Frost and Flame

She is a girl of ice, beautiful in sunlight, deadly at night.

He is a boy of fire, handsome in darkness, fatal when the sun persists.

A meeting would be very interesting, wouldn’t it?


3. Flame


    He is surely a flame, bright and wild. Locks of dark hair, streaked with gold, flare from his head uncontrollably. His skin is tanned and smooth, and his eyes seem to have the very essence of light inside them, glimmering in shades of gold. Tall and skinny as a twig, he parades about proudly, with a grin that can melt the heart of any girl, and maybe a few of the male kind, as well. Words are constantly flowing from his mouth in a voice that is bold and proud. He is always ready to explode.

    He is warm to the touch, and he sits alone.

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