The Wonder Legion

Mavis, a young girl with dark powers leaves the walls of her secluded home after her uncle sends her to an academy for others like her. After being in solitude for so long she has been assigned to a team of future superheros to learn how to track down villains and investigate supernatural crimes. Conflict stirs between the team as they don’t trust Mavis due to her powers but still need her help. A small objective turns upside down and it becomes more than they ever imagined. Pushing their conflict to the side, will The Wonder Legion be able to save the day?


4. Mission Impossible

The Mission Simulator was very large, and empty. There was nothing in the room except metal panels on the walls. It was a perfectly square room. Lights shined brightly from the ceiling but it didn’t stop the room from being so dark. Lyra and the others walked over to one of the many walls. She looked at me dully and then proceeded to touch the wall lightly with her finger. A small section of the wall caved in and a rack of bodysuits forced its way through. Hale, Imara, Noah, Lyra, Lance, Marcella all took a bodysuit, leaving the last one for me. I made my way over and picked it up off the rack, then placing it on over my training clothes.

    The bodysuit was black and full-lengthed. It was skin tight but I could move in it.There was the academy's initials on the suits in bold grey lettering. I tied my hair into a tight ponytail and tightened my laces on my shoes. I looked back up and everyone was in their suits. Noah’s looked like it was made for him. The suit allowed his wings to be out in the open, but the suit still covered his back. Lyra’s was just as tight as mine, maybe even tighter. All of her assets were more visible than the regular blouses and tight jeans she wore. Imara’s made her body look even tinier than before. Hale’s features were more visible, I could see his abs poking through the tight material.

    “Alright, the mission is simple. Defeat all the Cyberbots and get the kids out of the way and into the pickup zone. You have an hour to complete the mission, you will be timed. The mission starts in five minutes.” Jonathan exited the room and everything fell silent. We all looked at each other, for the first time in weeks I looked over at Lance. He was adjusting the collar on his bodysuit. He looked up at me and he froze solid, just standing there looking at me.

“Okay here is the plan. Marcella, Noah and I will get the kids out of the building. Hale, Imara and Lance will stay and take care of the Cyberbots. And you Mavis, stay out of the way.” Lyra spoke. I wasn’t going to take her orders. This was a group simulator and she decided to make herself leader. Staying out of the way would only make things worse between the group and going in and fighting would also have the same outcome. Either way I could never win here, but I was not going to just sit there and let them get their asses handed to them.

There was a loud humming sound and the lights in the room began to dim.The walls around the room began to materialize. The smell of smoke and dust filled the room. The room was beginning to change, it was getting bigger. A dark sky appeared above us with red clouds. It was a facility with crashed vehicles, burning from the fire inside them. At each corner of the simulator were tall grey buildings, windows broken and door smashed in. The last building on the left looked like it had never been touched, the kids were in that one.  It was quite, I could only hear the sound of the crackling fire from the burning tanks. Each one of us looked around, waiting for the cyberbots to come out.

Noah walked into the center of the room, gravel crunched under his feet. He stepped over by Lyra but before he could make it to her he was taken off his feet by a flying cyberbot. He was flown right into one of the cement buildings. He wings spread open as he grabbed a hold of the cyberbot, punching it in it’s back. Immediately everyone sprung into action. I ran to the nearest building,I was going to try and get the children out before things got out of hand. Hale rushed to my side, coming at me in a blur. He picked me up and ran to the opposite building.

“Stay out of the way.”

“Make me.” I yelled over the chaos. A cyberbot flew right to us, ready to strike. Before it could reach us I lifted my hands and swung them over my head and back towards the ground. The cyberbot glowed and hit the ground disabled. Another one came our way, I lifted my hand again, palm facing the bot. I clenched my fist shut and the bot caved in on itself, falling to the ground in a ball of metal. Hale looked at me in awe, I smirked ran to the center of all of the chaos. Lyra was fighting of five bots, multiple copies of her swinging and striking them down. She was trying to make her way to the children. Imara had shapeshifted into a giant wolf, tearing heads off of the bots. She looked like she could handle herself.

“Get the hell out of the way!” Marcella screamed as her hands lit up with electricity. She grabbed the face of one of the bots, shocking it and making her way onto another, “Lance you have to do something, we are getting killed out here!”

