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A surfer, one of the hardest stereotypical expectations to live up to. Everyone expects you to say "rad duudee" and talk like your almost senseless. Bailey changes it all once she meets Samuel, who did live up to the stereotypical expectation. A highschool dropout who decides to live his life on sardines and a broken surfboard. The two connect in many ways until they realize who they really are.

Cover Credits: NightShade creepypasa


13. Chapter 11


~Samuels Point Of View~

"Hey get that out of here go help dad set the table", I yell to my little brother Mason who is bouncing a ball all around the house. "Man, why do we have to get all cleaned up for your girlfriend anyways?", He tosses the ball in the air and twirls it on his index finger.  "Because she isn't my girlfriend, I leave you alone during your play dates, come on man back off", I brush my hair back with my hands. "Whatever", he exits switching the ball to his middle finger. 

    "Yeah right back to you , SIERRA !", I yell. "What ... what... what .... whattt?", she moves the phone from her ear. "Help Mason out, he's setting the table .. get dinner ready", I tell her. "and put some clothes on geez", I say referring to her tank top amd sweatpants. "So what am I wearing idiot? Paint?? Bring another girl here , make me set the table again, and break up with them after 3 business days and "Sierra" will be the last thing you say", she waves the butter knives in my face. "Mhm, tell the others to get dressed I'll be back", I grab my car keys off of the counter. 

"Uhn uhn perro, where you going?", Sierra looks at me pouring juice in glasses. "To see if Bailey will come to dinner , what else ???", I laugh and gulp the juice in the cup. "Say what? You didn't even ask Bonquiqui if she wanted to come to dinner ? Nah Perro, your on your own..", she drinks the other glass of juice. "Mmm...passion fruit", she licks her juice mustache. 

"Whatever man", I leave the house and get into my car. 

   When I arrive to Baileys house I go up to the door and give it 3 knocks and a ring. "Bailey !!! Samuels here!!", Her mom comes to the door. "Hi Ms-, I never got your last name", I clear my throat nervously. "Porter, can call me Bianca", she lets me into the house. 

"Why are you here", Bailey steps out into the hallway looking at me. "Uhm, I wanted to invite you and Ms.P-..Bianca, to family is cooking already. It's our treat, they want to meet you", I look down with my foot tapping the floor nervously. "I told you we're going our seperate ways, and why are you calling my mom by her first name ? ", She looks confused. "Uhm, she told me to and Bailey...your technically the only friend I have down here so basically, you have no choice but to get along with me", I smirk. "Yeah goodluck with that one", she turns around walking into the kitchen. 
   "Okay, maybe that was a little too much. Please Bailey, give me a chance?", I watch her eat peelings of an apple. This girl is weirdly obsessed with apples. "What should we wear?", she pours apple juice into a cup. "We?", I question, who else is she planning on inviting? I hope it isn't Zayden. 

  "Free food, that's an offer for me and my mom", she puts her glass in the empty sink. "Oh sure yeah, Bianca can come to", I say stammering. "Great, see you at?", she takes a pause and looks at me. I throw my wrist up to look at my watch but ofcourse it isn't there. "Uh..6:00, see you at 6", I simply say. "Okay, see you then", she lets out an awkward laugh.


"OKAY EVERYBODY! We have 15 minutes to make a yummy dinner for the whole family, plus two guests. JAMES FAMILY MISSION STARTS....Now", I say as I set my alarm to 11 minutes and rush into the kitchen. 

"Madison went and got some stuff from the grocery store so she'll be back soon", Sierra stares at me. "Thank you", I hug her. "Take a shower perro, and don't hug me again...ever", she dusts her clothes off. "Is it really that bad?", I smell my armpit. "Hate to break it to you big bro, you reak", my youngest brother Theo says waving his nose. "Sierra? You'll take care of everything down here?", I walk over to her. "You'll take care of that breath?", she sets the table.



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