The Wonder Legion

Mavis, a young girl with dark powers leaves the walls of her secluded home after her uncle sends her to an academy for others like her. After being in solitude for so long she has been assigned to a team of future superheros to learn how to track down villains and investigate supernatural crimes. Conflict stirs between the team as they don’t trust Mavis due to her powers but still need her help. A small objective turns upside down and it becomes more than they ever imagined. Pushing their conflict to the side, will The Wonder Legion be able to save the day?


2. So be it


    “Alright Ms. Mavis, shall we go to your first class?”

“Yeah, I guess.”

    “Great! Now there is something you need to know about the curriculum here before we get to the class,” Headmaster Duke explained as I locked up my room and placed my key into my jean pocket, “The students here work in groups with their first period classmates. We send them out on small missions together to learn teamwork and the importance of learning from a different person’s viewpoint. Now since you just got here, we will assign you to a group once you get settled in, but for now just try and learn from the class. Oh, and about the classes here…”

    “What about them?” I questioned as we began to walk back down the hall towards my class. I didn’t realize I would have to work in a group. What if I didn’t mix in well with the kids? What if something goes wrong?

“Well besides having regular classes a normal teen would have, we’ve added criminal classes as well. Such as forensics, knowledge in weapons, criminal law, communications, and anything you would need to know if you were a detective. Those classes will be taken every day along with your regular classes you would learn from in highschool or college. That way you can learn both at the same time. You will also learn how to control your powers by taking specific classes every other day and on weekends. Of course on weekends the classes will be shorter so you can have free time.”

We had made our way back to the stairs and went down to the entrance, swinging around to the large room behind them. Headmaster Duke handed me a piece of paper from his coat pocket. I took it and opened it, reading it very carefully. It was my schedule, the first class was “Computer Forensics.” I looked over at Duke as he gave me a smile. I had no clue what I was getting myself into. I had very little knowledge on computers, I only read about them in the books I was given by Aunt Abigail. I had never actually dealt with a real computer, Uncle henry never had one at home; only in his office at the college.

We walked past the huge room, Duke said it was used for time between classes. We continued through a smaller room. It was dark and filled with glowing arcade games, games I haven’t seen in years. Galactica and Pac Man were mine and Bates favorite games to play when we had our own arcade room. It was later taken away when we became too old for them. I quickly looked forward and followed behind Duke as we made our way out of the room. Going down a few stairs, I was met by a gigantic empty room. Chandeliers hung down from the ceiling gracefully. The floor was lit by tall glass windows that nearly encircled the whole room.

“This is the ball room or mostly known as the training room, for bigger classes. We haven’t had a ball in a very long time due to the children being too busy with their outside jobs. Maybe this year we might have one.”

“Where is the library?” I asked as I looked around the room, finding myself staring at my feet. Duke looked surprised at my response, he looked at me sideways, with a slight smirk across his face.

“I take it you don’t like social events?”

“I don’t like dancing nor do I like social events. The library? Where is it?”  I asked again dully. He chuckled and stared at me for a moment before looking at his watch. He looked back at me and began to say something but decided against it. He walked towards the opening at the end of the ball room before stopping.

    “We will come back to the library once you are done with your classes. There are some people you need to meet.” Jonathan appeared right next to me. He gently pressed his hand against my back and ushered me out of the room. I let him lead me as far as another tight and rather small hallway before removing his hand from my back. He looked at me with his blue eyes in confusion as I looked at him with mine filled with warning. He quickly stepped to the side of me and proceeded down the hall with Duke. I stayed behind them a few feet while they talked. Their auras gave off that one of them was concerned, it was Jonathan. Dukes arua read with interest and determination. I couldn’t figure out what they were talking about but I had a feeling it was about me.

    We turned a corner and stopped at a wooden door before both of them turned and stared back at me. I looked at both of them, waiting for them to open the door. I don’t know why they were waiting so long just to open a door. Duke looked back at Jonathan with a smile on his face compared to Jonathan’s worried look on his face. Jonathan broke under his gaze and sighed, opening the door and walking in. Duke and I followed right behind him.