I looked over at Lance who was still standing in the same spot, not moving a muscle.He had a scared look on his face. He was still in the same position I had last seen him, holding on to his collar. She was right we were getting killed out here, no one had even got to the kids yet. Noah was flying around, trying to catch the stragglers. Lyra’s plan didn’t work, the kids needed to be saved and we didn’t know how much time we had left. I bolted to the last building, the door was locked. I lifted my hand and the door burst open, revealing the kids inside. They were all huddled together in the room. Two cyberbots stood guard. They noticed me and bolted my way, ready to take me down. I quickly called upon the shadows in the room, they complied.

A rush of darkness came over the bots, pulled them down to the ground. They tried to resist, they weren’t going to budge. I concentrated harder on the shadows, forcing them through the bots but they still wouldn’t budge. I grunted as I squeezed my hands closer together. Then out of nowhere a cyberbot came bursting through the cement wall in front of me, picking me up and flying me back outside. It tackled me to the ground, holding me there. I struggled to fight it off but it kept restraining me.

There was a loud and drawn out ringing sound. The cyberbot restraining me eye’s began to flicker and it gave way, falling on top of me. I pushed it off and got to my feet. Everyone was quiet, all the cyberbots laid on the ground, lifeless. No one moved a muscle. We all looked around to see what it was. The room around us had began to materialize, it was over. We didn’t get the kids out in time. I let out a sigh and began to pull off my training suit. We failed the simulator and there were going to consequences to it.


“You have to talk to Lance.” Hale spoke from across the table. I looked up at him slowly through my lab goggles. He handed me the next chemical to pour into the test tube.

“No thank you.” I poured the chemical in and picked up the a stir to stir it with. Hale let out a sigh and marched over to my side of the table. I didn’t look at him. I had the right to refuse to talk to a person who tried to kill me. I didn’t care how it affected him, he wasn’t the one who was nearly choked to death.

“Why not?” I dropped the stir and stared at him. Was he really going to ask that question?

“You know why I won’t. He tried to kill me.”

“Draven, Draven tried to kill you. Lance is a totally different person and it nothing like Draven. He found out what happened to you and he isn’t taking it so well. You see how he is during the simulations, that’s not the him I know. You have to talk to him.”

    He was right about the simulations. Duke had sent us there instead of training and each time we went in, Lance would freeze and not move a muscle. He would just stare at me. We failed every mission in that simulator but it wasn’t fully his fault. We were bad as a team and something had to fix that. He wouldn’t do anything in the simulator, he wasn’t at lunch anymore, he was nowhere to be seen. I hadn’t gone looking for him either, but I noticed when he started to go missing. No matter how bad he made everyone feel, I wasn’t going to talk to him.  

    “He should feel bad, his other personality tried to kill me.”

“You are so selfish you know that? Would you for one second stop thinking about yourself and think about how the incident might affect someone else. You expect equality in the team for yourself and your dark powers but won’t do the same thing for a person who might be just like you.”

    The chemicals in the test tube exploded. Neither he nor I jumped, we just looked hard at each other. Our chemistry teacher walked over giving us a lecture that we didn’t listen to. Hale wasn’t going to let up about this and he knew he was right. I knew he was right. I hated to admit it but I had to. I was being selfish but being nearly killed is a valid reason not to talk to someone.

    “Draven may be a part of Lance but they are two totally different people. What Draven does is not what Lance really approves of and vice versa. Just talk to him and figure this out. The group is really tired of getting our asses kicked in the Sim, we need all the help we can get.”


The bell had rang, Hale had bolted out the door. He left me to clean up the glass and chemicals. While I did, I began thinking about Lance. Maybe I was wrong for blaming him for nearly being killed. It was Draven that did it, not Lance. If I talked to Lance maybe he can stop Draven from trying to contact me. I stopped talking to the shadows and barely used them in fear that Draven would resurface and come after me again. The fear was taking over everything and not just with me, but with Lance too. I could feel it whenever I looked at him. If they wanted me to help him with what was going on, then I would. I was prepared now but not enough to fight off Draven but enough to know what was coming.



It was the weekend and I was finally able to have free time to myself. Duke thought it was best to pause the special training so I can focus on other things, Lance. I was in my room writing a letter to my Uncle and Aunt before there was a knock at my door. Dropping the pencil and walking over to the door, I answered it. It was Hale, dressed in a blue plaid button-up, dark colored jeans and converse. His vibrant blue eyes flashed with concern. It was time to go talk to him.

