Frost and Flame

She is a girl of ice, beautiful in sunlight, deadly at night.

He is a boy of fire, handsome in darkness, fatal when the sun persists.

A meeting would be very interesting, wouldn’t it?


2. Frost


    She is like ice itself, with a translucent and iridescent beauty to her. Her hair is of the palest blonde that shimmers in the sunlight, and her skin is clear-pale, veins running like cracks in a frozen pond. Her eyes, oh, her eyes! They shine in many colors like the Northern Lights, ever-changing and unpredictable. She is small and thin, quiet and reserved. I’m not sure that anyone has ever heard her speak before, but if she did open her lips the words that came out would dance in a voice that is small and smooth.

    She is cold to the touch, and she sits alone.

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