    The room was large and the walls were solid wood, no windows. A large group of tables sat in the back of the room, on each table was a few computer monitors. Wires were jumbled up and running across the room. A few rows of chairs sat in the middle of the room with students sitting in them. A teacher stood at his table facing a chalkboard, he appeared to been stopped in the middle of a sentence. A word problem was scrawled across the board in terrible handwriting. It was information on a murder victim and the three suspects.

    “Good morning Mr. Cartwright. We have a new student for you!” Duke finally spoke, almost in a cheerful voice. I felt a sudden tug on my mind, like someone was trying to break into my thoughts. I scanned over the group of students carefully, trying to see who it was. They were trying and failing at getting into my mind. My eyes happened upon a girl around my age, she was looking directly at me. She was dumb at hiding what she was doing. I simply stared directly at her, right into her eyes. No emotion painted on my face. I let a small bit of information through the block on my mind before closing it back up. It was just my name and that was it.

    “Ah, that’s right! What is your name young lady?” The teacher walked over to me, trying to get my attention, I didn’t budge. The girl staring across from me was slowly beginning to realise that she couldn’t enter my head again. She began to grow impatient, her dark blue eyes grew dim. The students around us grew quiet, even quieter than before as they stared back and forth between us. The tugging at the block in my mind was growing to be very annoying and repetitive as she kept trying.

      “If you’re going to try to poke around and control my mind, think again. You’re not the only one with the power over the mind.” I said numbly. Duke’s smile and cheerfulness faded as he swung his eyes over to where my gaze was leading. The teacher dropped his chalk and stared at me in awe. The group of students around the girls looked at me in amazement, their jaws dropped wide open. No one was getting into my mind again and I was going to make that very clear. Jonathan rushed to my side and grabbed my arm, I slowly broke my gaze from her and stared at Jonathan.

    “Lyra, you should know better. Unless you are in the field, you aren’t allowed to go through someone’s thoughts without their permission.” Duke snapped at the teen. She rolled her eyes and adjusted in her chair before she looked at me with a cold stare. She tucked a piece of her curled, sandy blonde hair behind her ear.

    “Everyone here has powers in case you haven’t noticed, new girl,” she gestured to everyone in the room, “If you’re so adamant in telling us you have powers, then why don’t you show us.”

    “I don’t have to prove to you that I have powers, but if you really want to know then I’m more than happy to show you. I have the power to feel everything a person can feel just by looking at them, and by the looks of it you feel pretty stupid right about now,” I said plainly as Lyra lurched up. Duke gave her a stern stare and she slowly sat back in her chair. I jerked my arm out of Jonathan’s grasp. If she really wanted to see what I was capable of then so be it.

    With one deep breath in I closed my eyes and placed my hands by my side. I focused all my energy into the center of my body. I opened my eyes to see if she was still watching. I smirked and let my breath out through my mouth, a cloud of black smoke billowed out. The lights in the room flickered. Students began to grip their seats in fear, all except one boy. He looked like he was about to have a panic attack. I began to summon the shadows and the demons around the room. Sending them a message with my mind: Come to me. My hands began to twitch and shake as the lights flickered in a little faster rhythm. The room was silent as the shadows in the room grew and grew in size. With one simple push, my energy began to envelope me. The demons had began to appear, rising from the shadows on the ground. I looked over at Lyra, who was just as surprised as everyone else was. Her aura illuminated with fear, she had seen enough. I smiled to myself and let the energy within me die down. The shadows and demons shrank and disappeared. The lights went back to their normal buzzing. I sighed and felt my hands stop shaking.

“I have to go!” The teenage boy who looked like he was having a panic attack bolted out of the room. He appeared to be clutching his arms tightly around his torso as he disappeared out of sight. I looked back at Lyra, whose eyes were as big as they ever were. I could feel her trying to shrug off what I just did. I saw all the other students looking back at me with horror and disgust in their eyes. I knew I shouldn’t have done what I did, and it was foolish of me to try and show off, but I couldn’t help it. I wrapped my arms around my torso and looked down at the ground, moving a chair with mind over to me. I sat down as Duke and Jonathan stood there, trying to figure out what just happened.

