Offshore🏄🏽‍♀️ *Completed*

A surfer, one of the hardest stereotypical expectations to live up to. Everyone expects you to say "rad duudee" and talk like your almost senseless. Bailey changes it all once she meets Samuel, who did live up to the stereotypical expectation. A highschool dropout who decides to live his life on sardines and a broken surfboard. The two connect in many ways until they realize who they really are.

Cover Credits: NightShade creepypasa

All rights reserved to Ginia Rose©


4. Chapter 2

School is just how it normally is everyday, I stay to myself and sit with my bestfriend Zayden at lunch. Zayden's pretty cool, he has short brown hair that is silky and wavy at the same time. At around 4:30pm I leave my mentors office, shes's supposed to 'help me' but I don't trust her. So when she asks questions I respond 'yes' or 'no' and only tell her my on the surface problems. Things like hard test, needing credit, and car problems. I can tell she wants me to open up because she's talked to my mom about it. 

   I get into my car and drive the usual way to the beach to surf again. My phone buzzes so I pull over respecting the whole "no texting and driving" thing. "

  You have 1 new text message the phone reads.

        No Caller ID: Hey, this is insecure boy. See you at 5? 

     Samuel? This dude is actually pyscotic, I ignore the message and drive to the beach and there he is. On top of a wave staring out into the sun. "So much for a personal beach", I say to myself. I put on my wetsuit and grab my board out my trunk. 

     "What are you stalking me now?", I walk towards the water. "It's a public beach Princess ", he nicknames me. "Don't call me Princess, it's Bailey or Ba- Bailey!", I get on my board. "I bought you a gift", he chuckles pulling a sardine can out of his pocket. "Sardines", I laugh. "Yep, I got you the original one considering your so bas- unique", he smiles handing me the can. "You know you aren't supposed to get in the water for like atleast 30 minutes after you eat right?", I walk back to the sand. "Alright so lets sit and eat", he pulls out his personal can of sardines. I sit on my board beside him in the sand and open the can of silver tiny cut up fish. He opens his which is savored in red sauce. "Oh it's hot sauce", he plops the fish in his mouth. "Yeah, I know what it is", I lie. "So how old are you?", he writes with his fingers in the sand. "16", I simply say plopping the fish into my mouth. "This tastes like pool", I laugh. "Your stupid", he says eating my sardines. "Stop fatty, I like it", I move away from him. "Your disgusting", he continues to insult me. "So, you live with your- got any siblings?", I wonder why he stops in the middle of his sentences to start new ones when he speaks. "Well, my dad took off for whatever reason with my four siblings, so it's just my mom and I", I regret speaking everytime I end each word. Why would I tell him that? Am I really that stupid? I haven't even known him for 24 hours. Yet I tell him something I wouldn't even tell my mentor who I've known for 24 weeks? Stupid Bailey, your stupid.

"I'm gonna surf", I get up hoping to drown my issues. "You know, my mom was a drug addict and like went in and out of jail, so my dad had to take us away from her. Not all men have bad intentions Bailey. You just don't want to let anyone who may be helpful come into your life. Not everyones a jerk", He chuckles. "Stop acting like you understand everything idiot", I walk away from him and immediately go underwater. 

I wish I could get away frim him, he makes everything so wrong in the right,  yet wrong way. It's confusing but it is what it is. "My problems are drowned", I slowly say. 

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