Offshore🏄🏽‍♀️ *Completed*

A surfer, one of the hardest stereotypical expectations to live up to. Everyone expects you to say "rad duudee" and talk like your almost senseless. Bailey changes it all once she meets Samuel, who did live up to the stereotypical expectation. A highschool dropout who decides to live his life on sardines and a broken surfboard. The two connect in many ways until they realize who they really are.

Cover Credits: NightShade creepypasa

All rights reserved to Ginia Rose©


11. Chapter 9

Chapter 9
  Yes. Yes. Yes. This is very hard for me to understand, I binge watched movies all weekend and ate then stuffed my face with apple crust. But now it's Monday..the first Monday that I won't get to go surfing and the first Monday I'll be waking up at 10 am. Today is Samuels' court date where we can finally discuss what he actually did because everyone is confused..atleast I am. I hit stop one the alarm of my phone when I realize I'm not going to surf. I uncomfortably throw my blanket on top of my head and try to get some sleep. 

  "Rise and girl wake up", my mom walks in. "Mom, it's still 6 am", I laugh. "Oh yeah see no, I kind of messed up your whole entire phone with the time and date thing and made you think it was's 10 am", she says opening my blinds letting sunlight into my room. I wake up, do my hygiene then throw on this maroon peplum top dress thing, black jeans, and my sandals. 

  We get into the car and I close my eyes on the very long trip to the courthouse. 

   We enter through the tall revolving doors that weighs 10x my size. I struggle to get through security with keys, nail clippers, earrings and spare jewelry in my purse. "Courtroom 4 to the right", the heavy built woman stamps us.   

"Ready?", my mom asks me before we enter the room. "Here goes nothing, I pull the door open and sit in the front row. 

 "All rise", the blonde judge says slamming down her gravel. "Court is now in session", she adds on. "On the 23rd day of May 2017 the court orders the defendent Zayden Wheeler to prove his emancipation against the plaintiff Natalie Creas, please bring them both in", the judge swishes her long pointy nose to the security. 

   There Zayden enters wearing all grey with his bruises bandaged. "Mr.Wheeler?", the judge looks at her manilla folder. "Correct your honor", Zayden says as he stands behind the chair at the defendents table. "Mr.Wheeler how old are you?", she peaks out of her vintage glasses. "17 your honor", he simply states. 

"And you were granted "emancipation"?, she questions him.

"Thats correct your honor"

"By who exactly were you granted emancipation?"

"My good friend Thomas, told me about this company that looked out for young people like me, that if I proved to them and answered questions I would be able to be granted emancipation"

"And how old were you?",

"14 years old"

"Where were you before then?"

"I was placed in several foster homes and I was about to be put in a group home then I ran away and thats where I met Thomas on the street"

"Mr.Wheeler, you received emancipation from someone on the street at the age of 14?", she questions him .

"Your honor . I received emancipation from a friend of someone on the street at 14", Zayden corrects her with irritation .

"Nonsense, the court calls for 2 years of house arrest under your health conditions and 3 years of probation , case dismissed", she bangs her gravel against the wooden desk. 

"House arrest?!", I look at my mom with my heart split in a million pieces. 

"Hey hunny, its better than going to jail, plus they said we can still visit him so there's a plus ", she says. 

"Can I go surfing, I feel overwhelmed", My fingers touch my temples roughly. 

"Yeah, here I'll take you home, you get ready then you can go surfing and do whatever", she holds my hand. 

I take a glance at Zayden who is now in handcuffs exiting the double doors. I'll miss him, my bestfriend, my brother, my diary, my other half. Is this my fault? 

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