“My name is Mavis.”

“D...Don’t do that again!” Jonathan stuttered. He looked down at me, but I couldn’t meet his gaze. I don’t think I could bring myself to do it again. That was something I have never done with anyone, not even my uncle. I knew that that wasn’t the full extent of my powers, that there was so much more that I could do. What I just did was more that enough to prove my point, and it went too far. I scared everyone with just a simple trick of my hand, and in that one moment it felt good to do it but it was wrong.

    “That was pretty fucking sweet! Like, can you do that again?” A loud male voice broke through the silence. I immediately jerked my head up to see who it was. A tall lengthy boy stood up from the row of chairs, his grey eyes grew wild with excitement. His jet black mohawk stood as straight as he did. He went to move through the rows of chairs before Jonathan flashed his a hard glare. The boy lifted his hands in surrender and sat back in his seat.

    “Hale be quiet. Mavis you are not to do that again, that could have killed someone. Until we can help you control your powers, don’t use them. Go sit in the seat right next to Lyra,” Lyra shot a surprised face at Duke, “Yes that’s right she is sitting next to you. You baited her therefore you get to work with her. As a matter of fact she is going to be in your field group. You aren’t going to ask questions and there is no discussing it.”

    “Great.” Lyra sighed in disappointment. I quickly stood up and made my way to the chair right next to her. I scooted the chair a good ammount away from her with my hand before sitting down. Mr. Cartwright, the teacher, picked up the chalk hesitantly and placed it on his desk. Jonathan and Duke pulled him aside and whispered to him something in audible. “Let’s get into our groups guys, Headmaster’s orders.” Lyra said out loud to the other teens before grabbing her chair and walking to a corner in the room.

    The boy who had ran out came back in, he was sweating profusely and there was some black soot on his arms and neck. He adjusted his glasses and walked over to Lyra. His plaid shirt swayed beside him as he walked. His curly ebony hair bounced with every step he took in his worn out converse. She spoke with him for a minute before he stared back at me, his look was of worry and fear. He walk way out of his way to get his chair from across of me. His hands were shaking as he looked at me as if he was asking if it were okay to take his chair. His face was carved, his jaw looked so sharp and strong. His thick, straight eyebrows framed his face and green eyes well.The soot on his arms and neck were slowly fading and I felt a strange feeling when I looked into his eyes through his wire rimmed glasses. It was a feeling of connection, like somehow I knew him. He made his way back over to the group that was now forming in the corner of the room. I looked back over at where Jonathan and Duke were standing but they were gone.

    “Are you going to come over here or not? I’m not going to get in trouble because you aren’t following orders.” Lyra yelled as the room came back to life. The other teens in the room went to their groups and began talking. Talking about me most likely, I could tell they were just by how they looked at me. I rolled my eyes and made my way to the group of kids, taking the chair with me. I sat in between Lyra and Hale uncomfortably. There were six people in the group, each glancing at me in fear. I hated that look, it was the look I given by Bates the first time I ever used my abilities. I knew I couldn’t help what they feel, my powers of empathy weren’t that strong yet. I would never use that power on another person to make them feel anyway than what they choose to.

    “Alright, as leader of the group I have to introduce everyone.” Lyra stood from her seat and looked at me, rolling her eyes. A girl directly across from her scoffed and crossed her arms, staring back at Lyra.

“Since when have you been appointed leader of the group? We aren’t even a group yet. We each have done single person missions, unlike everyone else in the class. I don’t remember there ever being a vote on making you the group leader.” The girl remarked, furrowing her thick eyebrows. She had a mean look on her face, like she appeared that way all the time.She wore a white muscle tee and ripped jeans. Her auburn hair was frizzy and wavy, like she had just slept in it and didn’t bother to fix it. Her thick legs, one crossed over the other dangled there. She had olive colored skin and electric green eyes, they seemed to be lit within. I noticed her nails were painted a dark red, like oxblood but the nail polish was chipped. She must have bit at them. On the side of her neck was a faint blue line that spread out all the way up to her ear, it looked like tiny lightning bolts.

