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A surfer, one of the hardest stereotypical expectations to live up to. Everyone expects you to say "rad duudee" and talk like your almost senseless. Bailey changes it all once she meets Samuel, who did live up to the stereotypical expectation. A highschool dropout who decides to live his life on sardines and a broken surfboard. The two connect in many ways until they realize who they really are.

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16. Chapter 14

•Bailey's POV• 

I storm downstairs expecting to see my siblings crying or speaking to my mom. They're all in shock, but in a different shock. "Wait so my mom is a criminal?", Mason laughs. "Who said I was a criminal??", mom looks around. "Him", Sierra instantly points at David. "You said I was a criminal?!", Mom looks at David awkwardly. "I said you were away because you went to jail for some time", David stammers. "Ok that's soo not true", Mom laughs. 

  "Hey, give me a hug guys", I say. "Girl I don't even know you like that", Sierra jerks her head back. "But your my little sister", I tilt my head to the side. What's this girls problem..seriously. "Yeah because Bianca here wanted to have one kid so she abandoned her other six", she tears up and storms outside. "David le-"

"Let her cool off, you should go talk to her", David interrupts holding  me back. 

"Get off of me", I shrug my shoulder out of his grip and storm outside to see Sierra sitting on the step. 

"Hey", I sit beside her. She twitches her nose and sniffs trying to prevent her tears from falling. "It's okay to cry", I look at her. "All my life...I wanted a mom. I wanted to know and love my mom. I wanted to have shopping trips and nail dates. But that was never the case. I just feel so bad, and now that I finally met my mom it's just. I hate her", she stammers which leads to her sobbing. " can't hate what you haven't tried", I reassure her by hugging her to the side. "You can hate what you haven't had the chance to try", she kicks the rocks. 
  "Hey", David opens the door and sits on the step above the step we're currently sitting on. "I'll let you two talk", Sierra walks back inside. "Bailey..", David sits on the same step as me.

"Yes David", I mumble. "I'm sorry...I just wish you knew why I did it..why I left", he looks at the flowers he has potted outside of their house. "Me too..I wish I knew why you took all of your kids and left your wife and your other kid. Am I not important to you?", I look at him. "Waitt whoa, Bailey..slow down", he looks at me. 
  "It was your 4th birthday..Madison was six, Ernesto was eight, Sierra was two, Samuel was five. Bianca took you to the toy store while I stayed home to watch the kids. I heard a knock on the door. I looked out the window and told Ernesto to go tell whoever it was that I wasn't here. It was the government as I suspected. They did a house search and I hid under the sink. I don't know why they were there. They told Ernesto someone would be back to get them shortly. When they left , I grabbed everything I could possibly find, threw it in the back of the mini van and drove off. From there we went to Indiana and stayed with some family. I came back to put the pieces together, find my family..I found you guys", he hangs his head down and cups his ashy hands together. 
 "Why'd you tell everyone my mom was in jail?", I look at him. "I didn't want them to think what you thought...that I just took them and left", he scratches his head nervously. "I'm sorry I hated you?", I hand him a rock. "I'm sorry I left you?", he holds my hand with the rock in between our hands. 

•Samuels POV•

Bianca walks into my room sitting beside me. She grabs my ukalele and plays the G chord. "You still play?", she hands it to me. "Uh yeah", I play a short melody and hand it back to her. "I remember when your father and I got you your first one. Had cars all over it. Bailey stole it all the time until you guys played it together", she laughs. 

"Why?", I look at her. "Hmm?", she cries a little. "You went to jail?", I rephrase my question. "Uhmm, Bailey wanted a Ms.Sherloffs vanity set. It was $137 and I just knew I couldn't afford it. But thats all she wanted. It came with a blow dryer, all this fake makeup, and a lot of other things. All I wanted was to see the family happy. So I opened the box and took the pieces out. In discreet I stuffed them in my pockets and Baileys pocket. Security had gotten a hold of us and got our information. I paid a fine mom paid a fine, and when we got home .. you guys were gone and I figured it was a grocery store run but you guys never returned", she cries. 

"So you did go to jail?", I tilt my head. "I went to holding..but please don't tell Bailey", she puts the ukalele down and grabs a tissue. "I won't", I stammer. "I already talked to all of the kids. You guys look so wonder I couldn't remember you guys", she sniffles.  
"Hey..official family meeting in the family room", dad walks in. "Alright", I say. 

•Bailey's POV•

"Family meeting", David says getting everyone's attention. "Where's Sierra?", Ernesto looks around. "I'm right here..mind your business Elmo", Sierra says sitting beside me. "Anyways, we all know the reason this family was broken...I'm fixing it", David says wrapping his arm around the fire place. "How..", Sierra asks the questions everyone is  wondering. "I just bought a house, 10 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, a pool in the back, close to a good school. We're all moving in 2 weeks, meeting over", he takes a sip of his water and dusts the fireplace debris off his hand. 

"Wait..wait...wait...6 kids, 2 old people..10 bedrooms, I'll take another one as my relax room", Sierra lays back in her chair. "No one is taking any personal room..meeting closed", David says banging his hand against the wall. "Ow", he mumbles. 



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