Offshore🏄🏽‍♀️ *Completed*

A surfer, one of the hardest stereotypical expectations to live up to. Everyone expects you to say "rad duudee" and talk like your almost senseless. Bailey changes it all once she meets Samuel, who did live up to the stereotypical expectation. A highschool dropout who decides to live his life on sardines and a broken surfboard. The two connect in many ways until they realize who they really are.

Cover Credits: NightShade creepypasa


14. Chapter 12

•Bailey's POV•

"You sure you ready?", My mom asks me as we stand outside of the door to Samuels house. "Yeah, I think so", I inhale and exhale deeply. "Well hurry up cause I'm starving", she holds her stomach. 


The doorbell sings and it's opened immediately by a girl who looks about 13, her hair is straightened out and it stops her waist. She's wearing a velvet black top, a velvet long red skirt and velvet black pumas. Her style is .. interesting, I think to myself. "Hi, I'm Sierra. You must be Bailey and her mom Bonnie", she shakes our hands. "Bianca, my mom..her name is Bianca", I simply state lightly letting go of her hand. "My apologies, I've never been good with names..come on in", she brushes ut off with a fake cheery smile. 

"You came", Samuel takes our jackets and puts them on the coat rack. "My mom refuses to pass up free food", I say. "Welcome, my name is Mason and I Samuels favorite sibling", a short boy walks up to me. He's light skin with black hair that spikes up and black square glasses. "Nice to meet you Mason", I shake his hand.

"Let's move on to seating arrangements", Sierra changes the subject. "Bo-Bianca and Bailey sit here beside Madison and Ernesto, Samuel sits right across from Bailey. Our dad isn't here at the moment but he'll be here later on tonight..he works a late shift today. He'll be across from you Bianca, I'm beside him, Mason is beside me, and Theo is beside him. Any questions?", She clasps her hands together and smiles. "Uhm, no..thank you", We both sit down.

"Forgot to introduce you guys...", Samuel says. "Everyone bring the food out and lets sit down", Samuel goes into the kitchen. Mom and I glance at eachother while they bring out Roasted Turkey, Baked Chicken, Mac & Cheese, Mixed Vegetables, A Bowl of Fruit, Apple Pie, and Potato Salad. "I hope y'all aren't vegan", Sierra tilts her head. "No..we aren't", my mom raises an eyebrow.

  "Well Bianca, Bailey.. this is Sierra she's 14 we call her Attitude Problem",he points to Sierra. "Nobody calls me that", she stares at him. "Oh right you just have one, anyways..this is Theo, and that's Mason. They're 4 and 8, probably the nicest people around. Madison and Ernesto, 18 and 20 they don't say much. They both just live their lives", He smiles. "Onto dinner shall we?", Samuel sits down nervously. 

•Samuels POV•

"Mm, this dinner is delicious, thanks again everyone", Bianca wipes her mouth with a napkin. "Grocery stores finest", Sierra winks. "Well, dinner was lovely but we have to get going now", Bailey scoots out of her chair. "You guys didn't get to meet our dad", Theo tilts his head revealing his missing tooth. "I'm sure there will be other times", Bailey lets out a slight chuckle. "Guess whos back", my dad opens the door. "Ooo, family dinner we haven't had this in what....10 years, what's the occasion?", he can only see the back of Bianca & Bailey's head. "Samuel can't afford a restaurant so we cooked for his girlfriend and soon to be mother in law", Sierra winks. They turn around and look at him and suddenly things get awkward. "David..", Bianca says. "Bianca?", He puts down his supply box and pulls off his work gloves. 

   "So you guys know eachother?", Madison says finishing the apple pie. "Nah duh Albert", Mason looks at her. "Yes..yes, she's", dad gives her a slight hug to the side. 

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