    I followed Hale to the library, a place I’d rather not revisit. My hands were sweaty and I was half-tempted to turn around and walk the other direction. The feeling of connection resurfaced again and my heart began to race. I was never this scared, but after what happened last time I knew that being scared was the right way to feel. Hale had reassured me multiple times on the walk that nothing was going to happen to me. But he knew that there was a big possibility that that was a false statement.

    “I’ll be waiting right outside, and if anything happens I will be there to help. You have nothing to be afraid of. Now go talk to him, he’s waiting for you.” Hale patted my shoulder and opened up the library door. I looked into his eyes one last time before entering the room. The door closed behind me.

    I scanned the area for him, for either one of them. I thought that this was a trap, that he was just trying to kill me again, and this time he wouldn’t fail. But when my eyes met his, the fear faded away. The feeling of connection was strong and I could feel his heartbeat again. It was fast and hard, he was as scared as I was, maybe more than I was. I gulped at the sight of him, standing by the circular table. I could see his chest tighten as I stepped over to him. He had an expressionless face but his body and his heart spoke for itself.

“Call me what you want, I’ve heard it all before.” Lance uttered. I stopped at the circular table, facing directly across from him.

“I wasn’t going to call you anything. I want to fix this. I know that you may feel like it was your fault but it wasn’t. I know you don’t like what happened-”

“Please stop, don’t ever get it confused, you don’t know me. You know what I choose to let you see about my life. I am not what you think I am. What that asshole told you is all a lie, he’s not a good person and what he did to you is something I can’t control.” He interrupted. He went to slam his hands on the table but stopped. He ran them through his hair, pulling at the ends. He took a deep breath.

“Well, if what he told me is a lie then why don’t you set the record straight. Tell me the truth.” I kept my eyes on his and for a second I could feel the connection pulse. The feeling of his heart stopped and then continued. He bit his thick lip, his eyes widened behind his broken glasses.

“It was a bank robbery and I was fifteen years old. It was my first ever job, I was one of the security guards. Some robbers came in and we did what they told us to do. There was a little girl in the store and she was scared. She tried to sneak over to her mother. I could have saved her.” I could feel the air get caught in my throat. He clenched his fists and pressed them to the table.

“W-What happened?” I could barely let the words come out of my mouth.

“I saw a chance to save her and I didn’t take it. One of the robbers saw her and shot her, five times. It’s all my fault she died, I could have saved her,”  He looked up at me with watery eyes, I felt my heart break, “Sometimes memories are the worst form of torture.”

    “Lance, what did you do to yourself?” I was scared. Did he try to harm himself, or worse did he try to kill himself?

“I locked myself in my room, I didn’t want anyone to see me. My memories took over and I was so afraid to step out of my room. I didn’t eat, I didn’t sleep or turn on the T.V. I still don’t sleep, my mind has a scary capability of being dark and demented.

“You are afraid of your dreams?”

“Yes,” He whispered, his released his fists and walked over to one of the bookshelves, leaning against it. I followed behind him and stood there, “I didn’t talk to anyone and that’s when Draven came along. I thought he was just a figment of my imagination, that I was going insane. He visited me whenever I tried to sleep. I would see him in my reflection and hear him in my head. You don’t know what it’s like to be stuck in your own home, in a dark place. To be so far stuck in your mind that you can’t come out, you don’t know how to. When you do come out, it’s like you are trying to be a human again, but you know that you’ve always been human. You get to feel the rain fall and see the stars out in the darkness. You are taking baby steps even though you never left this world, but you feel like you have. It’s a dark place and I have never fully left, he is what happened when I tried to leave. You don’t know what it’s like. At first Draven made it seem like I would be okay and that stepping outside would be a good idea. That people forgot what happened.”

“That wasn’t the case was it?”

“He used me to get outside and into the world, he became real and he reeked havoc on the town. I couldn’t control him and what he did to the people he came in contact with. He’s a demon and I don’t know how he got into my head or how he came to be, but I’m stuck with him…for forever. He is all the things I tried to stop myself from being. He’s overpowering with his super strength, and no one on the team can defeat him. He’s rude and a killer, he could have killed you if you weren’t what you are.”

    “I’m not afraid of him anymore, he can do what he wants to me. I’m here to help you and he can try to kill me all he wants but he’s not the one I want. What happened isn’t your fault and I’m going to make you believe that.” I took his hand in mine and squeezed it. He looked at me, surprised, through his broken glasses. He couldn’t help what he was, just like I couldn’t. Draven could try all he wanted to scare me away but I was going to help Lance. It was the right thing to do, I could feel it.

