The Wonder Legion

Mavis, a young girl with dark powers leaves the walls of her secluded home after her uncle sends her to an academy for others like her. After being in solitude for so long she has been assigned to a team of future superheros to learn how to track down villains and investigate supernatural crimes. Conflict stirs between the team as they don’t trust Mavis due to her powers but still need her help. A small objective turns upside down and it becomes more than they ever imagined. Pushing their conflict to the side, will The Wonder Legion be able to save the day?


3. Getting to Know You

After lunch was finished, the group went their separate ways. Sixth period went by fast, too fast. It was the shortest period out of all of the others, probably because I was so anxious for what waited for me in the training room. I tried to walk as slow as I could to my room but it didn’t help that my sixth period was so close to it.

    Unlocking my door, I stepped in and leaned against it, pressing it shut. The afternoon sun peaked through the sheer curtains, casting a burnt orange light across the floor and onto the white comforter on the bed. I sighed and pushed myself off the door and walked over to my luggage. I went to my biggest suitcase, opening it carefully. I began searching through my neatly packed clothes, looking for my old training outfit.

    I put on the black tank top and grey joggers, tying my black running shoes tightly. I had no mirror to look at myself, so the way I looked was gonna have to do. As I walked out of the room I tied my hair into a ponytail. I hoped I was dressed for the occasion, that this would work for what we would be doing.

    I locked my door and went to walk down the hall. I must not have heard the bell to leave, seeing all the halls empty. People must already be in their classes. In a panic, I jogged down the stairs towards the training room. My hair whipped behind me and I felt sick to my stomach as the whiff of floor varnished passed by my nose. I didn’t know what waited for me in there, what they were prepared to do. They must not train like my Uncle taught me, this might be a little more difficult than I was anticipating. Deep down I could feel that I wasn’t ready for it, but I knew that there was no turning back now.

“I’m here.” I declared through pants of breath. I looked around, seeing all the people from first period training. Blue mats were on the ballroom floor, dummies were placed at each corner of the room. Two girls took turns wailing on a dummy until one of them kicked it so hard it was decapitated. Marcella walked up to me, she was wearing a purple training bra and tight spandex shorts. Her curly hair was tied up in a ponytail. The blue lighting bolts from her neck had traveled down her chest and her arm. The stopped just at her bellybutton.

“You’re late.”

“Give her a break, it’s her first day.” Noah walked over, shirtless. Behind him were his beautiful white wings. The were huge,beginning above his shoulders and ending just mid thigh. There wasn’t a feather out of place, they were perfect. He had on his dark jeans and his hiking boots, but no shirt. His body was damp with sweat, making the light glisten on him and his chiseled torso. I shook myself out of my daze. Marcella huffed and walked by us, shoving my shoulder as she passed by.

    “What do I need to do?”

“I want you to go over to where Lance is. Tell him that I sent you. You need to work on self defense without your powers. Your powers can only take you so far and in some instances you can’t use them at all. Lance will help you with that.”

“Alright.” I looked around the room and through the chaos for Lance. He was in the very back corner with one of the dummies. From where I was standing, he was hitting the thing pretty hard. I rubbed my hands nervously, they began to glow dimly. I began to walk over to him, weaving in and out of the combat taking place. The strange feeling of connection began to start up again. I was a weird feeling and I didn’t know I was feeling this way. It was like I knew him, but I didn’t. It was a strong feeling and I couldn’t help but be drawn to him. Like this invisible force was pulling to him.

“L-Lance.” I called him as I stopped by the dummy. Lance went to punch the dummy but he looked over at me with a hard scowl. A bead of sweat dripped down his forehead and past the temple of his glasses. His eyes weren’t the emerald green they were before, they were a fiery gold, like a single flame was contained in them. It took me by surprise as they quickly faded back to green. The feeling of connection was gone just as fast as his eyes turned back to green.

“Yes?” his scowl turned into a soft stare. He adjusted his glasses and wiped the sweat off his brow. He too was shirtless, his pale body was a lot more toned and carved than Noah’s. He had on black sweats and no shoes. His hair was damp around the edges with sweat.

“U-Uh Noah wanted me to come and see you, f-for self defense.” I stuttered. I began tugging at the bottom hem of my tank top. Lance’s demeanor changed, he was afraid of me again. His eyes grew wide as I finished my sentence. He backed away slightly, looking over at Noah and then back at me.

“Alright then, well how much do you know about self defence? Do you know the basics?”

“Sadly I know none, I’ve never had to use them.”