    “Well, I think I’m the more mature one of the group.”

“Ha, thats a funny joke.” The girl fired back. Lyra sighed and tapped her foot on the ground, the girl replied with motioning for her to continue.

    “Thank you. Mavis this annoying girl right here is Marcella Archer, she is the master at computers.” Lyra pointed over to her to which she turned to me with a sour glare. Her aura burned a bright hot red, it burned with hatred. Lyra turned to a small dainty girl who sat next to Marcella. She was picking at the frill on the edge of her pink floral dress. She didn’t bother to look up at me, she just continued to pick at her dress.

“This is Imara Grey, she doesn’t talk much but when she does she can outsmart anyone in this room.” Imara shot her head up and looked me straight in the eye. She had a soft look about her, her straight eyebrows framed her pale round face and gave her a soft glow. Her thin dark hair was pinned at each side of her face and curled the ends. She wore expensive brown boots with knitted knee high socks.

“And I’m Noah Alonzo, pleasure.” a deep voice spoke from out of the corner of my eye. There a tall man stood to his feet and walked right in front of me. I gulped as I looked up at the giant of a teen. A halo of light appeared around his head as he stuck out his hand for me to shake, a smile quickly appearing on his plump lips. I took his tan hand and shook it, still in a daze at what I was staring at. He was wearing a white button-up, dark jeans and some tan hiking boots. The white button-up seemed too big for his torso, the collar met up to his hair and nearly his ears. His hair laid in beautiful chocolate locks just stopping at the very end of his neck.

“My boyfriend.” chimed in Lyra as she stared at our hands. Noah chuckled deeply and removed his hand, slowly returning to his seat. Lyra gave me dirty look before she scanned the group for anyone she missed. Her gaze stopped at Hale and she looked at him irritated. He was listening to music and playing air drums. Nodding his head back and forth to the rhythm of an unknown song. Lyra growled under her breath as she proceeded to place her hand to her temple. Hale’s blue eyes glazed over and he took out his earbuds and placed them in his pockets without even looking away from Lyra. Within a second his gaze and the look in his eye faded.

“Hey, I don’t appreciate being made into a voodoo doll. That is unless we are doing something fun, if you know what I mean,” Lyra quickly looked at him and his own hand slapped him across the face, “Ouch! Alright, alright, my name is Hale Berman. I’m single just so you know, so in case you are interested you know who to ask for.”

“I swear if you don’t shut up with that perverted crap I will make you eat your own underwear!” Lyra threatened. Hale just smirked and sat back in his chair, patting on his knee out of rhythm. Lyra looked back at me and then to the boy who had previously left the room. She looked hesitant on introducing him. “ T-This is Lance Kidwell, he’s a good guy...just don’t get him angry.”

“I don’t plan on it.”



Four periods later it was finally lunch time and my stomach had be growling since I stepped foot into the academy. I didn’t know where the cafeteria was so I followed the group of hungry teens, at a safe distance. After what happened in first period I had a feeling that word would spread fast. There’s good in you, ha. There’s nothing good about me and what I can do. I scare people and that was something I was just going to have to accept. Just stay away from the others and work on controlling my powers more. I don’t think I was ready for any other human interaction, my uncle didn’t train me for this.

The halls were filled with students, pouring out of every classroom door. Each one was laughing or chatting with another, talking about a test they had to take or what happened in Cartwright’s class. I was guessing none of them knew it was me, and I would have liked to keep it that way. I felt someone’s arm snake their way under my hair and around to my shoulder. Without a thought in my mind I swung around and punched the stranger dead in the face. There was a gust wind and the stranger rushed by me in a blur. The others in the hall didn’t seem to notice, they wanted to get to lunch.

