“I still like you. I don’t want you gone.”
“What do you mean by that?”
“I don’t want to see you hurt. I want to see you feeling great…”
“Life just constantly feels like shit.”


5. 11/26/16 (1/2)

I woke up with no reason to continue living.

Happy birthday Grace, he doesn’t love you anymore.

Noah asks If I still want to come to church.

It's been three years since I stepped into a carpet stuffed sanctuary, but I can’t spend another night alone.

I was supposed to be getting ready to see Austin for the first time in months today, instead I would never kiss him again.

Spending time with my best friend and his family sounded much better.

The night wasn’t particularly cold, just damp.

So many seasons fell beneath us

Too many voices on our shoulders

I miss us dancing through the same noise

But here we are my friend

We're miles from way back when

His car is warm and smells like Old Spice with a hint of marijuana.

I haven't been here in awhile.

Memories of homecoming rush my brain while I feel the seat making impressions on my skin.

I meet his dog and his mom.

I’ve met his little brother and his dad already.

His house is big and homey with skinny floorboards.

He shows me his mom’s closet and Trent’s framed minecraft poster.

And the couch in the basement he used to call his bedroom before his brother died.

Bear the dog sits on my lap on the click clack.

He’s soft and quiet. Its no wonder I love him so much.

Grandma puts on her coat and Trent runs to start the car.

I put my shoes on as Noah grabs his keys off the hook.

They jingle, not from an excessive amount of keys, but from an excessive amount of accessories.

A shoe horn, a pleather tassel, a short lanyard with green aliens.

His car key and a key to his Pepsi machine.

The car has lost some of it’s heat.

The open aux cord is buzzing in a comforting way, waiting for the next task.

It is quickly assigned as he buckles his seatbelt and waits for his family to back out of the driveway before him.

Goodbye Mama Cat. Goodbye Bear. Goodbye Abe.

Fog swells around the car, repairing itself as we tear through it.

We laugh like nothing bad has ever happened, because in this moment nothing else mattered.

We pretend we never hurt each other only to realize we haven't.

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