r-r-ight," I stutter. I can't seem to control the thoughts racing through my mind. Thoughts no psychiatrist should have about their patient.

"I know I didn't read this wrong, Olivia. You want this as much as I do, don't you?"

His deep voice sends shivers through my body. Swallowing loudly I reply, "Yes."

Stop this. What are you doing, Olivia? You can't let emotions overrule your training.  A good looking face can't....A really good looking face...A perfect face.

He leans in to kiss me again. This time I embrace it. He lifts me up to where I'm sitting on top of the desk. Licking my bottom lip he asks for entrance, I inadvertently moan as his tongue slips into my mouth. I feel him smile against the kiss. Then he pulls away.

God, Andy don't tease me.

"But that's against the rules, isn't it?"

Grabbing his shirt and pulling him closer I whisper, "Fuck the rules."


(Charlotte's POV)

Awaking with a start and sitting straight up I feel my blankets are wet from my profuse sweating.

I could still taste Andy's lips on mine.

These dreams have to stop. These memories have to stop haunting me. I have to make this right. It's my fault he's walking the streets today. I must stop him. Even if it kills me.


A/N: Plot twist! Hehe. I'll expand on Charlotte aka Olivia's and Andy's past more in later chapters. 

Please comment and let me know what you think.

I really hope you're enjoying it so far.

I thought this would be an interesting twist no one saw coming XD

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