Ink splat vol.1

Zane the son of ink finds enemies and friends on a journey of his life


7. Grilby's son

Zane: aye soplcies can i get more ketchup 

Spiden: what's ketchup some cream 

Zane:jeez Spiden you really need to KETCHUP 

Spiden: what really what is ohhhhh no im done I'm so done 

Zane:pfft hahaha omg you should see your face you just released that

Spiden:one more pun and I will flip 

Soplcies: I will have no more of this in my fathers diner 

Zane:(giggles) hey soplcies don't be such a HOT HEAD 

Spiden:(breaks table) OH MY GOD

Soplcies: oh no dads gonna kill me 

Zane:don't worrie I'll pay for it how much

Soplcies:umm (dose math in head) plus the food (does more math) plus all that ketchup $335,654,908 

Zane:umm oh no now I can't find my wallet Spiden 

Spiden: Zane you coward (hands over money)

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