The Wonder Legion

Mavis, a young girl with dark powers leaves the walls of her secluded home after her uncle sends her to an academy for others like her. After being in solitude for so long she has been assigned to a team of future superheros to learn how to track down villains and investigate supernatural crimes. Conflict stirs between the team as they don’t trust Mavis due to her powers but still need her help. A small objective turns upside down and it becomes more than they ever imagined. Pushing their conflict to the side, will The Wonder Legion be able to save the day?


1. Raise hell, kid

If you were to tell me that my actions would affect the whole world, if I didn’t think it through, I would laugh in your face. If you were to tell me that there are people just like me, I would think you were lying. I wouldn’t believe anything you would tell me because deep down I felt like there was no one like me, it was impossible for something like that to be true. If you were to tell me that I would be used for something good and that bad things would happen, I would walk away, but that was before those things actually happened. A bad girl filled with bad things could never do something good with what she was, it was simple science, but sometimes science can be wrong.



    A cold autumn breeze swept through the cracked window in my room. The smell of wet dirt clinged to the vintage wallpaper as the sound of a passing rainstorm echoed in the distance. I sat, curled up in my evergreen velvet armchair reading a thick novel. I forgot what the book was called, I was too wrapped up in it to remember the title. The afternoon was quiet and still, just the way I liked it. It made it perfect to meditate but the way I meditate was through thick books. I call myself a bibliophile because I collect so many books, they are my own personal drug. I escape my world and enter the writer’s world. It’s calming and invigorating at the same time. I liked escaping my world because I didn’t like the one I was living in. To some people it would seem cool to have the things I had, to live where I lived… be what I was.


    From the outside looking in a person like me should come off as a person who was proud of what they were. I, for certain am not proud of what I am. I am a living definition of a freak. I live away from society and am not very social. I posses the abilities that no normal being can ever hold in their body. I don’t know how I got them or how to get rid of them, I am stuck with these abilities. Hidden away in a victorian style home, out of sight from everyone except my extended family. I’ve lived here since I was eight, before that it’s all hazy. I slept on the top floor in a room that overlooked the acre of land that enclosed the house. The view was peaceful and helped me meditate. My extended family kept me safe from stranger’s stares and glares. A person with my “abilities” needs to be protected or so my uncle says. I don’t care that people stare because they can see what I am, they would have to look deeper in, to see what I really was. A small pale figured teenage girl with the abilities to move things with her mind, the ability to feel every feeling the person next can feel just by staring at them. I can speak to the things that lurk in the dark, and I create things from the shadows. There is a power within me that I can’t quite contain, another power something far more ominous and misunderstood. I don’t quite know what this power can do and I have yet to find out.

    My house sits at the very center of a culdesac, past that is open land in the town of Chestertown, Maryland. The neighbors kept to themselves and only stared at me for a split second. The town was old and filled with history from long ago and so were the people who lived here. There weren’t many teens my age in the town, which meant less of a chance to be picked on. Schools were in the next town over, an hours drive. There was the port and some small lakes to go swimming in during the summer. It was a quiet and uneventful town, and that was the way I liked it. It brewed less of a chance of trouble, nothing strange happen here. Everything was normal except for me, or so I thought.

    “Mavis, Uncle Henry wants to see you in his study.” my cousin knocked on the door lightly as he entered. In came a tall, pale figure with his thick blonde locks bouncing about in a frizzy mess. I peered up over my novel and looked at him for a moment, he seemed nervous. I place my silver bookmark into the novel and set it on my side table before turning to look at him. He leaned up against my bedpost, avoiding eye contact with me.

    “What does he want me for?” I questioned as I got out of my armchair. He shrugged and looked away. I sighed and stared at him. My uncle doesn’t really call for me unless we are training my control on my powers, he needs something from me, or if he is going away for some time. My cousin usually tells me what he needs before I go to see him.

    “The hell if I know.”

“I read books not minds Bates, tell me what he wants.” I demanded. He huffed and looked at me, his bright green eyes filled with worry. He began to bite his lip, he wasn’t going to tell me. I sighed again and patted him on the shoulder as I began to walk out of the door. He followed me but didn’t say anything. Something wasn’t right but the only way to find out what it was, was to go and find out myself. I closed my door and walked out into the hall and down the winding stairs. There was a bit of a draft in the house, it sent a chill up my spine.

