Mess is Mine

Do you like walking in the rain?
When you think of love, do you think of pain?
He's a lonely boy.
She wishes everyone would leave her alone.
He's a delinquent.
She's a nerd.
He's popular.
She's a nobody.
He's a mess.
She's not so good with messes.


3. Chapter Two- Bring me to Your House

She stood in his porch soaking wet, she really wanted to be home right now, snuggled in her warm bed with a cup of hot chocolate watching some Netflix, thinking about it only made her chilled body shake harder.

She watched him slip his waterlogged converse off and strip off his equally waterlogged hoodie. Her eyes widened when she felt her nose tingle, she knew she was going to get sick. Her hands flew to her nose when she felt the tickle of a sneeze.

She froze solid- her sneeze was not cute. She had one of those sneezes that was all mouth, not attractive at all. She desperately tried to keep it in, she could not explode in front of this guy, my Alec Walters, no way, she wouldn't, couldn't allow herself to. God, keeping in a sneeze is not easy.


His eyes flicked over to her when he finished taking of his soaked through hoodie, he raised an eyebrow at her face. Her lips were puckered, jaw clenched, and her face was deep in concentration. He blinked, once, twice before shaking his head.

"Hey, you alright?" He had to ask her, he was kind of concerned with the colour her face was turning.

Her wide blue eyes made the way over to his green, she stared at him, her face still pinched in the same strange expression. She quickly nodded her head and he noticed a bit of sweat start to form on the top of her forehead, close to her hairline.

"Uh, alright, if you're sure. Ah, what here, I'll be right back with some clothes I guess." He mumbled, not sure what he was doing.

She roughly nodded her head again, and he gave her another strange look.


She thought she was going to explode, it was like there was a bug crawling its way up her nose and no matter what it wouldn't stop. She was praying to whatever god was up there that the need would go away, that the sneeze would magically disappear up into her brain-or wherever it was sneezes came from, god why couldn't she have been born with a cute sneeze, one of those little barely-a-sneeze sneeze.

She waited until she heard his footsteps disappear to let herself relax, she waited and waited, the sneeze didn't escape, in fact it seemed like it was going to stay up in her nose forever. She groaned and rubbed at her nose, hoping that rubbing it would help ease the sneeze out, it didn't really help, so with a groan, she gave up. 

She remembered an old wives tale about having the need to sneeze and stopping it- all you do is stare at a light and the feeling should disappear, so she did just that, she looked up at the light in the porch, the feeling was disappearing and she could finally let herself relax. Only, when the feeling was almost gone, the lights went out, and her nose decided it didn't want the sneeze anymore. 


He poked through his drawers, wondering if he should let her shower here or if she would be alright until she got home, he didn't really want her getting sick and passing it on to him, so after a few minutes of pondering he decided to just put the sweatpants and hoodie in the bathroom for her, along with some towels and other shower necessities she may need. 

He was walking down the stairs when the lights cut out, he cursed but let out a laugh when he heard the sneeze she let out, it certainly wasn't very quiet. Before walking towards his porch where she stood, he lit up his phones flashlight and grabbed some candles and matches from a drawer in the kitchen. 

He made his way to the porch and awkwardly stood in front of her. He frowned, she was soaked to the bone and was shivering up a storm. He bit his lip and cleared his throat. 

"Cmon, you look like you could use a shower." He said, raking his eyes over her shivering figure. 

"Yes please." She whispered, running her hands over her arms. 

"Follow me then." He said, nodding his head. 

He led her up the stairs and into the hallway bathroom where he placed the clothes. 

"You can shower in here, I'll light up some candles for you and I'll shower in my bathroom." He mumbled, lighting up enough candles for her to be able to see.

"Thank you, I really appreciate it." She said softly, looking down at the floor.

"No problem." He said, walking out of the bathroom and into his own room, grabbing clothes and making his way into his bathroom.


She stood in front of the mirror and immediately her eyes widened in horror. Her hair was stringy and falling in front of her eyes, which were red and swollen, her face was a pasty white and her nose was tinged red. She was forsure going to get sick. 

She sighed and whipped around towards the shower, taking off her cold, wet clothes as she went. She turned the knob to the left and waited for the shower to heat up. She couldn't believe where she was right now, she couldn't believe this night was even happening. She was certainly kicking herself for wanting to go for a walk tonight, and her parents, what are they going to think if they go into her room and she isn't there? She groaned and threw her head into her hands, oh God, she's in so much trouble.

After a few minutes she picked her head up and stuck her hand under the spray, it was the perfect temperature, so with deep breath she jumped into the shower. 

Twenty minutes later she was out of the shower and slipping on the clothes he gave her. Both of the items were a bit big on her, but it was ok, she's warm, cozy and his clothes smell amazing.

She grabbed a candle and made her way downstairs coming face to face with a lit up living room full of blankets. 

"Uh, hey," he started, rubbing his neck, "I noticed that you didn't look very well earlier so I grabbed as many blankets I could find to help warm you up. I hope the shower helped some."

She blinked her wide blue eyes, once, twice and a third time before a blush made its way onto her cheeks. 

"Thank you, the shower helped a lot actually and I'm sure the blankets will help even more."

He smiled at her and nodded his head, "want some hot chocolate?"

She furrowed her eyebrows, "there's no power?" 

He nodded his head and pointed to the fireplace, "I'll just boil the water the old fashion way." He had a crooked grin on his face and she just couldn't bring herself to say no. 

"Sure." She smiled, feeling her heart race when he grinned at her. 

"Cool, make yourself comfortable, I'll grab the stuff." He scurried off and into the kitchen. 

She smiled and walked over to the couch, grabbing a few blankets on her way, tonight was certainly going to be interesting. 




Hey! Thanks for reading! Would love to hear everyone's feedback on the story! Please refrain from asking me to update, I understand its because you like the story but it can be sort of annoying, I want to know what you think of the story. I know right now it's a slow start, but by chapter 4/5 it's going to pick up.

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