Frost and Flame

She is a girl of ice, beautiful in sunlight, deadly at night.

He is a boy of fire, handsome in darkness, fatal when the sun persists.

A meeting would be very interesting, wouldn’t it?


4. Debate

They are so different...but when I look more closely at them, they are very similar. Something about each of them drives other people away. With Eira, it’s a deliberate solitude, her stoic silence. With Kai, it’s fear. He never means to, but he’s hurt people before. He’s just too wild.

This is most certainly a good decision, bringing them together. They can each learn something from the other.

They will surely destroy each other, I cannot let that happen! Oh, I do not know what to do! I must see what happens!

    I can be careful. I can separate them before any real danger occurs. I am sure of it.

    They’ll be perfectly safe.

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