Offshore🏄🏽‍♀️ *Completed*

A surfer, one of the hardest stereotypical expectations to live up to. Everyone expects you to say "rad duudee" and talk like your almost senseless. Bailey changes it all once she meets Samuel, who did live up to the stereotypical expectation. A highschool dropout who decides to live his life on sardines and a broken surfboard. The two connect in many ways until they realize who they really are.

Cover Credits: NightShade creepypasa


9. Chapter 7


 Those twenty three words replay in my head and the only thing that seems to come out as english is "your under arrest". Zayden? Why? He is bruised up and can barely speak, yet he's under arrest. 
    I stand up quickly, defending him like a lawyer. "Officer, how is he under arrest? He can barely speak. He's under critcal condition, who let you in here?", I interview her. "I'm sorry and you are?", she clicks her blue and white pen. 

    "Bailey Isabella Wilson, Zaydens' bestfriend", I say. She just looks me up and down and writes whatever I say on the wooden clipboard.

   "Alright I'll be back", she leaves the room revealing her small bun at the back of her head. 

  I look at Zayden who's scanning the room with his lifeless green eyes. "I'm calling mom okay?", I quickly tap the numbers on my phone. 

   Ring.Ring.Ring..Call Declined. 

She never answers, it's always texting with us so I send her "Call me immediately there is a very serious emergency".
"It's okay", Zayden mumbles holding my hand, his feel warm and bloody from the cuts oozing with blood. "Zayden, your getting arrested", I try to make him aware of the current situation. "If I'm gone..none of this is going to matter", he assures me. "Zayden your not dying", I laugh in between tears. 

   "You can't determine that", he closes his eyes. Immediately I press the red emergency button located on the counter which brings in alarms and sirens. "What happened?!", nurses rush in with all types of medical tools. "He's talking about death", I say as they hook him up to the IV needle. 

   As soon as those words come out of my mouth, everyone is now calm, no one takes it serious anymore..everyone treats it like a joke. "He's about to die", I say with tears blurring my vision. 

    "Ma'am, patients typically do's a side effect, a loss of faith maybe? Pray.", a mint green uniformed worker says removing his blue mask showing his yellow teeth. 

     I can't do anything but cry right now, I'm about to lose my brother, my bestfriend, my laughing buddy, my shopping buddy, the one who I've been with since I could remember. He's all I have with my mom, I WILL NOT LOSE SOMEONE ELSE. There they are again, the tears stream down my face again, but this time they won't stop, my ears are getting red, they feel all hot and steamy, yet their itchy and they are burning. I can tell I'm sad, beyond sad..I'm broken. 

     "I'm sorry, I'm late I was making apple crust", my mom rushes in the room looking terrible. She's wearing my teal slides with mix match socks showing her unpolished toes from a hole, a pink top, green sweat pants. An orange sweater, and her hair is stringy with a yellow headband covering her forehead. 

     Right now, I could care less how she looks. As long as she came, she could burn the apple crust with the house for all I care. "Zayden isn't well", I say crying into her arms. "The cops are here, telling him their under arrest and he's talking about death", I sob into her apple stained traffic-cone-orange sweater. "Shh..honey, I know your scared, we all are. But you can't do this around Zayden, your going to scare him", she takes me outside of his room. 

    "Okay, enough suprises..who are you?", The blonde cop comes back with a slight attitude. "LEAVE US ALONEE", I sob and yell at her. "Bailey", My mom holds me back and hugs me. All she cares about is getting whatever from Zayden. "What will you gain if he's dead? TELL ME!", I say crying. "'am you need to calm down, Zayden is not going to die. We have all of his medical records here", she holds up her clipboard. Yet each and every time she speaks I want to yell, I want to cry. 

"I'm sorry..this is basically his only family member and she loves him with basically her whole entire heart", My mom shakes the officers hand as I watch her judging my moms terrible outfit. 

   "Bailey, sweetheart..I know you don't how to deal with this. This isn't easy for you, it isn't easy for any of us, hun", she says trying to calm me down. It isn't all, in fact it makes me want to hurt her even more than I already do. This isn't hard for "us" it's hard for my mom and I, yes but her? No.Nada.Nope.Zip.Zelch

    "Now of course we aren't going to handcuff Zayden, that would be unrealistic, uncalled for, and wrong. But he is going to be under house arrest for a while. 5 months to be certain, he's only allowed certain visitors and I'm sure your on the list. So his doctor tells us he should be released and ready to go in a week or so", she leans in for a hug. 

"Thank you", I calmly say shaking her warm sweaty hand. 

    I watch my phone looking at the 23 concerning messages Samuel sent me. I brush them off because,he won't understand, too much to deal with, and it's personal. 

   Although, I try wrapping my head around other things I still can't get over the fact that I am basically the reason he is here, he is arrested, he is talking about death. 

   My friend comes again, I decide to name her River. First filling up in my eyes blurring my vision, then as I blink to realize I'm not in a dream...slowly 'River the Tear' streams down my face and I block her from falling any further with my lips folded.

  This isn't a dream, it's real life, it's for real. It's right here in my face. 

A/N: I hope you guys are enjoying this so far..this week I'm gonna try to update ALOT. Because I have standardized test in 2 weeks, SATs, and a huge end of the year project. I won't be able to update as much in the next couple of weeks so😘. Just know I'll be back, and like, comment and hit that fan button. So I can know to keep going with this🤘🏽. 


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