Lining the walls as I ascended the staircase were paintings. They were old paintings, paintings of people I had no clue who they were, but they had been there forever. Some of the paintings were more recent but not from my generation. There was a painting from a man named Julian Schnabel called “The man of sorrow” neatly tacked up between Pablo Picasso and Leonardo Da Vinci. Twentieth century candle holders hung on the wall after every fifth picture. From the bottom of the staircase, if you looked up, was a glass window that poured in all the natural light of the day. I have lived here most of my life and have never quite gotten use to the view. There were many rooms like this, rooms that were only lit with the natural light from all of the windows. This is house always made me feel safe, that was until the sun went down. Things change when you can finally see what lies in the dark.

Before I found out what my abilities were, I was afraid of the dark. I was afraid of childish things, like killer ghosts or a burglar that would try to kill me in the middle of the night. To me, fear was a feeling I got when I turned out the lights. Now it’s a concept, because what lurked in the dark was nothing to fear. I can see what happens in the dark and what lives in the shadows are nothing more but tortured souls who have nowhere to go. Demons and dark beings were what I could see in the dark of night. Their lives and what happened to them filled my brain as I connected to them, I became one with them.

“Uncle Henry, you wanted to see me?” I knocked on the huge wooden door to his study. Peeking around the corner I saw him, sitting in his big leather chair, staring at a packet of documents. He quickly looked up from the pages and scattered them across the desk. He then motioned me to come in. I pulled up a chair to the front of his desk and sat down. Bates decided to stand, leaning against the wall. There was a long silence between us and all we could do was look at each other.

When I looked at my uncle, all I could see was his bright and energetic blue eyes. He was old, in his early sixties, and you could see what time had done to his face. Back before Bates and I were born he was a professor at a local college, but before that he was a miner. Lots of damage was done to his body and he wasn’t the same person he was along time ago, according to Aunt Abigail. His hair was grey but turning white, it was starting to thin in the back. He had small sunspots all over his face but he was still quite handsome. Bates looked almost exactly like him, except Uncle Henry had bright blue eyes not green ones. Uncle Henry had rough and wrinkled hands that would often shake when he used them. He is very wise and intelligent man, he was the one who helped me harness my powers. To control my emotions, to be what I am.

“Yes I did. There is something I want you to know before I tell you the rest,” he cleared his throat and looked me straight in the eye, “You know that we love you very much and we wouldn’t change a thing about you, right?” He paused as he cleared his throat again, adjusting the papers on his desk.

“Yes I do know that, is there something wrong?”

“No, there is nothing wrong. I have searching around while at the college for a way to help you more with your abilities, and I came across something. Now there is nothing wrong with you and I have never had a problem helping you harness your abilities, but there seems to be nothing left for me to do. I came upon this group of government workers and their academy for young teens like you. They help take in special people like yourself and give them a bigger purpose. They assemble these kids and put them out in the world to save lives and do things normal people can’t do.”

“An academy?” I questioned. I sat up in my chair, seeing Bates start to tense up, “An academy for people like me? There was no such thing, there has to be a mistake. Are you sure that academy isn’t some scam to kidnap children?”

    “Mavis, this isn’t a scam. I know because I talked to the founders about it in person. While I was away I got to see the academy and meet some of the teens that attend there. It’s a safe environment and I want you to attend it.” Uncle Henry pushed the stack of papers my way, retracting his hand to touch cheek. He huffed as I hesitantly picked up the papers and read them. Up in the the very center, in bold black print spelled out “Cape Coral Academy.” It was an application to the school and everything was signed and filled out, all except my signature. I heard a pen roll in my direction. Uncle stared at me intently, waiting for me to take the pen. I slowly reached over and clutched the pen. Biting on my lip, I debated to sign it or not.