“Jesus, why do you have to hit so hard!” Hale appeared out of the blur, staggering over to the wall. He held his cheek as he looked at me. I placed my hand on my hip, looking at him plainly. I didn’t regret hitting him, nor the fact that I hurt him.

“Why did you have to sneak up at me?”

“I wanted to get your attention but I guess you don’t like that.” Hale said backing away a little. “Listen I’m sorry for sneaking up on you. Let me make it up to you, come sit with me at lunch.”

“I don’t like the idea of that.” I stated. I wasn’t going to sit next to someone who was going to try and grope me every chance he got. I went to back away and go the other direction, but he caught my hand. He pulled me to face him, his eyes glowed with kindness but I was still hesitant.

“Please? It’s the least I could do. I promise I will keep my hands to myself.” He let go of my hand and stuck both into his jean pockets. He flashed a sympathetic smile before heading off in the direction of the cafeteria. I hesitantly followed beside him, not saying a word. I didn’t know what to say, this was the first time I was showed any type of friendly interaction by a person other than my family. Everything here was so new and somewhat inviting. I screwed up by showing my abilities to people who probably never seen abilities like mine.

Hale bumped into me as we walked down the hallway in silence, everyone had already made their way to lunch. It was only me and him. Hale let out a long, drawn out sigh, his lengthy figure nearly towering over me. I was average height but it seemed that most of the people here were taller that me. Hale walked in big steps, like he was walking over something that was in his way. I noticed a pretty decent sized scar on the side of his neck. It was circular and light purple in color, like it might have been a deep wound. I turned my head to face forward when Hale turned to look at me. I could see him smirking, as we turned the corner.

Within seconds the smell of food hit my nostrils full force. My stomach growled loudly as I have been waiting to eat for a while. I nervously smiled as Hale chuckled and opened the double doors that lead into the cafeteria. The whole room came to life with a loud flow of chattering and laughing. Tens upon thousands of teens and kids were sitting and eating lunch. A group of boys in the corner were trying to to wrestle each other. A small child around the age of ten walked by us, she had thick ram-like horns coming out of her head. Across the way I saw a teen boy standing in front of a group of girls. He snapped his fingers and flames grew up his arms as he completely turned into a man of flames. Another guy was levitating in the air, he looked like he was meditating until another guy threw a book at him. He dropped to the ground and into a trash can. Hale laughed as the levitating guy tried to get out of the trash.

Hale motioned me to one of the carts that had food on them. There was a wide variety of food to eat, and plenty of drinks to choose from. Hale was quick with what he pick to eat, zooming by me in a blur he grabbed his lunch. His lunch consisted of a veggie pizza, an apple, and a diet coke. I wasn’t so quick to find my lunch, I decided to skim through the pickings. I was so hungry that I could just eat everything there. There was fruit salads and parfaits, pizza and Mac n cheese, soups and salads. I stuck to the fruit parfait and a small bowl of Mac n cheese, taking a diet coke with me. With my hands full, I allowed Hale to take the lead once again. Hale looked at what I had picked and looked back at me in disgust.

We weaved our way in and out of the cafeteria maze of tables and students until we reached a table. At the table sat Lyra, Noah, Marcella, Imara and at the very end was Lance. They stared at me as Hale immediately sat down, taking a bite of his pizza. I sat right next him, right in front of Marcella who was giving me the death glare. Her aura was still burning red like back in first period. There was an awkward silence and heavy tension between everyone. Hale looked up from his plate, chewing a bite of his pizza. I popped open my soda and sipped some off the edge of the can.

“So Mavis, I think you need to hear what brought all of us here. Us missfits.” Hale chuckled as he chucked his plastic tray in the trash. Never in my life have I seen a person eat as fast as he did. He held on to his apple and polished it on his shirt.

“Missfits? Aren’t we all missfits here, I mean we have powers and aren’t normal humans.”

