Mr. Insanity|Andy Biersack Fanfic

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"I'll see you dead, Andrew."

"I'm sure you will, Charlotte, my dear." He smirks, "Just not today."
Two serial killer psychos loose. A detective hellbent on revenge. Secrets yet to be discovered. It doesn't get any more twisted than this.


2. Cat Von Blackheart

A/N: Chapter song, Mad Hatter by Melanie Martinez.

(Cat's POV)

I was born to be what I am.

I enjoy the chase as much as the kill. There's nothing quite like the rush I receive from doing what I do. I relish the insurmountable high I feel while taking down my prey. I was born to be what I am, a killer. Even my name fits, Cat Von Blackheart. For I do live up to the Blackheart part, emotions elude my grasp, but life's much easier that way.

I tighten my grip on my butterfly knife, a favorite tool of mine, as I draw closer to my victim. This is going to be fun.

God how easy he was to manipulate. All I had to do is convince him to take me back to his home for what all men have on their minds, sex. Little did he know, I had zero intentions of letting this pig touch me.

"Cat? Cat, where are you?" I hear him ask.

The lighting in the room is bad so I could easily hide the knife down by my side where he doesn't see it as I come closer to him.

"Here I am," I say playfully. He jumps slightly. "Don't be so jumpy," I say.

He grabs my hand, "Come on Cat. I've waited long enough." He starts to kiss me, he lets go of my hand and puts his hand on my back, he lowers his hand slowly as we kiss. I quickly put the knife to his throat, I bite down on his lip as he realizes what's going on. He starts to scream, but I stop him from doing that. Like a flash of lightning, I slide the blade across his throat, slitting it.

I stop biting his lip when his warm blood splats across me. Suddenly, the front door swings open. A bright light shines in my eyes keeping me from seeing, I hear a man's voice shout for me to drop my knife and a woman lets out a startled scream as my victims falls to the floor. 

The man rushes to his side, I could hear my victim gurgling for a couple moments until he finally dies. A large pool of blood surrounds him. His blood covers my clothes, some had splattered across my face.

I drop the knife. The light is turned away from my face and I see three police officers. One is on kneeling on the floor next to the man I killed, one is standing near the door, he holds his gun on me. The last drops her flashlight, pulls her pistol out and points it at me.

"Well, shit," I say as the one walks towards me his gun pointed firmly at my head. He pulls out a pair of cuffs, instructs me to turn around and he cuffs me roughly, purposely hurting me. When I face him again I whisper, "I'll get out, and when I do, you're a dead man."

"Wrong," replies the one on the floor as he rises. "You'll never see the light of day again."

I smirk, "That's what you think." I pause, "How'd did you find me anyway? How'd did you even know it was me?"

"You were sloppy, Cat. Someone saw you coming out of your last victim's apartment. We've been following you for some time, too bad we didn't stop you before you killed him," he points to the man on the floor, "You sick, twisted bitch."

I laugh, "Flattery will get you nowhere officer."


A/N: Next Chapter is about Andy and is in his POV. I should have it up sometime soon.


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