    I didn’t know what was waiting for me out there, whether it was good or bad. I’ve only known the walls of this home for most of my life and I have never stepped out of them. What if I’m not ready? What if my powers aren’t ready for human interaction? I’ve only been taught how to control my powers, not how to use them. What if in a bad situation I do something terrible and kill a member. I didn’t think I was ready for it, but when I looked into my uncle’s eyes I could tell that he was really looking out for me. Maybe it was time to get of this house and see how I work on my own. I didn’t want to see my uncle suffer if he couldn’t control my powers or if he got hurt in the process. Maybe these people will give me some advice, and if I don’t like it I can always come back. It was the least I could do after all my uncle and his family have done for me. I scribbled my name on the paper and set it down, looking over at Bates. He had been staring at me the whole time.

    “You’re going?” Bates walked over to me and stared at the signed paper. I glanced over at him and nodded, it was the best thing to do. I felt the tension lessen, Bates’s shoulders dropped and he let a smile creep up at the corner of his lips. I stood from the chair and pushed the papers over to Henry.

“I guess I better get packing.”



The drive to the Academy was long and mostly boring. My Aunt Abigail, Bates, Uncle Henry and I were all in the car. Low country music was playing through the silence as we made our way to the school. I felt my stomach turning into knots as we got closer and closer to the area. My hands started to glow, first lightly, then grew brighter. I quickly tucked my hands into my sweater pockets. This was a new feeling for me, I was scared and I didn’t want to be. I had to control my powers and to do that was to control my emotions. No feelings equals complete control of my powers.

    “Hey Mavis, you’re going to be just fine. I know you will.” Bates patted my leg. I pulled my hands away so I wouldn’t touch him. All I could do was give him a small simple smile. I didn’t know what to reply with. Bates retracted his hand and fluffed his curls.

    Bates was like a big brother I never had, we had a lot of fun times together as kids. Him being twenty one years old, I always wondered why he never left home. He could have went off with one of his many girlfriends and got married, maybe even have kids but he decided to stay home. He was really smart back in grade school, I use to hear how he got straight A’s on every report card. I never got to go to regular school because it was too dangerous. Bates always use to say, “You do not want to go to highschool, everyone is dumber than you and the food is even worse than Abigail’s.” We used to play a lot of games as kids like hide and seek, or tag out in one of the many acres. Ever since I found out my powers and started going off to Uncle Henry’s study to control my powers, we started hanging out less and less. Of course there were always those times in the kitchen when we decided to cook something of our own. It always ended up in a huge mess but the food was pretty good. Aunt Abigail would always get mad at us but she would get over it once she tasted the food.

    Aunt Abigail was the sweetest person you could ever meet. Although she wasn’t a very good cook she was a great house wife. Whenever Uncle’s  friends from the college came to discuss the new curriculum she always made sure they were comfortable and had tasty snack, not made by her of course. I learned a lot from those men when they came around and even more from my Aunt. She use to listen to the conversations Henry would have with the other professors. She would leave with Henry whenever she could to see what she could learn, and then pass it on to me. Aunt Abigail had small dainty hands that matched her dainty frame. She had long white hair that was always clipped up in her decorative hair pins. Whenever she’d walk past either Bates or me she would smell like Gardenias and Roses. She knew I had powers, very powerful ones but she would still come close to me. She was the one who gave me all the books that were on my  shelves. She believed that books were the key to better knowledge. She gave me books from every genre and told me to read whenever she couldn’t teach me. “There’s always something you can learn from books. There is a deeper knowledge there and it’s only your thoughts that will be able to perceive it the way you want to.” I have to thank her for giving me such a love for books.

    I felt the car go over a bump and hit gravel. I looked out the window to see a big black gate opening up as we pulled up the long winding driveway. Lush green grass grew on either side of the driveway. Hedges lined the perimeter of academy, trailing all the way up to the entrance and all the way past it. The academy itself was made of a tan cement bricks, the roofs were dark in color. The window panes were large and white in color, the whole place what lit from within. I could feel my hands glow even brighter, as panic surged through my whole center. My breathing got heavy and faster, I couldn’t control it. My uncle went to look at me with a smile on his face but it suddenly dropped. He stopped the car and everyone looked at me. He reached his arm out to me, placing it on my lap.