    Lance’s bottom lip trembled as I continued to hold his hand. We held our gaze as my heartbeat began to speed up. The hair on the back of my neck stood up and there was a chill going down my spine. My lips parted slightly as I had no idea what was going to happen. I could feel Lance’s heartbeat in my chest, his was going as fast as mine was. I could feel the chills on his hand as he gripped my hand harder.

    All of a sudden he grabbed me by the back of my thighs and swung me around, slamming me into the bookcase. He pressed his plump lips against mine, hard. It all took me by surprise. He was rough and sloppy with the kiss. I could feel his breath on my cheek. It wasn’t what I had expected from him. Lance pulled away from the kiss to look at me and I saw his eyes changing. The irises were swirling with the golden color, he was going to change into Draven. I put my hands on either side of his cheeks, looking him dead in the eye. He was scared.

    “It’s okay.” I pulled him closer to me. The gold faded slowly and he smiled a toothy smile before returning to the kiss. I closed my eyes and let the feeling of his kiss consume me. It was passionate now, I could feel the warmth from his lips traveling throughout my whole body. He held onto me tightly and the feeling of connection grew. I didn’t want to let go, I held on to his face as we turned our heads in sync. I let go of my emotions and the control over myself. It felt like a big weight had been lifted off my shoulders.

    Lance set me down on the ground and pull my hands away from his face. I opened my eyes, being met by his. He let out a chuckle as he pulled a piece of hair away from my eyes. His aura was lit with the color of pink, and this time there was only one aura. I bit my lip out of embarrassment and looked down at the ground. I was falling for him and it all started with a feeling and a kiss. My heart was still racing, my hands shook and I couldn’t feel my feet. I could feel Lance’s warm hand pull my chin up to face him.

    “I apologize for Draven’s behavior and what happened a few weeks ago. It won’t happen again, well, I’ll at least try to make sure it doesn’t.” Lance chuckled before pulling me into a hug. I knew as much as he did that it was going to be hard, for both of us. I was going to have to try not to summon Draven out of Lance. He was going to have to try and hold Draven off but neither of that is going to be easy. I had a feeling that trying to hold back Draven, was going to be like holding back an army. The more Lance ignored him and hid him away, the more Draven’s anger would grow.

    “Guys can the talk be over now? We’ve got the simulation in fifteen minutes.” Hale walked into the room and Lance quickly pulled away from me. I smoothed out my hair and nodded, walking over to Hale and passing by him. We would have to save the talk about the kiss for later. We had to train again and it was the only way to get the team out into the field. Hale and Lance followed behind me until Lance made his way up to the front. It was quiet as we walked through the halls.

    “I take it things went well?” Hale questioned as he bumped into me, smirking in his usual way. I couldn’t tell him what had exactly happened, not until I figured out what to make of what Lance I just did. Were we together? Was that just a spur of the moment?

    “We apologized to each other and he explained some things, that was it.” I replied quickly as I sped up my walking. Hale just stayed right by my side, giving me a suspicious look. He didn’t say anything after that but his aura said otherwise.



    We had made our way to the simulation where the team was waiting for us. They had already suited up and were stretching. The others and I rushed to get dressed as Jonathan and Headmaster Duke came in. Lyra walked over to me and bumped my shoulder as I tried my shoes. I looked up at her and stood up. She let out a sigh, it looked like she was having a difficult time with what she was trying to do.

Lyra, I’ve come to know as a very bossy person, always wanting to control everything. I knew that she didn’t like me. She could have gotten to know me if I didn’t scare her off on the first day. I had only been here a month and nearly half of the group hated my guts. I wanted to make amends and show them that I wasn’t this terrible dark person who was going to try and harm them. Being here was a chance to use my powers for good. I don’t know if Lyra wants control in the group because she didn’t have it with her own life before her powers or what, but it’s not good for the group. She’s gonna need to learn that there are times when you don’t need control.

I felt a familiar tug on the mental block in my mind, Lyra. What was she wanting with my mind again? I took it as an opportunity to make amends with her, it was worth a shot. I opened the mental block on my mind completely, letting her in. Lyra looked at me and then at both Jonathan and Duke.