“O-Oh okay we'll start with the basics then. I want you to punch my hand as hard as you can. If you want to fight someone, you always have to have a powerful hit.” Lance stepped back and stuck out both of his hands, his large palms facing me. I was hesitant at first I was never a fighter and had no experience in combat whatsoever.  

    I balled up my fist tight, but not tight to where my hands started to glow. I didn’t want to scare him off like last time. I knew I wasn’t that good of a fighter without my powers, but my powers have been acting weird since I got here. Duke said not use my powers again until they could help me. I let out a sigh and thrusted my right fist forward, aiming for his left palm. They connected.

As our hands touched I felt a pulse of energy run through my arm and down to the center of my body. I didn’t know what it was but as soon as our hands touched Lance’s eyes glowed gold again. I could feel the connection again but only for a millisecond, Lance’s jerked our hands apart and stepped back.  

“Good, good...that was a good hit.” Lance stuttered. He rubbed his palm then looked at his forearms and neck. Marcella had made her way over to where we were, she looked at both of us with a sour look.

“No it wasn’t, she hits like a five year old girl. Her form is sloppy,” Marcella said coldly as she passed by me, hitting my shoulder once again, “If you’re going to defend yourself you need to do better. Nobody is going to go down with that sissy punch.”

“And you could do better?” I fired back, “ In case you haven’t noticed I have been locked in a house for nearly all of my life fearing my powers. I didn’t need to know how to defend myself, I needed to know how to control my powers. Were people this bitchy when you first arrived?”

“Come on guys, let’s just train until the period is over. There is no need for this.” Lance put his hand on Marcella’s shoulder but she jerked away. She turned to walk the other way, giving me an icy stare. I didn’t care that she didn’t like me, I was trying my hardest to be what Duke asked of me. If Bates wanted me to give them hell then I will give them hell.

“You better watch your back.”

“I don’t need to.” I let my hand glow bright. Marcella took one look at me, snickered and walked off to another group where Lyra was at. I don’t take being threatened lightly. Marcella barely knew me and on the first day she wanted to threaten me.

“I think that’s enough for today.” Lance walked cautiously around me and picked up a duffel bag. My hand dimmed and I turned to him. He was opening his bag and taking out a shirt. I noticed a familiar book cover in his bag, it was The Davinci Code. I walked over to the bag and picked up the book. Lance looked at me alarmed, he went to reach for the book but dropped his hand.  

“I’ve read this book a billion times. It’s one of my favorites.”

“Y-You like Dan Brown?” He pulled the grey shirt over his head and onto his body. I nodded and flipped through the pages of the novel before setting it back down into his bag. While putting the book back I noticed a necklace laying on top of a neatly folder shirt. On the silver chain was a black ring with tiny shards of an unknown red gem decorated around it. It was beautiful and strange. I quickly zipped the bag up and handed it to him.

    “I was trying to find the library earlier, but Duke said to wait for the classes to be over. I need books to meditate, for my powers. Do you know where the library is?”

    “Yeah follow me.”



    The way to the library was long, it was all the way on the other side of the school. It was late by the time we got there and I was tired but I didn’t want to go all the way back. Lance walked in front of me, leading the way. Every other second he would look back to see if I was still there. We would make eye contact and he would quickly turn away. There was a thick tension between us and it felt like it would never fill up. After awhile I just stopped looking at him.

     The halls within the school were all the same. White walls, oak wood floors, and giant windows that poured in light. When we walked down the halls, the evening light flowed in as a single beam. The red and orange light hit the long carpet on the oak floor boards. It would hit Lance’s hair and back then would disappear, back and forth as he walked along. Potted plants were at every end and beginning of the halls. As we kept walking fewer and fewer kids were in the halls. Instead of hearing the low chattering of fellow students, it was the sound of our shoes hitting the floor. I wondered if we should go back but Lance just kept walking. I didn’t want to know the consequences of what would happen if I wasn’t in bed by curfew, but I just had to get to the library. Was it as big as I imagined? Would it have good books to read, books I have never heard of? If they didn’t have what I needed to meditate, what would I use to control my powers?

    We had turned the last corner and were faced with a dead end. Two large inviting doors stood in front of us. No one else was around. Lance strutted up to them and opened the door. He adjusted his glasses before gesturing for me to step inside. The room was dark and seemed ominous, but I walked in anyway. Lance came up behind me, I could feel his breath on my neck as he turned on the lights. I caught my breath in my throat as the each light fixture turned on one by one.