“We are the missfits of them missfits,” Lyra added, “ We are the only group that’s never been on a mission together. That’s a big thing around here and now with you here we will never have a chance.”

“I guess we will have to talk about Lyra first, she is the bossy one of us all. She’s a real nuisance most of the time, but we still love her anyway, well Noah the most,” Hale chuckled as he chugged the rest of his coke. Noah looked over at Lyra who was sitting next him. He took her hand and rubbed it with his thumb, “Now let my story begin.”

“Don’t say anything stupid, Hale. My threat from first period still stands.”

“I know! Okay, so the story goes back to the seventh grade back in California. Lyra over here was the daughter of one of the richest families in her neighborhood. She was all preppy and went to an all girls boarding school. One day, out of nowhere, she started hearing voices in her head and they wouldn’t go away. She started to freak out and when she stared at someone they would start going insane or would go down in pain. The parents ripped her out of school and threw her into a crazy hospital. They didn’t talk to her for years. Lyra’s other powers began to manifest, she created multiple versions of herself. She gave the doctor’s in there quite a hard time. She tried to escape once but they brought her back, she fought hard but they managed to get her in a room she couldn’t escape. No one was allowed to go within a five hundred mile radius of her due to her trying to control the guards. The doctors didn’t know what to do with her so they called the academy.”

    “I will never go back there again.” Lyra slammed her hand on the table making Imara jump. Everyone around the table looked at Lyra. Her aura was seemed to fade in and out of colors, first red then blue. She was angry and sad at the same time, the colors finally blended into a purple. I can understand why she wanted all the control, she never had it in the beginning, “If it wasn’t for Noah, I wouldn’t be as sane as I am right now.”

    “Which brings me into the picture, I was the first one of the group to arrive here,” Noah leaned over the table and faced me. Lyra let a smile creep onto her face but it quickly disappeared, “I am from Turin, Italy. I was born with my wings and many people thought it was a gift from the gods. People from all over would come and ask me to grant them wishes. I was too young to understand. My family grew wealthy with all the donations but they were saints, so they gave it to the local churches. One day things started changing, people weren’t so nice to me and they started calling me a monster. They were sending my family death threats, and one day it went too far.”

“What happened?” I asked quietly. Lyra shut her eyes and bit her lip, reaching for Noah’s hand. She held onto it tight, her knuckles turned white. Everyone bowed their heads, even Lance. Noah’s aura went dark blue and I knew that this was not going to be a happy story.

“I had a little sister named Alba, she was only six. The town’s people took her and murdered her, leaving her on one of the church’s steps. I snapped and tried to get revenge but my parents didn’t allow me. They sent me on the first boat to America, saying that it was safer for me to be here than over there. I knew they were right, and they would be out of danger. When I got to America, I stayed in an abandoned church until the Academy found me and brought me here.”

I never knew that there would be people with abilities - good abilities, that would come from such a dark past. My powers are what make me dark, not my past. Instead of these people going dark and using their powers for the dark, they are using them for good. I don’t know why I’m not able to do that, but I know that that is something that I can never change about my abilities. My abilities are dark, the shadows and other hidden element are what makes me dark. The only way I would be light is if I were dead.

“Hale was the next one to come along.” Lyra grumbled as she stared at Hale who had put his feet on the table, right next to her food. I took a bite of my fruit parfait, I haven’t had food this good tasting in god knows when. I turned to face Hale and out of the corner of my eye I could see Marcella’s bright red aura lessening. It was turning a shade of pale pink; love. Marcella looked at Hale with a blushing face.

“Hale, unfortunately, grew up in an abusive household. His father was the abuser and the mother was the drinker. He used to run away a lot and get into lots of trouble with the police. His speeding powers manifested one day when he was cornered by the cops for trespassing on government owned property. He was never caught…by the police that is.” Noah’s voice lowered as he hesitated to go on with the story.