“Alright, this is the last simulation I will be putting you guys through. Here are some ear pieces, you will be communicating through them. The mission is simple, disable the nuclear bomb within the next three hours. There will be people trying to stop you, good luck.” Duke ran his hand through his golden locks. We took the ear pieces and each stuck them in our ear. Him and Jonathan turned and exited the room. Jonathan and him started acting distant toward the group. We knew why, we weren’t what they wanted us to be, not yet at least.

Did you talk to him?

Lyra spoke to me through my mind, but this time her voice was a little less stern and it echoed throughout my brain. She was talking about Lance. I guess she wasn’t the only one who wanted me to talk to him, I should have known. I looked over at her as the room began to materialize again. It was a different scene each time we set foot inside. This time it was a thick jungle and the smell of wet dirt filled the air.

    Yes I did, are you happy now?

The sound of gunshots ran through the dense forest. Everyone’s heads turned in the same direction. Imara stepped up and went in the direction of the sound, her delicate and pale ear pointing to the sound. She was listening, very intently. We had learned to take time to figure out what we were going to do before springing into action. The weeks we had spent in here had really started to pay off. We had learned strategies, but we needed to learn how to use them.

“There are five of them, two with AK- forty sevens and three with smith and wessons, full magazines on all of them. One of them has got a Widowmaker on their back. They are about one mile away, they are heading over here fast. If we are going to make a plan we have to do it in the next thirty minutes.” Imara had finally spoken. Her voice didn’t match her body, by any means. It was deep and powerful, like a wolf speaking through a mouse’s body.

“Well I’m sure there will be more coming, Noah do you think you can go up and take a look around and see where this bomb might be?” I spoke up. Noah nodded and opened up his wings. With a loud cracking sound he was up in the air and circling around the area. It was up to us to handle the guys on the ground.

How did you get that block on your mind?

“I think we should lure them out and let two of us disable the bomb. I’d vote to do it.” Lance walked over to us, smiling deviously. Lyra, Imara, Hale, and Marcella all looked at him in shock. It was the first time they had heard him speak in weeks. I chuckled, putting my fingers to my lips. I took Lance’s hand and pulled him by me as I walked towards the enemy.

“I vote to go with him as well.”

“Alright, we will be your cover. Don’t make contact with the enemy, just get to the bomb and disable it. We will handle the rest.” Lyra adjusted her suit and cracked her knuckles.

I trained my mind through meditation. My mind is the strongest thing I have.

    “Our thirty minutes is up, if you vote to go you better get going.” Hale spoke up as he started to turn invisible. He was right if we were going to get there in time we had better get going, but we weren’t going to miss the chance to knock a few people down in the process. Lyra wouldn’t mind allowing us a crack at a few of them, or if she did, she would have to get over it. We needed to make a clear way through if we were to get to the bomb. I released my hand from Lance’s and looked at him. This was the first time he would actually fight with us, but was he ready?

    “Let’s get this show on the road, three hours isn’t exactly all the time in the world.” Marcella let her hands spark up with electricity. The crackling sound alerted the enemy and now they were bolting our way. They were making their way out of the trees and into the open area, firing rapidly. I heard Hale grunt and a gust of air blew past me, two of the guards were knocked onto their feet. Lyra stood there with her palms open, she let out a huff. Multiple versions of herself appeared bolting toward the enemy.

    “Get your asses to the bomb, don’t just stand there!” one of the Lyra’s yelled as she attacked one of the men, Climbing onto his body and snapping his neck with her legs. I nodded and bolted through the thick jungle, Lance right on my tail. Running those miles every day with Noah brought up my speed and I was able to run as fast as most of the group, all except Hale. I looked around and out popped another guy, instantly firing his gun. I raised my hands in the air to try and take him down but it didn’t work. He fired one more time hitting me in the arm. The pain instantly rose up in down my arm. How is this possible?

“Mavis!” Lance yelled from behind me. I grabbed my bleeding arm and tried to run but the sound of grunting stopped me right in my tracks. I knew that sound and it wasn’t a good sound. Draven was making his appearance and at the worst of time. I turned around and was horrified at the transformation. Lance’s body had dropped to the ground, writhing around in the dirt. Black cracks formed around his hands and neck, a bright orange light surfaced through. The man who was firing had stopped and looked just as horrified as I was. Lance’s skin had turned the sickly grey color, the area around his eyes were dark. The writhing had stopped, his body was still. There before me and the enemy was a lifeless Draven, with his oiled black hair. His eyes snapped open and the man behind me jumped. I grabbed the man by his throat and headbutted him, he dropped to the ground.