    This library didn’t look like the one’s Aunt Abigail told me about. This one was remarkable, simply breathtaking. Bookcases upon bookcases were filled to their capacity, they continued on till you could no longer see them. There was a large, circular table in the center, chairs were neatly tucked underneath it. Bookcases lined the perimeter of the library, ladders hooked to them. I didn’t know where to go first. Each cover on the shelves were so enticing.  Lance adjusted his glasses again, staring at me with a small growing smile on his face. He placed his hand on my shoulder and a shock of energy surged through me again. My attention was turned to him. He took his hand off and signalled for me to follow him again.

    We weaved in and out of the cases, avoiding the towering stacks of books. After we past the twentieth bookcase we turned left and stopped. At the very end of the cases was a bay window. Two arm chairs sat at either side of the window. With another forced smile, Lance pointed to the chair, asking me to sit.

    “Wait here. I think I have a book you might like.” I nodded as I made myself comfortable in the chair. I was still in my training clothes, not something I would see myself wearing while I was reading. I peered out the window and smiled to myself. It was a beautiful view. The autumn leaves had just began to fall, and the wind was picking up. The sunset’s color harmonized with the dying leaves. I have always found myself in love with autumn and what it brought with it.

    I started to think about Lance and the strange feeling I was getting whenever I touched him. It was a feeling I had never felt before when I touched someone, and I couldn’t get it out of my head. When I thought about it, the feeling resurfaced. I could feel it faintly, and it began to pulse. Like a heartbeat but it wasn’t my own, it was someone else’s. It was slow and steady at first but it began to pick up. I gripped the arms of the chair tightly as I tried to figure out what the hell was going on. The heartbeat began to pick up, going faster. It felt like your heart when you were running, running hard. My chest felt like it was going to burst open at any second, the feeling was so intense. I began to panic, was something or someone trying to kill me?

Suddenly the pulse slowed down and in appeared Lance, panting. In is large arms were a pile of books and boxes of candy. My grip on the arms of the chair released, I didn’t understand. What was going on? Why did the the feeling stop once he stepped in the room. There was something strange about what was going on. I had to figure it out but I couldn’t tell him, in fear of him being even more afraid of me. I faked a smile as he sat in the chair across from mine, setting the books and the candy on the ground. He smiled nervously back at me. There was something about him I needed to know but I didn’t know what it was. The group insisted that I find out from him and that I help him. What did I need to help with? He looked like a well capable guy who could help himself, well except for first period.

“Okay so this is the book I think you might enjoy. This one is the prequel to The Davinci Code, it’s called Angels and Demons. I believe that it’s just as good as the first one,” Lance passed me the book. I had already read the book, twice, but I took it from him. He reached for the candy, “I like to have a snack to nibble on while I read. I went to one of the vending machines to get some. Which would you like?”

His soft hands shook slightly as they held out two boxes of candy, Raisinets and Whoppers. I didn’t usually eat while I read. I didn’t want to get the pages dirty. I took the Whoppers and placed them in my lap, before I cracked open the book. Lance looked at me for a moment before he picked up his book. I could hear his hands picking up the pages and turning them, carefully. When our eyes met, I could feel the kindness in his green ones. I could see pain. His aura was hard to read, it was like two people’s set of feelings was joined into one. A person can feel two things at once, but they usually come together and create a new color. But to see a person’s aura as two separate colors that never touch is unnerving. I bit my lip, trying to figure out what was going on with him. In all my years of having my powers I haven’t see a person this strange. I have never seen two different auras in one person or felt the way I did with one person.

“So, why do you meditate? Why with books?” Lance asked as he opened the box of Raisinettes, taking a piece and chewing the chocolate covered raisin.

“I have to control my emotions. My powers are controlled by a certain extent. It’s not the book themselves that help control my power, it’s just that they calm me down. I can meditate without them, but most times I use books.” I put a Whopper into my mouth and sucked on it.

“I get it. Your emotions trigger certain parts of your power. You train your brain to hold the power there by reading,” I nodded and went back to my book, “What kind of books do you like?”

“All kinds. My aunt and uncle give me books from different genres to read. That was my type of teaching before I came here.” I explained before returning to the book, turning the page. I wasn’t really reading the book, just staring at the same sentence over and over again. I only turned the page to make it seem like I was reading, but I was actually trying to read him.



My eyes were getting heavy and my stomach was growling, I had missed dinner. I forgot the real reason I was down here with him. The sun had already set, I couldn’t see outside anymore. I had lost track of time, I was too busy trying to decipher what Lance was and why he needed my help. I wasn’t going to ask him directly, I knew he wouldn’t tell me; I could feel it. One of the auras was green for interest and the other was red for anger. How could someone be both of those at once?

