Diary Entries

Trying to get one in everyday, if possible. I might update later, because of homework and trying to write the entries.


2. February 24, 2017

Dear Diary,

Today I had a math test. I got 100% on it! I now have 92% in math, which is an A-. I got picked up from school by dad on the motorcycle. We drove around for a little and I saw one of Kaylene's (Kay) brothers outside. I got home and did History homework. I got on Discord after and talked to my friend Zigor (Zig). We chatted a little until I had to leave for grandma and grandpa's. I got to their house and looked through some old pictures of me, then I voice chatted with Zig on Discord. Right now it's pouring and storming. The temperature is supposed to drop from 70 degrees to 30-40 degrees, which can cause a tornado. My hand is getting tired from writing so I'm gonna end it here. Write tomorrow night!


-A.M. Spears

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