“Yes darling, it’s me.” Draven smirked. I rolled my eyes, I didn’t have time for any of this and certainly not him. I gripped my arm and listened as the gunfire in the distance grew. We were running out of the time and if a bullet in the arm felt this bad, I could only imagine what being blown up up felt like.

“Listen, we are on a mission and if you are going to stick around then I’m going to need your help. If not then just stay here and I will do it myself.” I started to run off in the direction of where the bomb was. I could see Noah flying up above, holding a man. He dropped him with a big thud. Now the whole mission was solely lying on my shoulders and I didn’t know how much time I had left.

“Where do you think you are going?” Draven appeared by my side. I didn’t answer I kept running as my arm continued to burn. There was no time for conversation. Draven shook his head and picked me up, throwing me over his shoulder. What they hell was he doing? He continued to run, the ground became a rapid blur. The sound of gunfire continued on. One bullet hit Draven right in the side of his torso but it didn’t phase him, he just continued to run. There was no blood, no wound, it just disappeared within the skin.

“If you want to disable that bomb I suggest you do it now, your friends aren’t doing so hot on the other side of the jungle.” Draven snickered as he set me down on the ground. I looked around, no enemy was in sight.

The only thing here was a massive steel capsule. It was ticking as I walked up beside it. It was a powerful one, one mistake could level this whole jungle and vaporize every one around it. I had to get to the control panel but I didn’t know where it was. Draven, behind me, looked over my shoulder. He let out a huff and walked around to the other side of the bomb, reaching under it and pulling off a metal cover. He motioned me over to him, I complied. I kneeled down and looked at the control panel. There was a code you had to put in to disable it, no wires. This was going to be harder than I thought and with time running out I would only have one shot at this.

“Better get working on that code.”

“Shut up.” I bit my lip and ran my hand carefully over the buttons. This was a school mission so this code had to be something that was obvious but not obvious at the same time. Someone had to have a keen mind to decipher what the code was. It could be anything.

    “Uh, we are getting killed out here again. Did you find the bomb?” Lyra’s voice spoke through the earpiece.

    “Yeah, I can’t stay in the sky for long.” Noah’s voice was barely audible with all the static. I growled. All seven of us wouldn’t make it out of here alive in the time left if they kept me from the bomb. Wait, that’s it! I chucked my earpiece and went back to the control panel.

    “We had three hours to finish this mission. Seven of us, five main guys with two assault rifles, three handguns and one widowmaker.” I pressed the numbers into the control panel and prayed to the higher gods that this was the code. I hit the green button and a single beep sound came from the bomb. I waited for the bomb to go off but it didn’t. The jungle began to materialize, the trees disintegrating and the ground turning back to metal.

    “Well done, kid.” Draven said before he dropped to his knees. He held his side, the area where he got shot. He fell onto his side and began writhing around again. He was turning back into Lance. There was a loud groaning like each one of them was trying to speak. The sickly grey color slowly began to fade. I dropped to my knees and scooted towards them, picking up their head and placing it on my lap. The team had made their way back and were now surrounding us.

    Lance was Lance again but he was in pain. The bullet that was lodged into him was now starting to bleed. My arm was still hurting, why would the school do it this way? Why would they actually want to hurt us. Every other time we went into the Sim all of our injuries would heal, sometimes we wouldn’t even have injuries. Lance let out a low and drawn out groan, he was in intense pain and I could feel it. I began to panic, what if it hit a major organ?

    “Great job kids! We were beginning to believe that you wouldn’t have made it. Great teamwork by all of you.” Duke clapped his hands. Noah had shot his a hard glare, he was just as panicked as I was. He turned to face Duke and I could see blood on his wings but it wasn’t enemy blood, it was his own. I looked at Marcella who had a bloody nose. Lyra looked complete unscaved. Hale looked like he was out of breath.

    “What the hell, Duke. We could have died out there.”

“You’re right , you could have died but it was a real-life simulation. In the real world you get hurt, even superheros do. I am not going to send out a team without giving them a little taste of what really lies out there. You all proved that you could work as a team and get the job done. We are allowing you to be sent out into the field for your very first mission. Mavis, why don’t you take Lance to the infirmary.”

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