Each time I had focused on the auras my eyelids got heavier and harder to keep open. I was draining my powers just trying to figure him out. I couldn’t stop staring at him. He was oblivious to what I was doing, he was just reading away at his book. I began to feel myself start to slouch forward in my chair. It was like I was putting myself to sleep. It was hard to concentrate, his image kept blurring in and out of focus. I blinked twice trying to focus harder on him. I needed to know what was up with him. Then everything went dark.  

I had fallen asleep. I opened my eyes to darkness. The lights in the library were out, there wasn’t a single beam of light in the room. I scanned the room for any sign of a way out. Then a pair of bright golden eyes stared back at me, it made me jump. A sudden stream of moonlight bounce of the floor and hit the figure, I could now see the soot on his arms and neck, Lance. I leaned forward to get a good look at him. A creepy and sinister smirk appeared across his face. Lance’s eyes gleamed, shining brighter than before. I looked on the ground near him, the book was torn to shreds and the candy was on the ground, spilled all around the chair. A pair of wire-rimmed glasses laid on the floor, bent and broken. My book was still in my lap and so was the candy but it was melted. I could feel the sticky chocolate on my joggers.

“Lance?” There was a deep and ominous laughter that came from within him. The sinister smile grew wider. He leaned forward and I immediately jumped back in my seat, lighting my hands up. He shook his head and stood up, he grew in size. He was now towering over me.

“The name is Draven. What’s the matter, never seen a half-demon before?” He chuckled under his breath as he stepped away and leaned against a nearby bookcase. He began picking at his nails, staring into me with his gold eyes.

“Draven? You look like Lance.”

“That coward is the mortal side of myself. I only look like that buffoon because he created me. I would look a lot better if I could, but unfortunately I’m stuck in this body.”

    “Mortal side? How did you get here?” I questioned, my hands dimmed and released off the chair. He looked over at me with a confused glare. The moonlight showed a side of his face, it looked just like Lance’s except his skin was a sickly grey color. His hair looked darker that it was before, and wet like oil had been spilled on top of his head.

    “Are you that dumb? You called for me, remember, in the computer room. You invited me but that coward wouldn’t let me through. I decided to wait until he was unaware to make my appearance. I waited till you feel asleep before making my way into this world. It’s a pretty gruesome scene to watch when I come out, didn’t want to scare you.”

    I couldn’t speak, the words just didn’t want to come out. I was so scared, just staring at him sent chills up my spine. I looked at him in horror. I had never seen this in my life. Demons come to me all the time and I was never this scared. Demons were lost souls, they came in the form of shadows. This guy was real and he wasn’t lost.There was a darkness around him, real darkness, it was more that just a lack of light. You could fall into that darkness and never find your way out.

“I enjoy watching you sleep. Your breathing gets softer when you are in deep sleep. Your eye flutter as you dream. It was fun watching you trying to figure out why there were two auras. You could feel his heartbeat couldn’t you?”

“H-How do you know all of these things?” I gripped the chair. I couldn’t look at him, his dangerous glare kept penetrating my soul and it hurt. I turned my head away from him, my fingers trembled on the leather of the chair. I could hear his heavy steps as he walked toward me. I shut my eyes as I felt his breath on me. I let out a whimper, my bottom lip trembled. His dark hand quickly wrapped itself around my jaw as he forced me to look at him. I let out another whimper, still keeping my eyes tightly shut.

“I am a part of him and when he touched your hand, he sent out a connection. Since you speak to people like me, you can feel me and him. Lance’s is afraid of you because of what you bring out in I don’t blame him, I’m pretty scary,” his lips touched my ear. I was shaking all over. How can a demon touch me? I’ve never been touched by one before, “I can see why he likes you though, you are very beautiful.”

“Get away from me!” I tried to push him off of me but he held onto my jaw tighter. He lifted me out of the chair and into the air. I gasped for air, clawing at his arm with my nails. I could see his eyes growing brighter and brighter, like the fire within them grew.

“I’m connected to you now, Mavis. I can’t get away from you and I won’t. Lance is a part of me and he will never let you go. You would have to leave him in order to stay away from me. I will find a way to get to you. I’m not a mean person, I can be kind and caring but if you do what I don’t like, this side of me will come out. It’s your choice, darling.” He released his hand and I dropped to the ground, gasping for air. My ears were ringing, and my head pounding. The lights flickered back on in the library. I didn’t want to look at him, not even for a second. I quickly crawled away until I was far enough to start running.

