Mess is Mine

Do you like walking in the rain?
When you think of love, do you think of pain?
He's a lonely boy.
She wishes everyone would leave her alone.
He's a delinquent.
She's a nerd.
He's popular.
She's a nobody.
He's a mess.
She's not so good with messes.


2. Chapter One- Do You Like Walking in the Rain?

She sighed, looking up at the sky that proceeded to get darker due to the black clouds rolling in. She knew it was going to start pouring any minute now, but she didn't care, she wasn't about to turn around and go home, not yet. She kept walking down the road, dimly lit with the street lights, a few flickering on there're way out, when the first rain drop fell. Her pink, plump lips curved into a smile, she always loved the rain, ever since she was a little girl. There was just something so serene and calming about rain. 
The rain fell down softly, coating her small frame in the moisture it brought with it. She kept walking down the street, the same small smile curved her lips, her blue eyes bright and full of childish innocence. She giggled jumping over a puddle, being very careful not to slip, and kept walking down the street. She didn't notice the electric green eyes that watched over her. 


He stuffed his hands in his pockets, his head covered by the black material of his hood, lowered towards the ground. The bag he had slung over his shoulder kept hitting his hip as he walked towards his home. He took the long way tonight, not bothering to take the shorter, and much more convenient trail home. He walked along the street, his converse covered feet not making a sound. The first rain drop hit him not even a quarter of the way home. He grumbled a few choice words under his breath, speeding his walk up into a light jog. He first noticed her when the rain started to fall in heavy sheets. He lifted his head to see how far he was from home when he saw her jump the puddle. Living in a small town he knew right away who she was, Nora Jones. She's a senior, like him, and they even share a few classes, not that she noticed or anything. She doesn't notice anyone, her head is always tucked into a book. She only has two friends, that he knows of, both of them considered nerds, like her, August Lorraine and Ginger Wiggins. He knew the three were a tight knit group, only ever hanging out with each other. He knew that she nor her friends live anywhere near here, which made him wonder why she was walking this way. But he shook those thoughts from his mind, it wasn't any of his business, or his concern, and kept walking home, hoping to make it before the storm got any worse. 


When she finally decided that it was time for her to turn around and go home the rain had progressed into heavy sheets and she was at least an hour or more away from home. Her eyes widened and she let a curse fall from her lips. What was she going to do now? She could call her parents, they knew she sneaked out for walks sometimes, but they told her not to tonight, because of the storm. Deciding to call them she took her phone out of her pocket, only to discover it was dead. A few colorful words flew out of her mouth and she started at the dead battery symbol on the screen of her phone. 
She squealed, jumping away from the mysterious being. 
"Calm down. I'm not going to hurt you." She had to squint to see him properly, and when she did she almost wet herself. Standing in front of her was none other than Alec Winters. The residential bad boy. 
"Uh, hi?" She was confused. First, why was he talking to her? And second, why was he out in this weather?
"You're gonna get sick you know." He spoke. 
Her eyebrow rose. 
"So are you." 
He sighed, "Did you not hear a word I just said?" Her face dropped and her eyebrows furrowed. He sighed, lifted his head towards the sky and said something she couldn't hear before grabbing  her hand and pulling her in the direction of a white, two story home. 


Walking up to her wasn't part of the plan. Talking to her definitely wasn't part of the plan. But taking her inside of his house? He didn't even let the thought cross his mind. That was, until he realized how far away from home she actually was, so instead of leaving her in the rain to freeze to death, or drown, considering the rate of the rain coming down, it wasn't exactly impossible, he walked up to her, grabbed her freezing cold hand and proceeded to drag her into his home. He figured she could warm up some, use his phone to call her parents, get them to come get her and then she could go home and forget even talking to him.  
Only his plan didn't include a power outage. 

*yes this chapter is extremely short, but it's kind of just a chapter to introduce you to the story and characters and stuff! The chapters after this are going to be longer and a lot more interesting sooo, I hope you continue reading!*

Please let me know what you guys think! If this gets lots of love I'm planning on uploading the second chapter, which is already written and ready to be uploaded! Thanks so much for reading! 

Hey everyone! 
This is the first story I've written/published on here, I've written plenty but never published or I've deleted them before even getting into them. Reason being that I've always jumped the gun with them, I've never taken the time to write them properly or taken the time to even see what style of writing is best for me. Anyway, I have big things planned for this story, it's only going to be a few chapters long, 13-16, maybe more maybe less, but, depending on how the story goes, popularity wise & reader wise, I'm planning on doing spin-off/sequels as well! So lemme know what you think in the comments! (: thanks a ton for reading!

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