“Breathe Mavis, everything is going to be just fine. This is where you need to be. Nobody is going to hurt you, I promise.” His voice was stern as he spoke.I quickly nodded and took in a deep breath and letting it out. The glowing subsided until it was fully gone. The panic was gone and I was calm. Henry went back to the wheel and drove up to where two men were standing, right in front of the double doors. He parked and got out, the rest of us were hesitant to get out but we did anyway. Aunt abigail clung to Henry as she scanned the area, I could feel her emotions going bezerk. She was calm the whole way here but once she got out of the car, her aura was lighting up like a christmas tree. Bates rushed to my side with my luggage as we walked up the gravel sidewalk to the two men.

“Welcome back, Professor! You brought the whole family I see,” The tallest man stepped forward and shook my uncle’s hand. The man was athletically built, his blue button-up clung to his chest tightly. He had a chest holster with a steel smith and wesson on his left side. He had a bright white smile with clear blue eyes. A thick brown five o'clock shadow was sprawled across his face, reaching up to his even thicker and darker hair. “I’m detective Jonathan Creech.” He shook Aunt Abigail’s hand, her aura began to grow dim.

“I’m Headmaster Duke. This must be the special one, Mavis.” the shorter man stuck his and hand out to me. He had longer hair than Jonathan, the blonde hair stopped at his ears and curled out. He had deep brown eyes and no facial hair, his face was carved and smooth. He was wearing a white button-up, ugly green vest, and a brown coat. Pressed khaki pants and brown italian shoes tied the outfit together. I reached out and shook his had as I stared at him and his colleague.

“Yes this is Mavis. She is very special and quite shy, she doesn’t talk very much. This is her cousin Bates.” Uncle Henry stepped to the side to let Bates through. Bates dropped my luggage and shook both of the men’s hands before returning back to my side. The tension between my family was growing and I could feel it. I bit my lip as there was a long pause within the group. Aunt Abigail clenched tightly to Henry’s hand, turning her’s and his knuckles white. Bates picked up my luggage and let out a heavy sigh.

“Right then. Shall we go take a look inside?” Headmaster Duke clapped his hands together and turned to his taller friend. Jonathan nodded and jogged up to the door, opening it as we followed up the steps. We all went in a single filed line through the colossal doorway. The sudden smell of old books and floor varnish filled my nostrils as we walked in. It was nauseating and made me sick to my stomach but I continued to follow behind everyone. My family seemed more excited to be here then I was.

When we walked out of the foye we were met by a single flight of of dark oak stairs, stopping at a large landing, then splitting into two different directions, to the right and to the left. On each side of the first flight of stairs was a set of doors. Behind the first stairs was a hallway leading into somewhere large and open. We went up the stairs and headed to the left and were met by more doors. Each door had a number on them, printed on in gold metallic paint. At the end of that hall was a large room and another hallway. It seemed to just go on for forever, it was a very large academy. It made me wonder just how many people we like me. This place didn’t feel like a scam or a prison. It felt like a very welcoming home.

“Now before we show you to your room, I’d like to give you a little history on where you will be staying. Cape Coral Academy was originally a history museum in 1995 before all of its artifacts were moved to a bigger and better secured facility. About ten years later it was renovated and turned into a charter school but twelve years later the school's attendance and funds dropped dramatically. The building was vacant for some time, around that time kids with special talents were being spotted across the U.S. The government witnessed a lot of crime against these kids and decided to create a safe haven for them. Working with the police department, they found this place and renovated it once again. As you can see they gave it a sense of style,” Duke chuckled before returning to speaking, “They wanted to give these kids a positive purpose, so with the help of the police once again, they started allowing the special kids with jobs they couldn’t do themselves. They hired me as the headmaster and a mentor for kids like you. We are here to help you make a difference in the world.”

“Wow, I didn’t know that’s what you were going to be doing!” Bates yelled with excitement, “You could be like batman or superman, fighting crime and saving the woman in distress. You could be a superhero.”

“Uh, not exactly.” Detective Creech chimed in, “She has to go through some training and classes before she can work alongside the police. Don’t worry she will be out and about in no time.”