“Yeah that’s right darling, run away and get help! I won’t be here when you get back.” He screamed from far away. Tears streaming down my face I ran as fast as I could away from him. I felt like I wasn’t running fast enough. My heart was pounding in my head, and I felt like he was right on my tail...just waiting to get me again.

Running past all of the bookcases and around the circular table, I finally made it to the door. I went to push it open but it wouldn’t budge. I began to panic, repeatedly forcing myself against the door. In the distance I could hear loud grunting and gurgling, he was coming closer. I let out a scream and lit my hands. I forced the door open and went to bolt out of the hall until I hit something, someone.

    “Mavis? Why are you out after curfew?” I heard a familiar voice, it was Headmaster Duke’s. I quickly wiped the tears from my eyes. I was angry now, how could no one tell me about this. That this half-demon was out to kill me?

“Why didn’t you tell me about Lance?” I growled as I rubbed my throat. It was hurting and the ringing in my ears was slowly going away. He looked at my puzzled as if I was speaking gibberish.  

“Lance? What happened with you and Lance?” He asked, stepping forward. He looked at my neck and then into the library. His expression turned from puzzled to alarmed. I could hear heavy panting behind me. I didn’t want to turn around but I did anyway. I saw Lance, his pale skin and regular ebony colored hair.

“Get the hell away from me!” I screamed as I backed up behind Duke. Lance looked puzzled, just as puzzled as Duke had been. He had on his glasses, they were placed on him crookedly. One of the lenses was cracked. As he stepped closer to me I took a step back until I finally ran. There was no way I could be around him now.



Weeks had passed by and I hadn’t even looked or thought about Lance. The weekends were spent with Duke in the unused classrooms, helping me with my control. I hadn’t learn very much and I knew that it was going to be a long process. I trained with Noah, with the permission of Lyra. She kept giving me dirty looks each day we trained. I never told her why I wanted to train with Noah or the rest of the group. Everyone was quiet around me. I ate alone at one of the empty tables at breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I stayed in my room when I had time and I only read my books. I didn’t want to step foot into that library. Lance kept his distance and every time I would look up at the group, they would look back at me. The look was of disdain, they hated me. I could care less what they thought of me even if they didn’t know the truth. I had never expected it to boil over with in seconds.

“Come on Mavis, I need you to hit harder. More force!” Noah yelled from behind the dummy. I hit as hard as I could. I was better in my form and force than I was before. I had gained muscle and was able to last longer during training. Noah would push me to go farther each time I stepped up to the mat. We ran two miles everyday and did martial arts the rest of the time. His reflexes were so fast that I could never surprise or defeat him.  

“I’m trying!” I grunted as I kicked the dummy, following with my elbow and fist. Noah pulled the dummy aside and looked down at me. His wings were ruffled up and the look on his face was stern.

“Are you? Because it sure seems like you aren’t. What’s going on Mavis?” He walked up to me and looked me dead in the eye. His eyebrows furrowed as he tried to read me. His lips parted, waiting to reply to my answer.

“I don’t know what you are talking about.”

“Bullshit!” He yelled and every student’s head swung in our direction. Lyra got up from the dummy she was punching on the ground and walked over. Imara followed hesitantly, then Hale and Marcella. I looked at them, with their judgemental looks.

     “I’m telling you, I don’t know what you are talking about. Can we leave it alone, please?”

    “No we aren’t going to leave it alone. What is going on? Why aren’t you sitting with us?”

    “It’s none of your business!” I answered. They weren’t going to let up on the subject, but I wasn’t going to tell them anything. Not a word.

    “It actually is our business, you are part of the group. What happens to a group member needs to be known by every group member. It’s how it’s supposed to work,” Marcella said coldly, “Are you going to tell us what’s going on or what?”

    “Why didn’t you tell me about Lance and Draven?” They froze in their spots, looking me dead in the eye then at each other. None of them could say a word, they knew what I was talking about, “Three weeks ago this Draven guy tried to kill me, saying that he would never leave me alone. You wanted me to help you with Lance but you never told me it would nearly kill me. If we are a group then why did you tell me about it?”

    “We didn’t know that he would try and do that to you.” Noah walked up to me but I backed away.

“Yes we did. We knew exactly what we were putting her into and we all went along with it,” Marcella yelled from behind Noah, “Why would we ever try and help someone who is dark and a danger to our group?”