“Speedy over here got caught by scientists. They jabbed him with needles, big needles, trying to extract his ability. That’s when his other power manifested. He became invisible.” I looked over at Hale who had seemed to completely disappear into thin air. I could see Lyra and Noah on the other side where Hale was supposed to be sitting. Then a apple began floating through mid air. It was Hale, he quickly took a bite of the fruit, chuckling as he did so.

“I made my escape and then the Headmaster took me in,” Hale reappeared, rubbing the scar on his neck, “Let’s hear Marcella’s story, it’s a funny one trust me.”

“It’s not funny, being shocked by electricity isn’t funny!” Marcella snapped at Hale, she immediately ducked her head down, “I was trying to get a frisbee from a tree. When I climbed the tree to get the frisbee I accidently touch a powerline and was electrocuted. I was in a coma for eight weeks. When I returned to school and to my previous relationship, that’s when my powers manifested.”

“What happened to your relationship?” I questioned as I scarfed down the small amount of mac n cheese. I didn’t care if people stared at me, they don’t know what it’s like to live off Aunt Abigail’s food.

“I went to kiss him and my powers shocked him, it stopped his heart and he had to be taken to the emergency room. The next week while we were working with computers I cause a city-wide blackout just by pressing the power button. The FBI eventually showed up and took me here.”

I could feel the way she felt about what happened to her past relationship. It was pure fear that she felt. Like she couldn’t touch a single person without stopping their heart. She felt like she could have killed the man if the ambulance didn’t get there in time. I would never know that fear personally, but I know now why she was so bitter. The way she looked at Hale, was as if she longed to touch a man again but the fear was still there. She looked at me in pure anger because she thought I felt the same way, but it was a clear mistake. I could never love someone, for the fear of killing them with my powers. Marcella’s fear was all in her head, her powers were more than just controlled. She could touch him and be with him, she just needed a little push.

“Who came after that?” I tried to change the subject, seeing as Marcella was still flushed in the face.

“Imara came next after that. Her story is more of a sad and misunderstood one. She came from a long line of wealthy people like Lyra. Each person married a person from the opposite sex, and they had to be a doctor or a lawyer. Imara was different, her parents found her with another girl. They beat her and then casted her out into the wilderness, like complete wilderness with wild animals.” Noah sighed and gazed over at Imara, I could see the pain hidden behind his eyes. “She lived out there for two years, until her powers manifested and she was able to shapeshift into any animal, she could hear anything from ten miles away, and her sonic scream could be so powerful it could burst someone’s head open. The government found her wandering around on some of the security cameras near a hidden base, they brought her here. She has barely spoken a word about it or any words at all.”

I looked over at Imara, she wiped a single tear from her cheek. To be kicked out of your house because you love someone was what no person should go through. Now, when I look at her, I don’t see a small dainty girl anymore. I see someone who has endured the feelings of being lost and betrayed by her family. Why should someone be punished for being in love? I realized I was sitting at a table filled with people who didn’t deserve the way they were treated, or how they got their powers. A sudden bout of anger surged within me, they had dark pasts and overcame them, yet when they took one look at me and what I could do, they shunned me. One of them had to bring me here and yet each and every single one of them was scared of me. They didn’t like that I was dark.   

“The last person to arrive was Lance.” Hale trailed off. Everyone looked over in the corner where he sat. He took one look at me and immediately switched his gaze to somewhere around the room, “It’s better if we don’t tell you what happened to him.”

“No she needs to know, she can help him. You saw what she did in first period, with those demons. If she can conjure them, then she can help Lance.” Noah backfired. I looked at them confused, how could I “help” him? He seemed nothing like me. He avoided contact with me. He ran out of the room after what I did. How could I help someone who avoids me?

“Help? How am I supposed to help?”

“Meet us in the training room at seventh period. That’s when you come back to your first period group. You should wear clothes you aren’t going to miss. Be prepared.” Noah smiled like he knew something I didn’t.He probably did know something I didn’t. If this was part of being a member of the group then I was going to do it. I was going to prove to them that me being dark wasn’t going to be a problem. I just hoped they would have warned me better for what came for me during that period.

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