Offshore🏄🏽‍♀️ *Completed*

A surfer, one of the hardest stereotypical expectations to live up to. Everyone expects you to say "rad duudee" and talk like your almost senseless. Bailey changes it all once she meets Samuel, who did live up to the stereotypical expectation. A highschool dropout who decides to live his life on sardines and a broken surfboard. The two connect in many ways until they realize who they really are.

Cover Credits: NightShade creepypasa


18. Chapter 16

•Samuel's POV•

"There are my two favorite ladies!! I was worried, thought you bailed", dad shoots a sarcastic look hugging Bailey & Bianca. 

"Uhm..I know you lying calling them your "favorite" ladies..", Sierra clears her throat. "Yeah sure, help unload these boxes they're all going in the living room", he says opening the trunk. "How do we know which one is the living room? We have no furniture", Sierra laughs. "Use your common sense", I shoot her a look. "I hate you all", she rolls her eyes. Dad shoots her a look which seems to be his "I'm warning you" face. "But of course it's opposite day", she says smiling. 

  "You made it safely", I hug Bailey. "I made it alive, I don't know how safe you would call that", she hugs me back with a bag in her hands. "This must he hard for you huh?", I walk beside her grabbing a box. "It's different", she drops the box beside the fireplace in the living room. "Hmmph...a good or a bad difference?", I test her. "I'm used to living with my mom, and now I live in a household where if you buy a gallon of orange juice within two days it'll probably be gone", she sighs irritably. "Are you okay?", I ask her questioning the elephant in the room. "Yeah can I talk to you though?", she says with her hands in her back pocket. "Uh yeah where do you wanna go?", I ask. "Uhm..let's take a walk", she walks outside. "Where ya going?", Bianca hugs her, she probably realizes Bailey is acting strange too. "Uhm..we're just going to take a walk", She sighs. Something is definitely bugging her, maybe it's the move. "Alright well uh becareful we don't really know anybody in the neighborhood", Bianca shoots me a protective look. "We'll be back in 5", I say reassuring her that nothing could possibly happen. "Hey Jack & Jill, where do you guys think your going?", Sierra says holding a bigger box from the truck. "We're taking a walk dufus, or do you need a babysitter", I say throwing a rock in her direction. "Yeah one who brings a girl to a dinner at our house as a date but it results in being his sister is asking me if I need a babysitter..alrighty", she throws a rock at a fast speed. "It wasn't a date", I howl walking with Bailey. She just seems so ... down, she's already hard to figure out but now I'm just...confused. "So what's up?", I ask her. "Uhm..Mason & Theo. What's their story?", she looks down walking on the sidewalk. "Well Mason came first, he acts 18, really intelligent. Then Theo came and he's just the honest one. They both came with this lady Stacy..she just took them here. Her and dad talked, then next thing you know there's a new addition to the family. "She isn't Bianca's daughter", I look at him. "Well I mean obviously, that just wouldn't add up", we spot the clubhouse. "Let's go here", I say. "We don't have a key card", she walks past it. "Who says we need to have one..? We're citizens, we're new..that's enough to be let in", I stand on the bush for support and quickly jump the iron fence. "Your a bad influence", she looks at me. "You coming in?", I head towards the pool. "I'm not jumping an iron fence...", she stands outside of the gate. 


Sirens blast somehow and I know it's not from the clubhouse. I look over to Bailey's direction and there I see a familiar face walking towards her. "Zayden stop!", She yells trying to get in the club house.  I run over and use a reclining chair to jump the fence. "I just thought maybe you needed help getting in the pool", he says. 

   He looks physically & mentally sick. His skin is pale with a purple undertone, he has a blue gown on, his scars are all infected and his bandages are dirty. "Your on house arrest!!", She says with tears forming in her eyes which causes her voice to be shaky. "Yeah duh Bailey, from the alarms ringing and vibrations on my ankle I'm pretty sure it's obvious", he says jokingly. "What are you doing with this clown anyways", he walks up to her and she backs up fearfully. "The closest police station is 45 minutes away and I'm pretty sure they're on their way so I gotta get going. Hug?", he reaches his arms out. "No Zayden", she looks down. "Why are you so scared Bailey, your my bestfriend", he sticks out his bottom lip. "Your sick Zayden", she says in between gritted teeth. "Yess...your right. They say my head is messed up a bit", he smiles showing his yellow teeth. "Get out of here Zayden", she backs up until her entire back is on the fence. "Your right, bye bestie...catch ya later??", he says. "Hey get off my sister, get outta here man", I push him into the road. "Heeyyy...whoaa! You wanna fight too?", He says. "Samuel, leave him...we should get going", Bailey says responding to the sirens from multiple police cars. "Heyy surrender! I'm just checking my mail. The neighbors dog ran, they're handicap", he tells the police as they arrive. "Put your hands up Zayden", is the last thing we hear before walking back home. Bailey is silent the whole way, asking her if she's okay would be dumb right now because it's quite obvious she's not. So I refrain from doing so. 

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