“Exactly! You won’t be sitting around here for very long. Now let’s head to your room.” Headmaster Duke clapped his hands and rubbed them together. We went through the large room, which seemed only to be a place to lounge. Down another set of hallways to the very end of what seemed like an endless journey. There, at the end were only four doors instead on the many in the other hallways. Uncle Henry and Abigail never left each other's side but they seemed to be getting very tired with all the walking we were doing. Bates was having a field day with all the hallways and passages we were taking. His green eyes were even bigger than they normally were and he had a big grin across his face. It was a very different scene than the one back home.

“She won’t be sharing a room with anyone will she?” Abigail spoke up as Headmaster took out a key and went to a room numbered 371, unlocking it. She sounded worried, like it was a bad thing to have anyone near me. Well, it could be a bad thing. The only people I have been around are my family, and I can handle my abilities around them. I am uncertain that I will be able to around anyone else.

“Oh no, each individual child gets their own room. Boys stay in the east wing and girls stay in the west wing. We didn’t want the kids to be cramped up if there is plenty of room for the kids to stay. We do have curfews though and each child has to be in bed by midnight or there will be consequences. Other than that the kids have full access to the academy. We have a library, a green room, a gym, a pool and any other activities for the teens.” Jonathan spoke up as he took the key from Duke and handed it to me. My interest was raised when they spoke about the library. Maybe I could use that place to help control my powers outside of classes. I always had a love for books and whenever I read I don’t have to worry about my powers causing any trouble. Duke had opened the door to my room and gestured me to step in.

The room was bright as there was a big window with white sheer curtains covering them, letting the morning light in. The room was fairly big in size, but not as big as my room back home. On the right wall was a pre- made cherry oak bed, coming out into the center of the room. A matching night stand was sitting on the left and a lamp on the right. A single chair sat in the back left corner of the room, facing the bed. It was a very bright room with the walls painted an off-white color. It wasn’t my style but I knew I could spruce it up somehow. I turned to my right to see a closet just by the bed. Bates pushed by me to place my luggage on the bed. He let out a long drawn out sigh of relief as he placed them down. Uncle laughed nervously before he backed out of the room.

“Well that’s the rest of the tour for the family. We have to take Mavis to her class now.”

“Oh, I see. Well we best be heading off then,” Aunt Abigail let a small smile inch across her lips before she parted ways from Henry. She walked over to me and paused before speaking. Placing her hand on my cheek, then taking a piece of my hair and tucking it behind my ear, “Goodbye Mavis,we are going to miss you very much. Try and visit us any time you can. You will do great here.”

“I will miss you too Aunt Abigail. Keep the boys company for me.” I muttered as sweetly as I could. Abigail wrapped her arms around me tightly and pulled my into a hug. I could feel myself begin to tear up. I couldn’t show any emotion right now and crying was not the best thing for me to do. I took a last sniff of her hair, taking in the rose and gardenia smell before breaking the hug. Abigail nodded and stepped to the side to let Henry in.

“Do good in your studies and listen to your teachers. Remember how to meditate and control your abilities,” Henry took my hands and looked me in the eyes. It wasn’t the goodbye I was expecting, but I knew that he was just as sad to see me leave as Abigail was. Abigail nudged him; he cleared his throat, “We love you and we are going to miss you every second you aren’t with us. We will see you soon. We are only one call away.”

“Alright it’s my turn,” Bates chuckled as Uncle Henry let go of my hands. Abigail began to cry, she cupped her hands to her face. Uncle Henry was tearing up too but he decided to take Abigail back out to the car. I waved goodbye to them as the exited out of the hall with Jonathan leading them, “I can’t believe it, you are going to become an actual superhero.”

“Not yet Bates, you heard what they said.”

“I know what they said, Mavis. Just let me dream a little,” His voice was serious now, as he took my arms in his hands, “Listen, don’t let them walk all over you or give you any problems. You are strong and can handle this yourself, but if things get too hard just think of us. You have a lot of good in you, don’t believe for a second that you don’t. I know that you will do amazing here and top everyone. It runs in the blood of the family. And for those bad guys...give ‘em hell, kid.” he kissed my forehead before walking off down the hall. I didn’t know what to say in reply to that, but I did know that those words would stick with me for a long time. My family had left and I was left all alone here with no one I knew. I had no one to tell me how to breath when my emotions got the best of me. I had no one.

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