Ink splat vol.1

Zane the son of ink finds enemies and friends on a journey of his life


1. Child's play

Zane:Dad I've been wondering if maybe I could go o-

Ink:I'm gonna stop you right there my answer is no.

Zane:Dad please I sick of staying here and I can protect myself‼️ 

Ink:....... fine. 


                    Same time  (au undertale) spiden'sp.o.v.  

Muffet: sure you can go out if you want bite some spider killing humans for me k.

Spiden: ok cya mom 

               Ilanna's and Kilo's p.o.v 

Toriel: oh dear my children the world is dangerous 

Ilanna:mom I can use a knife and little bro here has dual guns

Kilo:it's called joy and yeah and frisk can help you cook she's not coming 

Asgoer: Tori let them go

Toriel:oh ok

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