    “That’s enough!” Headmaster Duke came around the corner, walking straight up to our group. He gave a look to the other students, they immediately went back to training. I gritted my teeth and clenched my fists. I was ready to do something I was going to regret, but Duke’s look softened when he looked at me. I released my hands, taking a deep breath.

    “I want all of you in my office, right now. That means you too Lance.” He called over the hum of talking students. I wasn’t going to look at him, not even now. I started walking to the door to leave, not waiting for the others. Jonathan was waiting at the door, looking at his watch and sighing. He didn’t say anything, or even look at me.

    The group and Duke followed after me, then Duke took the lead. I walked beside him as we made our way to his office. I knew I wasn’t in trouble, I couldn’t be. I did nothing wrong, I did what they asked me to do. It wasn’t my fault they didn’t tell me that Lance had personality problems.

    It was a very short walk to his office, everyone was silent, not saying a word the whole way there. They knew what they were getting themselves into and now it was time to hear the consequences. Duke jangled his keys as he walked, he didn’t look at me or the group. He kept his jaw clenched tight and his eyes forward. You could feel the tension around us as we finally made it to the door. I didn’t bother looking at anyone’s aura, the feeling in the room was enough to tell me what everyone was feeling.

    “Sit.” Duke said sternly as we entered the office. His room was small and very dim, he only had one window. His desk sat off to the side of the room, chairs sat around it. He has pictures of people on his desk, mostly likely his family. I didn’t see a ring on his finger when I first shook his hand. I sat in the chair closest to his desk and far away from the others. Imara looked scared. Lyra didn’t say a thing, she just looked at me with a dirty look. Hale was playing with one of the tiny globes on the shelf in the corner.

    “I can explain.” Noah said sitting, Duke put his finger to his lips and sat in his chair. He put his hand to his temple.

    “This is unacceptable. You are supposed to be a group of heros, helping people in need. You aren’t supposed to make people feel unwelcome, even with their abilities. I expected more from all of you. You knew the danger Draven could bring, especially to a girl with her abilities. You let her be with him alone. That is not okay.”

    “You knew the danger of bringing a girl like that into the school, yet you still did it anyway! She’s dark and will bring nothing but trouble to the school.” Marcella shot back. Her unkempt wavy hair curled at the ends. Her usual aura popped up, bright red. Duke slammed his hand on the desk, making everyone in the room jump. Jonathan sat in the corner, looking at everyone, unfazed by Duke’s temper.

    “This is a school for all types of gifted children, good or bad. I am not going to keep someone out if they ask for help. She is unaware of the range of powers she has, she needs our help. You are not the one to make the decisions around here. It’s time you all start acting like a group. I’m sending all of you into the mission simulator. You are going to work together until we get this resolved. You are the only group of students that have not gone out into the field, you know why? Because you can’t work together. Get your shit together. Next time you pull anything like that, putting a fellow student in danger, I will have you all expelled.”

    “You can’t do that, we will have nowhere to go.” Lyra sat back in her chair in satisfaction. She thought she had him where she wanted him. Jonathan adjusted and looked from Lyra to Duke.

    “Yes I can. That just gives you a little more motivation, doesn’t it? Let’s not forget what you guys felt when you first came here. Good or bad, she is still a student here and a member of your group. Start treating her as such. Jonathan, take them to the simulator.”

Jonathan nodded and headed straight out of the room. No one spoke, they just got up and left the room. I was surprised that Noah or Marcella didn’t get another word in. Hale came up behind me and put his arm on my shoulder. His facial expression showed me he was sorry for what happened. I smiled and walked out of the room. It felt good to finally have someone on my side, even if it was only the Headmaster. What the group thought of me just confirmed my thoughts. I was dangerous, but not as dangerous as I thought I was. Lance had me beat on this one.

As we walked to the mission simulator room, I walked my way up to the front of the group. I bumped Jonathan who was looking at his keys. He looked at me and then back as his keys.

“So Jonathan, what is the mission simulator?”

“It’s a room that is controlled by a teacher. With a group of students inside, the room imitates a life-like situation for the groups to work in. We usually use them with the students before we send them out in the field or just to get some practice. You have to finish the task given to you in order for the simulation to end. Some students have been in there for more than three hours.” Jonathan stopped at a metal door, there was no handle. There was only three holes. He pulled one key out of the many others on his keychain. It wasn’t like any key I’ve seen, it had three circular prongs on it. He stuck the strange key in and unlocked the door. It opened but only just a little.


“Alright suit up. You’ll be dealing with cyberbots.”

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